The Best Furniture Sliders For Carpet & Hardwood Floors In 2022

The Best Furniture Sliders For Carpet & Hardwood Floors In 2022

The furniture sliders are used for various purposes, like when you want to keep your floor safe from getting scratches. Because the heavy furniture can’t be uplifted, and that’s why people drag them on the floor, damaging the flooring, especially the hardwood floors.

There are a lot of sliders available on the market that you can get and attach to the furniture to move it easily from one place to another without leaving marks on the floor. Choosing the best sliders from a vast variety may be a hard task for everyone.

Today, designfurniture brought you this article in which you know about the premium quality sliders that work great with your heavy furniture and that you can slide on carpet or hardwood flooring.

How to Identify Best Sliders for Furniture?

Best Furniture Sliders


You can easily identify the quality of everything by the features it has provided to you and the material from which it has been manufactured. So, there are different scenarios from which you can identify whether the slider is best for your furniture.

1. Type of Slider

There are two types of furniture sliders that have come onto the market that are used for moving your furniture, either on a hardwood or carpeted floor.

Carpet Furniture Sliders

These sliders help you move your furniture onto a rug carpeted floor easily. You can rearrange your furniture in any direction you want.

Hardwood Furniture Sliders

These types of sliders are designed for moving furniture around a hardwood floor. You can take them to any area of your home without difficulty.

2. Material Approach 

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The furniture sliders are manufactured using plastic or metal materials. The metal sliders are stronger and more durable than the plastic sliders. You can move heavy furniture items with the help of metal sliders.

Select the right material for the sliders as per your flooring. For example, the plastic sliders will leave scratches on the surface of hardwood, so metal sliders would be an ideal choice for that flooring.

3. Size & Shape 

Before purchasing the slider for your furniture, you must measure the size and shape of your furniture’s legs. It will help you get the best-fitted slider that can make your furniture move easily from one place to another.

4. Reusable Or Not

You must know the difference between the furniture sliders and the floor protectors because floor protectors can’t be reused, while the furniture sliders can be reused multiple times.

List of Best Furniture Sliders for Carpet & Hardwood Flooring

Best Furniture Sliders


There is a lot of variety available on the market, but we have picked up the top-notch sliders for your furniture that are listed below:

1. CO-Z Furniture Slider

If you want to protect your carpets or wooden floors from getting any damage because of the dragging of your heavy furniture, then get the CO-Z furniture sliders that will help you move your furniture on carpeted as well as hardwood floors.

These sliders have an EVA foaming layer at their top that gives a firm grip on your furniture, and you can slide the heavy furniture into any area of your home.

2. X-Protector Furniture Slider

These sliders are designed especially for the legs of kitchen tables, heavy sofas, and large storage cabinets. It is made of high-quality plastic material that is durable and can’t get damaged easily.

It has a rubber foam at its top for gripping the furniture legs, and you can move around the furniture without fear of leaving scratches on the floor.

3. Super Slider 91/2 * 53/4 XL

Best Furniture Sliders


Sometimes the legs of heavy furniture are thick, and you want the extra-wide sliders to attach them to your bedroom furniture. If you are also looking for these, then the super slider 91/2 x 53/4 XL is the perfect solution for you.

It has the capability of bearing the weight of heavy furniture, and you can use it on both carpet and hardwood floors. It has a thick foam at its top that gives a powerful grip on your furniture items, and you don’t need any adhesive material to attach these sliders to your furniture.

4. FLERISE Furniture Slider

Almost every home has different types of flooring in its interiors, like hardwood and carpet. So, if you want a 2-in-1 solution that can help you move your furniture on the hardwood and on the carpeted floor, then choose the FLERISE furniture slider.

Not only this, but you can also move your furniture on hard floors, including wooden, ceramic tiles, marble, linoleum, etc., with the help of this slider. They can easily handle heavy furniture, and you can move and place them in any room you want.

5. Super Sliders Assorted Reusable Furniture Sliders

Best Furniture Sliders


If you want to get rid of the scratches that are caused by the dragging of furniture items onto the hardwood floors, then you should go with the Super Slider which helps you move your furniture across every corner of your home getting no scuffs or scratches on your furniture.

These furniture sliders are reusable and highly durable, so they protect not only your floor but also help you frequently change the setting of your interior décor as per your requirements. 


So these are the best sliders for any type of furniture. Choose between them as per the demands, size, weight, and shape of your furniture. I hope these ideas will be helpful to you and that you can make the right decision while choosing a slider for your furniture.