5 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas to Restyle your Living Space

5 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas to Restyle your Living Space

Planning to revamp your existing bedroom? Or looking to add perfect beauty to your new bedroom? Then, you have reached the right place as today we have brought for you amazing bedroom feature wall ideas that you can follow to get your bedroom wall designed in the best manner. 

These ideas will let your bedroom look beautiful and you will have a really good time thereafter implementing any of this idea. Let us move ahead and gather information about every idea in detail. 


bedroom feature wall ideas

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Adding a rich, vibrant color will add life to your bedroom. Choose the perfect color that you think suits your bedroom in the best way and get it painted. You can search for vibrant colors for your bedroom online or consult an interior designer for this and also for interior design ideas.

An interior designer has good expertise in selecting the right colors so you can take their advice on this point. You can also check the different paint brochures for bedrooms and get the idea from it. 

Also, wallpapers are trending these days.  People are choosing wallpapers instead of getting their walls painted as it is a good option too. You can change the wallpaper as and when you want to change the color. 

You can choose between dark (Blue, Orange, Green) and light colors (White, Light yellow) as per your choice. 

These are some bedroom feature wall ideas that you can add to your home.


bedroom feature wall ideas

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The mural will add beauty to your bedroom wall. For those of you who don’t know what a mural is, let us make you know that it is a painting or other art form which is directly executed on walls. You can get good painters and get a mural executed on your bedroom wall. The back wall of the bedroom is the perfect place to get a mural done.  

Now for the idea of the mural, you need to brainstorm a little bit and think of some good paintings or designs that you want your wall to be filled with. Think of your hobbies and the activities that you are passionate about and get it applied to your wall. Think of something that has the power of motivating you, it will be beneficial for you…

Take the help of the internet for knowing more about murals and to get a detailed idea of what you can paint there. You can add a wooden frame to the mural to make it look like a painting. 


bedroom feature wall ideas

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Mirrors will add uniqueness to your bedroom. They have become a unique trending idea that people are preferring these days. You can have a single mirror covering the size of your bed or you can have two to three small mirrors of different shapes. You have to put these mirrors on the back wall of your bed. 

Adding mirrors will look good and it will be something new for you. You can have a circular, square, rectangle and triangular mirrors. 

But, make sure that you get the mirrors hanged with the help of a professional otherwise if they fall it will be a trouble for you. 

It is believed that having mirrors in a room makes the room more spacious and bigger. If you have a small bedroom then you can try this out to make it look bigger. Hang them properly and it will add beauty to your bedroom space.

Wall Gallery

bedroom feature wall ideas

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If you are fond of pictures and love clicking your photos too much then you can utilize the back-wall space for displaying them. Make a wall gallery and display your best photos there.

 It will bring positivity to your bedroom and promote harmony and love for your partner. You will forget all your pains and worries about seeing this gallery whenever you enter your bedroom after a tiresome day of work.  

Take some time to select the best photos of your honeymoon or any other trip and display them. If you are not passionate about photos and don’t have too many good photos for the gallery then better do a photoshoot and display those photos eventually. 

Make sure you arrange the wall gallery so that the pictures look perfect. Get wooden frames for the photos and hang them as it will look good. 

Letters and Numbers

bedroom feature wall ideas

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These bedroom accent wall decor ideas are usually for small kids’ bedrooms but if you have a common bedroom until your kid grows young then you can have it in your bedroom too. Display objects of Alphabets and numbers on the back wall of your bed or get them painted. Your kid will like it. It is a DIY bedroom wall decor idea so it is the simplest one among all.

You can make him/her practice numbers and alphabets straight from here and they will quickly learn it too. You can keep on adding numbers every year on your child’s birthday. This will make these numbers even more special for you!

bedroom feature wall ideas

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So, here were the bedroom feature wall ideas that you can get it done for your new bedroom.  I hope you had a good time reading these ideas. Choose the one which perfectly suits your needs and implement it in your bedroom. Keep following Innovativedecorideas to get more such informative home decor ideas.  

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