6 Easy And Budget-Friendly Tips For Your Bathroom Renovation

6 Easy And Budget-Friendly Tips For Your Bathroom Renovation

The majority of times, it happens that whenever you plan for home remodelling, you typically keep the bathroom last. You prefer the living room, followed by the kitchen and if your budget allows for the bathroom renovation, you go for that. Therefore, you should consider a few things before home renovation. Amongst them is some facts which you shouldn’t ignore. And that is if the living room is the centrepiece and kitchen is the heart of your home, then the bathroom is a relaxation place for you.

To make your bath tension-free with a pinch of luxury, we have listed down 6 easy and budget-friendly tips for your bathroom renovation.

Plan and Collate Your Ideas:

To execute any project, proper planning is a mandatory step. For this, gather your family members who will be using the bathroom and get some ideas from them. Everyone will be having one or the other superb ideas, so collate everyone’s ideas. Executing every idea won’t be possible as the budget may be a constraint for you.

Therefore, you need to prioritize your wish list according to your budget which we will be discussing in the third step.

Bathroom Renovation

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Take the Expert’s Advice:

Experts play a vital role in any renovation project and taking their advice is a wise thing. You can do it by yourself, no doubt, but as you know experts are champions. They can offer you unique ideas that will match your collated ideas with your style. On top of that, they can also provide you with the details of affordable vendors and installers.

Bathroom Renovation

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Prepare a Budget and Stick to it:

As promised in step 1, we will be sharing knowledge here about preparing the budget and prioritizing your wish list.

First, make an excel sheet and list down the total costs of raw materials and labour after talking to the vendors and installers. Then, look at your bank balance and set a budget for this project. After that, you need to sort the ideas according to your budget. And at the end, make a final list of the work you need to do in the bathroom along with its total costs.

Make sure, you keep aside an extra 10-15% amount from your pocket for this renovation project. You may never know when you will come across unexpected expenses, so precaution is better than cure. Also, one piece of advice would be not to change your plan in the mid of the project as it can cost you extra bucks.

Bathroom Renovation

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Look After the Recyclable Materials:

If you have creative skills and you haven’t got a chance to showcase your talent, then this is the right platform for you. Give a glance to your house and check for recyclable materials. This will not only help you in saving a few bucks but also can give a modish look to your bathroom.

For instance, if you have old stone countertops, you can break it down into floor tiles and even backsplash tiles. With that, you can showcase your talent, giving your bathroom a modern look and saving a few dollars.

Look After the Recyclable Materials:

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Pick the Right Bathroom Layout:

This is the most challenging job in the bathroom remodelling project. To lessen the challenge, just think about what would go well in terms of design with the rest of your home. Following are some of the in-fashion layouts for your dream bathroom.

  • Customised bathrooms: This is beyond the standard ones as it has a matching countertop, personalised cabinets, floating vanities, and double-wind sinks. While selecting cabinets’ woods, you should check whether it stands up to moisture or not.
  • Wet rooms: If you are searching for a waterproof layout, then this is an ideal one for you. It consists of a shower instead of a bathtub and the bathroom’s floors and walls will be tanked to prevent water from seeping out. To avoid a wet toilet seat, you can place a glass in between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom area.
  • En-suite bathrooms: This type of bathroom is attached to the bedroom with or without physical partitions to give an intimate touch. You can choose any simple and elegant upgrades to give your bathroom a peculiar look.

Pick the Right Bathroom Layout:

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Park the Right Accessories:

If there is less space in your bathroom, then be ready to give an impression of a little bigger space and that too in less budget. Let us give you some tricks for this. Pedestal sinks, they are best known for making the room look more voluminous. Experts also recommend placing a big mirror instead of a small mirror attached with the cabinet to make it look as space is doubled.

For lighting purposes; use natural lights like LED recessed lights. It will save energy and will also reduce the nuisance of changing it regularly. You can also use dim lights for special occasions. As a small tip, place clear shower glass doors instead of curtains to stop the blockage of light in the shower area.

Park the Right Accessories:

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You spend a relaxing time in your bathroom, so, it should be alluring. Even, you may have a dream to spend quality time with your partner under the dim light with a glass of wine in your bathroom. And by following the above tips, we are sure your dream will get wings to fly.

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