Blinds Vs. Shades: How to Make the Right Choice for Your Home?

Blinds Vs. Shades: How to Make the Right Choice for Your Home?

If you are decorating your home and starting with windows covering, then you can consider either blinds or shades. But when you’re choosing between shades and blinds in Melbourne, don’t stress. With so many varieties of styles, you can decide the one that will meet your needs. Below are the points and tips to help you to know what is the best option for your home. Before that, here is the meaning and difference of blinds vs shades with other points that you can consider.


Blinds Vs Shades


They are the hard window covering made with vanes or slats. It can be adjusted to stay tightly shut or titled at different angles for privacy and light control. Here are the pros, cons, and types of blinds. 


  • Wood blinds
  • Mini blinds
  • Faux wood blinds


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Durable and adjustable
  • Affordable and easy to maintain


  • Less variety in designs
  • Dust gets quickly on its horizontal blinds
  • Comparatively less energy efficient


Blinds Vs Shades


They are soft window coverings made with fabric and gives a warm and flowy feeling. It adds a smooth look to your windows and comes in a range of colours and styles. Here are a few pros, cons, and types of shades.


  • Cellular shades
  • Roller shades
  • Roman shades
  • Woven wood shades
  • Sheer shades


  • Wide variety in styles and colours
  • Convenient to use
  • Comes with cordless options for pets and kid’s safety
  • They are energy efficient


  • More expensive
  • No vanes mean no tilt controls

The Differences Between Blinds and Shades

The most fundamental difference is that blinds are hard window coverings made with horizontal slats, and shades are made from pieces of fabric. By functionality, they are doing the same job by covering the window. However, still, they are different in operation, style, price, and other features. 

Blinds Vs Shades



Installation is relatively easy for both. However, the hardest part of the installation is the measurement and checking that it fits perfectly. It can be installed with the mounting to the window directly and then adjusting them to fit in the window frame. If cords remain outside, it can be cut to ensure the safety of children and pets.

Size and Shape

The choosing of blinds and shades depends on the size and shape of the window you have. If you have tall windows then shades are a better option and if they are wider, then blinds are best option.


Blinds hold up more wear and tear than shades, as it is made from hard materials like aluminium, wood, and PVC. If you are putting shades on the door, it will be easily snagged by the passers-by as it is made with fabric. 


With blinds or shades, one can provide a high-end look to their home. Roman shades in luxurious fabric or stained wood blinds are perfect for your dining room or living room. Roman shade or roller shade with colourful print will add a style statement to your windows. Also, there are many designs available you can match it with your space. 

Block Light and Privacy Control

At the time of choosing, you need to ask one fundamental question to yourself that “How can you block the light and control the privacy in your home.”

Both of them satisfy these requirements in different ways. Blinds have slats which you can use for adjustable light control where shades have only two options either open or close because they are made from a solid fabric. However, with light filtering fabric, you can allow the natural light to come in by maintaining your privacy. 

The Additional Factors That Distinguish These Two Styles:

Blinds Vs Shades


Safety for Children

Homes with kiddos need protection. Its recommended that you pick safer windows cover which don’t have reachable ropes. You can select cellular shades or roller shades with a cordless or motorized lift. In blinds, there are not more styles that are kid-friendly.


Whether it’s blinds or shades, prices differ depending on the style you selected. Shades can be cheaper or can be more expensive then blinds. Some other factors like the value of labour, installation, materials, and clean up or disposing of the old windows also affect the total price. To get an idea about the exact price, you can search online or visit the local market.


Are you looking for a window covering options that regulate energy consumption? You can go with cellular shades, as they are specially designed with fabric air pockets to trap the air, thus keeping the house warm in winter and cooler in summer.

Blinds are not intended to cover your home’s window and are poor at energy-efficiency. When the slats of the blinds are fully open, you can enjoy the outside warmness. It will keep your home fresh in summers but hotter. However, you can control the slats and prevent heat and sunlight from infiltrating your house.


You can clean your blinds with the help of clean duster, or you can wipe down with furniture polish. For shades, you can rinse it with the brush attachment of the vacuum or with warm water. Still, any durable stain will require professional cleaning for your shades and blinds in Melbourne. If you have pets, or your home is in a high traffic area; then blinds are a better choice.


After reading these differences and similarities between blinds vs shades, it’s time to decide about which type of coverage you need for your window. Choosing depends on your personal choice. But before making the final decision, contemplate the amount of light you want in your home and the amount of privacy you need. The other two essential factors are pricing and aesthetics, which can affect your overall decision. 

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