Christmas Balloon Decor: 15 Unique Ways To Decorate Your Home

Christmas Balloon Decor: 15 Unique Ways To Decorate Your Home

Do you know what makes Christmas more special? Decorations!! Yes, without them, we are not even ready for Christmas. Like just imagine the plain and boring Christmas. Terrible Right?  That’s why we have come up with lots of Christmas balloon decor ideas to make your place entirely ready for the festive season. 

If this Christmas, you’re thinking of hosting a party in your house, it’s pretty obvious that you want to make it best. The first thing that people will notice when they come to your party is your decorations. To plan a perfect party, you have to create an excellent ambiance and arrangements. So, you have to be creative with the decors. How beautifully you created the ambiance with the unique decorations will only able to catch the attention of your guests.

Balloons are the most inexpensive way to decorate your place for any occasion. Balloons are the ones that really set the celebration mood. From weddings to birthday parties, it is used as a major decorating item. Without it, you can’t even think of any event or celebration. From rocket to latex toy ones, you’ll find thousands of varieties in it. Today you can easily find it in any shape, size, or color. 

So, if you’re looking for some cool and awe-inspiring decor, Today we bring fifteen Christmas balloon decorating ideas.

What You’ll Need 

Before you get started with the decors, these are the things you’ll need :

  • Balloon Pump (To make the whole process easy and fast)
  • Clear Tape (Double-sided) 
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun

With the above supplies, you can start your Christmas decorations. Below are the cool and awesome things which you can create with Christmas balloons

1. Santa Claus

balloon Santa Claus


No Christmas is complete without a Santa Claus. Bring a fluffy and squeezy balloon jumbo Santa Claus in the house. 

2. Snowman

Christmas balloon snowman


Just like Santa, a Snowman is a must. Place a Big balloon Snowman in your yard so that everyone will know that you’re ready for Christmas. 

3. Garlands

Christmas balloon garlands


The easiest DIY you can do with them is making a garland. Use bright and contrasting color tones to make your Christmas decorations best from the others. 

4. Pink Christmas Tree 

pink Christmas balloon tree


What about having a pink Christmas tree that is made from balloons? Cute right? You can also make a traditional green tree by green ones, but if you want a twist, then try this pink one. 

5. Lollipop 

balloon Lollipop


Kids love lollipop. So why not make the decoration with them. Make giant lollipop with balloons. 

6. Balloon Tower

Christmas balloon tower


Balloon tower is also a fun and creative art project. You can use the identical color or try different ones. Just add a big star or bow on the top to complete the look.

7. Wreaths

Christmas balloon wreaths


Yes, you can also make wreaths from balloons. It is super fun to make giant or cute little wreaths like this one. Just stick the balloons in a ring style and top it with a red bow. 

8. Candycane Sticks

Christmas balloon candycane sticks


We all love candy cane sticks. You’ll definitely find candy cane-shaped balloons in the supermarket, and if you want to make a giant one, you can make it from smaller ones by attaching them in a candy cane shape.  

9. Message Finder

Christmas balloon message finder


You will obviously play a lot of games with friends on Christmas eve. So if you’re planning to play games like a treasure hunt, you can use balloons to hide your hints or messages. 

10. Snowflakes

Christmas balloon snowflakes


Snowflakes can be another Christmas balloon decor. They are easy to make, and finished pieces will surely catch some eyes. These could be large, so it’s better to use them in large rooms. 

11. Stuffed Balloons

Christmas stuffed balloon


Stuff it with money, glitter, or messages. You can give them to anyone as a Christmas present. These are also available in the local stores, which are filled with cute and adorable stuff like toys, cards, and candies.

12. Christmas Photobooth

Christmas balloon photobooth


Want to keep all the memories of Christmas eve? What is better than creating a photo booth? And to make it more interesting (Or funny), include balloons. This spot will be a show- stopper at your Christmas party. 

13. Surprising Ceiling Decors

Christmas ceiling balloon decor


The ceiling is another place that you can use for your Christmas decorations. Lovely chandeliers or Qualatex Swirl Design balloons will totally rock your place. 

14. Rainbow Balloon Arch

Christmas rainbow balloon arch


A rainbow arch is a perfect piece to decorate the doors. Place these on each door of your house, so that every door opens a fun and entertaining place to everybody. 

15. Christmas Ornaments

Christmas balloon ornaments


Another thing that you can do with balloons is to make giant ornaments or garlands. To make them extra-special place battery operated lights and they’ll be the star. 

Below are the specific areas you can put these balloon decorations and make them festive ready!!

  • Welcoming Entrance

Christmas balloon arch


Make your entrance grand by a grand balloon arched. They are the perfect addition to any function or event. Choose two eye-catching colors and make the arched from those colors balloons. Your design doesn’t need to be intricate or complicated. Use simple designs and try to place different colors balloons alternatively. 

  • Set The Kitchen Counter 

Christmas kitchen decor with balloons


Your kitchen is the place where you are going to prepare all the meals and drinks for the Christmas dinner. So, this place also should look pretty and awesome. Hang balloon garland over the counter and make your cooking area festive ready. 

  • Dining Space

Christmas Dining Space decor with balloon


As the kitchen area, the dining area is also important because we enjoy our food with our loved ones on the dining table.

  • Walls

Christmas balloon wall decor


Don’t leave the walls dull or boring or without any decoration on them. Jazz up every corner of your house by these awesome Christmas balloon decorations. You can put golden letter balloons on the wall to say “Merry Christmas “ out loud. 

You can decorate almost any place or corner in your house with these balloons. They are versatile, cheap, space-filler, and perfectly festive, that’s why we use them as the main decor in any occasion. I hope all these ideas will help you with your Holiday decorations. For more wondrous and unusual decors like this, visit Innovativedecorideas.

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