8 Tips to Space-Enhance Your Bathroom

8 Tips to Space-Enhance Your Bathroom

It’s not bad to have a small bathroom, as long as you know how to make the most of the space you have. Most houses contain at least one small bathroom (sometimes referred to as a cloakroom) in which occupants must make every square inch count. Fortunately, there are numerous methods to make a small bathroom work for your family. We’ve rounded together eight clever little bathroom ideas, from clever storage solutions to design tactics and a thorough cleaning regimen that will help you get the most out of your space. 

1. A Bathroom with Adjustable Lighting Will Serve Multiple Purposes

Bathroom Space

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When a space’s use is restricted to one purpose, it can appear smaller than it is. If you only have one overhead light in the bathroom, for example, you will only find useful chores to spend your time on and then go. You can now get ready for work in the morning and relax in the tub or shower at night by adding a dimmer switch to the same light fixture. Adding a bathtub to your small bathroom will make it appear much larger.

2. Use Mirrors to Reflect Light and Create a Sense of Space

Vanity mirrors can be large enough to cover an entire wall, or they can be framed and hung in a way that makes them look like works of art. Consider what will be reflected in the mirror before installing one in the bathroom. Instead of reflecting the environment outside, search for mirrors that are directly across from windows. This will give you the impact you desire. To spice things up a bit further, etched mirrors are an option.

3. Install Medicine Cabinets to Keep Things Organized

Storage space is one of the most frustrating issues with a small bathroom. Instead of using standard bathroom mirrors, construct medicine cabinets to tackle this problem. This is especially important if the small bathroom doubles as a master or guest bathroom. 

You’re going to need a lot of space to keep all of your toiletry items organized. You may have to hire a professional to make a hole in the wall before placing a medicine cabinet. 

4. You Can Add Height Through the Use of Window Treatments

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When it comes to creating the illusion of more space, bathrooms with windows are especially crucial. Windows not only let in natural light, but they also provide the eye a space to explore outside of the small area.

Consider adding valances or cornices to the window to give the space a sense of height and drama. This optical illusion will cause the viewer’s gaze to be drawn upwards and away from the ground. When decorating, keep the bathroom’s color scheme in mind, and steer clear of heavy or dark materials that can cause the viewer’s eyes to stray.

5. Add Wall Murals to the Mix

Even though it’s a little bathroom, it doesn’t preclude it from having a wow factor. If you have a small bathroom, adding wallpaper is a terrific way to liven things up a bit. A powder room or other smaller bathroom is an excellent place to showcase your style. Some interior decor shops offer rewards on their website if you order beautiful vintage minimalist items such as a lock and key.

If you’re not confident enough to cover your walls in wallpaper that extends from floor to ceiling, only cover half of them. If your bathroom has crown molding or beadboard that extends halfway up the wall, you can paint the lower half and wallpaper the upper half.

6. Keep the Number of Floor Accessories to a Minimum

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Keep the floor free of clutter. If you decide to utilize a rug, go with a single large piece rather than multiple small ones. The more individual pieces you have, the more visually split up the floor area becomes. 

A single rug will make the floor look like one continuous surface and will help you make the most of your bathroom’s available space.

7. Change Angles for Curves

The visual flow of a bathroom is crucial to its success. This includes the bathroom’s color palette, the cohesiveness of the fixtures and fittings, and the interplay between the floor and wall tiles.

If you’re short on floor space, cutting corners is the only option. Curves are essential in this situation. Smooth, rounded edges on bathtubs, showers, and other bathroom fixtures make the room feel cozier and, of course, save space.

8. Use Frameless Glass Screens to Create the Illusion of Square Footage

According to Jo Oliver, Director of The Stone & Ceramic Warehouse, the use of a glass panel may open up a small bathroom. He also says that you can view everything in the bathroom through a clear glass shower screen, instantly making it feel larger.

Such design is preferable because it allows you to establish a consistent aesthetic throughout a small bathroom while still seeing through the glass. As an illustration, consider warm brass fixtures and fittings, as well as the liberal use of color throughout.

Finishing Up

The bathroom is an excellent spot to try out colors you may have previously dismissed as undesirable for your home. Introduce vibrant colors like tangerine, pink, or sunflower yellow into the space, or experiment with complementary color schemes like powder blue and white. 

Remember that whatever color you choose for your mirrors will reflect you, so choose tones that will brighten up your environment.