5 Minutes DIY Christmas Window Decorations Ideas 2022

5 Minutes DIY Christmas Window Decorations Ideas 2022

December starts with a countdown..25..24..23…and finally the big day…the Christmas Day!! Yes…few days left on Christmas eve, and we are pretty sure that you’ve already started or may be done with the decorations in your home. So let’s start with Christmas window decoration.

We all make sure that not a single corner in our house will remain untouched by the holiday spirits. Not the interiors, but we make sure that our outdoors looks great. We decorate our living room, entrance area, and even bathrooms. But what about the windows? Yes, windows!!

“Windows are the eyes of the house”

Many people forget about the windows and leave them boring and undecorated (you also did forget about them !!). Hahaha… Don’t worry, you’re not alone, many people like you forget about this section. 

The thing is not many decor pieces or items are available in the market, especially for the window sill decorations. But today we bring 21 Christmas window sill decorations ideas for people like you so that you can effortlessly decorate your windows. And we are not only talking about windows of the living area or bedrooms, by these decor ideas you can decorate any window of your house.

DIY Christmas Window Decorations Ideas 2022

Below are the simple but creative window Christmas decoration ideas that you can do in under ten minutes:


Christmas window decoration

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Who represents Christmas better than a bell? Tie 2 or 3 bells together and hang them on the rails of the window with colorful ribbons. They’ll look attractive, beautiful, and perfect Christmas window decorations.

Lights And Lanterns For Christmas Window Decoration

Christmas Window Decoration Lights and Lanterns

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Holiday decorations mean light, light, and more light!! Why not… lights bring festive vibes that no other decor piece can bring. 


Christmas window decoration

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Ditch the traditional garland idea; it’s time to make a personalized garland. Involve your kids in this DIY project; they’ll have a lot of fun while creating this. 

Use Festive Curtains For Christmas Window Decoration

Festive Curtains

Source: kientruc.com

Change your plain and boring window curtains into Christmas ones. Believe us, they’ll change the whole ambiance of your place. 


Christmas window decoration

Source: gunnarandersonart.com

Place small and cute plant pots on your window sills. Use either live trees or just artificial ones. You can also paint them in colorful colors like vibrant red and glittery gold or silver. 

Candles For Christmas Window Decoration

Christmas Candles

Source: hdwpro.com

Another last-minute Christmas window decor is candles. Place some scented Christmas candles on the sill. Put them in varying sizes and decorate them with ribbons to complete the whole look.



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Hang transparent ornaments in a garland form. These will instantly make a difference, and even your basic-looking window will look good. 

Use Stars For Windows Decoration For Christmas

Red and white Christmas star

Source: goodfon.com

Hang oversized red and white stars above them to set up the room for the holiday season. 


Who says that you can only hang wreaths on the entrance door? That is not true at all; in fact, wreaths look good everywhere no matter where you place them. So, this time, decorate your windows with them. 

Mini Christmas Trees For Window Decoration

Mini Christmas Trees

Source: amazon.com

Place mini form of your Christmas tree on the window sills, they’ll look cute and unique. Place 3 miniature trees that match with the big Christmas tree, and don’t forget to put a red bow on the top of each. 

Write On Windows

Santa Drawing on window

Source: artranked.com

Use colorful glass pens to write festive quotes like “May your days be merry and bright” and “Believe in the magic of Christmas.” or your kids can draw Santa and reindeer on the glass panes, this is a very personalized decor.

Paper Hangings For Window Decoration For Christmas

Christmas Paper Craft For Window Decor

Source: digsdigs.com

Another fun decor idea is to make oversize ornaments and garlands with paper. They are super easy to make, and you don’t need to spend a penny on them. You can make white snowflakes, triangles, and even colorful socks from paper. 

Bird Branch

Artificial Bird Branch

Source: digsdigs.com

Another interesting project is this one. Buy some fake birds and grab a tree branch from your garden. Paste all the birds on the branch one by one and hang them in front of the window. It will seem like they are going to fly from the open windows.

Pinecones And Acorns Hangings For Window Decoration

Pinecones And Acorns Hangings

Source: woohome.com

If you want a perfect Christmas vibe, then make hangings from Pinecones and acorns. It’s easy, simple, and quick to make!!

Create A Snowman Story

Cardboard Christmas Tree and Snowman

Source: nuevaindependencia.info

Cut out some snowman and trees from cardboard or white thermocol (foamboard) and paste them at the lower glass panels. This will be a window story and curiosity for kids around your home!!

Use Of Alphabets As A Window Decorations

Christmas Window Decoration

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Another great Christmas window sill decorations ideas are Alphabets decors. Make words like Joy’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ and simply just hang them. They look totally amazing and unique. 



Source: fenster-dekorplast.de

Buy some flowers from the local shop and display them on your windows. 

Birds Hangings

Newspaper Bird Craft

Source: digsdigs.com

If you have a bulk of old newspapers in your home, it’s time to make something creative out of them. Make birds out of them and hang them with Christmas ribbons.

Cute Stockings

Christmas Stocking

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We know that it’s a tradition to hang stockings on the fireplace mantle, but this time try this new way. Hang cute and cuddly socks on the windows. You can also place some gifts on the window apron to make your decoration more attractive. 

Long Windows Hangings

Christmas Window Lights Hanging

Source: lazada.com.my

Do your house has french windows? I know it’s hard to decorate them, but not impossible!! Don’t just cover them with some bulky curtains; they can be a point of attraction at your Christmas party.  Make a few long window hangings and hang them with lights (you can also hang them on curtains)


christmas window decoration

Source: malaysia.timbangharga.com

Another last-minute decor is Christmas stickers. Buy some Christmas stickers, which surely you will find in any stationery or dollar store. Glue the snowflakes on the glass panels.

Here were the top items for Christmas window decoration. See… all the decors are easy, and you can do these with the Christmas decor items you already have in your home. So, don’t leave any space in your home without holiday decorations, not even windows!! These decorations will add an unexpected but beautiful character to your home. For more interesting and creative Christmas decoration ideas, visit Innovativedecorideas.