Alaskan King Bed Mattress: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide (2022)

Alaskan King Bed Mattress: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide (2022)

Your bedroom is a peaceful haven, and your bed constitutes a vital part of your bedroom. After a tiring day at work, all you want is to retire into your soft bed, have a good time with your family or partner, and ultimately enjoy a peaceful sleep. Check out best guide for alaskan king bed.

But how large a bed do you need to get ample space for sleeping? Generally, most people choose Queen and California king mattresses. But what do you do when these generic king-size mattresses aren’t enough for your requirement? 

Thankfully, with an Alaskan king bed, you can bid farewell to all your space problems while sleeping. 

Before we start discussing the Alaskan mattress, let’s find out about the various sizes of king mattresses and beds available. 

Types Of King Size Mattresses Available In The Market

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There 4 sizes of King beds and mattresses available in the market:

  • California King
  • King
  • Wyoming King 
  • Alaskan King

An Alaskan King mattress and bed is the largest available bedding solution in the market. It offers impressive legroom for you to sleep and relax. 

What Are The Dimensions Of the Alaska King Mattress and Bed?

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Alaskan king beds and mattresses measure 108 x 108 inches offering the largest sleeping space for mattresses and bed frames. 

This largest king-size bed and mattress can comfortably fit 4 adults. If you want an extra-comfortable lounging or plan to co-sleep with your kids, this mattress offers an excellent solution. 

Do You Need An Alaskan King-Size Mattress?

While investing in a huge bed or mattress, one thing comes into your mind- Do I need the extra-large size? Let’s find out!

The importance of a good night’s rest can never be underestimated. 7-8 hours of relaxing sleep is necessary to keep your body, mind, and soul healthy. 

If you spend a good amount of your time in bed regularly, then you deserve a one-of-kind bed where you can enjoy quality sleep at night without struggling for space. 

Although Alaska king mattress is suitable for everyone, here are a few specific situations where an extra-large sleeping space might be beneficial:

  • If your partner turns and moves several times while sleeping. With Alaskan king-sized beds, you and your partner can enjoy peaceful sleep without unintentionally disturbing each other. You can stitch out your legs and arms without having to worry about touching them and disrupting their sleep. 
  • If you co-sleep with your children, family, or pets. This oversized mattress offers ample space for everyone to fit in the bed. 
  • If you have already tried other king beds and mattresses and found them constrictive, then an Alaskan king-size mattress should definitely be your sleeping buddy, provided your bedroom has enough space to accommodate the incredible size of the Alaskan king bed frame.

Benefits Of Alaska King Bed And Mattress

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Good For Your Overall Health

Poor-quality and interrupted sleeping patterns can contribute to several health complications. A bigger bed ensures that you get a superior quality sleep which ultimately helps in improved physical and mental well-being. 

These huge beds offer a premium build that aids in relaxing pressure points throughout your body as you sleep.

Imparts A Royale, Luxurious Look

The incredible Alaskan king bed dimensions would always add a “wow” factor to your bedroom. The lavishness and the warmth these huge mattresses injects into your interior setup will never fade out. 

Additionally, these super king-sized beds are designed for versatility and flexibility in terms of design styles. If you love to plan a beautiful design for your interior, an Alaska king-size bed is worth giving a shot. 

The incredible size will always remain the major focus of your bedroom. With the right beddings and bed accessories, you can take your interior design game a notch higher. 

An Alaska king bed brightens up the aesthetic of your bedroom design

Great For Couples Who Loves The Extra Space While Sleeping

A larger bed is always a great choice when you’re sleeping with your partner. 

You can move during your sleep or roll around the bed without worrying about disturbing your partner during sleep. Even if your partner is an active sleeper, you can enjoy your own slice of peace at one side of the bed and vice-versa. 

Adequate Room For Accommodating Family And Pet

Some days when you want to cuddle up in bed with your family and plan a movie marathon, an Alaskan king mattress would be perfect. It provides an adequate comfortable space to accommodate everyone, even your family pet. 

If you live with two or more children or a handful of big fur buddies, an Alaskan mattress would be an excellent place to relax and bond. 

What Is An Alaskan King Bed Price?

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Several factors impact the pricing of an Alaskan king-size bed and mattress. 

  • Materials used in designing the bed/mattress
  • The intricacy of design and craftsmanship 
  • Warranty coverage

Apart from the upfront purchase cost, there might be additional charges such as shipping and delivery fees and installation charges (especially for beds). 

What Are The Types Of Alaskan King Bed Mattresses?

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Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses are mostly of two types:

  • The exclusive memory foam
  • The generic polyurethane foam

Both foam mattresses are amazing at uniformly redistributing your weight while sleeping, thus, relieving pressure. These mattresses typically give a feeling of a deep warm hug. 

Since foam traps heat, this type of Alaska king mattress might be great for colder climates. For hot sleepers, selecting foam mattresses designed with gel particles for cooling or featuring a breathable open-cell structure is recommended. 

Spring Mattress

Spring mattresses are well-known for delivering resilience and stability across the surface. Therefore, spring Alaskan king-sized mattresses are considered one of the best solutions for heavier sleepers. 

Additionally, if you’re on a tight budget, spring mattresses offer an economical option. Innerspring models enable improved breathability and therefore are better for warmer climatic zones. 

Latex Mattress

These mattresses are exclusively designed with latex compounds derived from rubber tree sap. With excellent conforming abilities, latex makes an ideal solution for mattress layers

It can redistribute the weight uniformly to prevent pressure accumulation. Additionally, unlike foam mattresses, the latex Alaska king mattress doesn’t restrict movement. 

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are designed with a combination of various materials. Typically, these mattresses include wrapped coils to provide firm support and foam or latex for injecting the required comfort. 

Generally, hybrid mattresses impact a balanced feel. However, due to the premium built, they can be expensive. Besides, the multi-layer construction might make the overall mattress bulky. 

These mattresses are well-suited for large bedrooms, having adequate space to accommodate an incredibly-sized king bed.

How To Choose The Alaskan King Bed Mattress?

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While Choosing the best Alaskan king bed mattress, you’ll need to ensure the following:

The Brand Reputation

Since the Alaskan bed and mattresses are incredible, therefore, many manufacturers offer only custom-made mattresses after you place an order. 

Ensure to discuss whether the Alaskan king bed mattress manufacturer will deliver a custom piece or a pre-made one. 

Search for manufacturers with experience and market reputation. 


It’s no surprise that Alaskan beds and mattresses involve a substantial investment. Therefore, you’ll require a warranty to protect your prized possession. The terms and conditions of the mattress warranty are crucial. Ensure to read the warranty clause carefully before making the final purchase. 


The height component applies to not just your Alaska king-size mattress but also your king bed. Alaskan King-sized mattresses can be considerably tall and bulky. 

And when you pair the mattress with a luxury bed frame, you might need to actually climb your bed. That might be fun or exciting for a while, but eventually, this might become an inconvenience. 

Ensure to check your Alaskan king bed dimensions before you start shopping for the mattress. 


Since Alaska king-size mattresses are the largest and biggest mattresses found in the market, they involve maximum labor and raw materials for designing. Consequently, the prices of this mattress are higher than most other mattresses. 

Prepare a budget to prevent overspending.

This would also help you narrow down which type of Alaska king-sized mattress you would fit in your budget. 

Customization Options

Since you’re investing significant money in the mattress, ask for options to customize the size to complement your Alaskan king bed frame.

Delivery And Installations

Since Alaskan king-sized mattresses have an enormous size, they naturally become heavy. Fitting these mattresses through the doors, corridor, or elevators might get challenging. 

Therefore, getting a mattress with a mattress-in-a-box model or a different assembly part is a much better option. 

Room Dimensions

Room requirements are also a crucial factor for Alaskan King beds and mattresses. Alaskan king bed dimensions are 108 by 108 inches. Therefore every bedroom might not have adequate space for such large mattresses. 

The suggested room size for an Alaskan mattress to fit conveniently is 12 x 12 ft. or bigger. This ensures enough walking space in the room.

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