What Is Involved in the AC Maintenance the Colony Tx During Summer?

What Is Involved in the AC Maintenance the Colony Tx During Summer?

Nothing can overstress the fact of scheduling regular annual AC maintenance. It is the best and the only way to gear up your air condition for the usage days ahead. And considering the summer of The Colony, TX, it becomes more important to schedule maintenance, so that it operates repair-free and trouble-free. 

Keeping up with an annual maintenance plan benefits the homeowners in many ways for you will be guaranteed extended AC life and great system efficiency. Therefore, if you want to save your money, then schedule for AC maintenance The Colony, TX, annually.

Regular annual maintenance does not just mean keeping the system clean but includes many other things. It is the job of the trained and licensed technicians, where they will inspect the parts and repair them in case of trouble.

Regular maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowners to contact the professionals at least once a year so that their system is well inspected and serviced. Apart from this, a little effort from the homeowners can also add great efficiency to the system. These care and services will help the AC perform better and efficiently during the summer days.

Let us take a look at some of the maintenance jobs for the homeowners to do this summer.

Keep the Outdoor Cabinet Clear 

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The outdoor cabinet or the condenser must always be kept clean from all kinds of debris. It must have at least a foot free space so that nothing interferes during its operation. Always make sure there is no growth of vegetation or anything near the condenser.

It must be kept clean even from dust and debris as it can reduce the system efficiency by 60%. To avoid these problems, inspect the area around the condenser regularly. Keep it clean from leaves, twigs, debris, plants, pebbles, trees, etc. Do not let the water stagnate near the system as very soon it can damage the interior parts or cause interruption during its operational period. 

Regular Air Filter Change

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Changing the air filter is one of the most basic and important works that must be carried by the homeowners at least once in two months. This is one of the ways to avoid repairing troubles and you will be guaranteed 95% great efficiency.

Never let the debris get accumulated in the air filter, for it means you are inviting repair trouble to the system. A clogged air filter will cause huge harm to the system, where the performances will be affected and the interior parts will be strained. This will very soon result in repairs and replacements. 

Thus a simple act of cleaning or replacing the air filter can save the system in the long run. 

If there are pets at home, then it becomes important to replace or clean the air filter every month, so that the quality of the indoor air is not affected in any way. A dirty air filter also affects the health of the inmates, by deteriorating the indoor air quality.

If you are having trouble changing or cleaning the air filter, then contact the professionals of Action Plus. The trained technicians will guide you accordingly and also service your system most finely. 

Open All Room Vents

AC Maintenance

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The room vents must always be checked regularly to see whether it is being blocked by any objects. A closed vent does not save energy and in turn, creates trouble in the system by creating pressure in the ventilation system. It can also damage the AC components and create holes in the ductwork. 

Control Indoor Heat

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Especially in summer, heat enters the house through the windows/open windows. If you want to control the indoor temperature, then you must pay attention to the windows as well. Do not open the windows during their peak time and cover them with drapes and blinds. Get an indoor plant placed near the window, so that heat is absorbed and the cool vibe is created inside. 

Inspect your air conditioner thoroughly. If you notice any malfunctions or repairing signs, get in touch with the AC maintenance services at the earliest. The sooner you fix the problem, the better it will be for your air conditioner. Call Action Plus HVAC team at (972) 914-3252 for the best AC maintenance The Colony TX.