10+ Sensational Colour Combination For Living Room

10+ Sensational Colour Combination For Living Room

Whether your living room is, ultra-modern, contemporary or traditional, you can give it a  twist with a unique colour scheme. To achieve a new looking place does not mean that you have to paint your walls with some crazy colours. Just add some pillows, furniture or other accessories to achieve a perfect living room. Colours play an important role in making the mood of the living space. So, plan the most important room in your home while keeping colour schemes in mind. If you are looking for an impressive colour combination for your living room.

Below are fourteen beautiful colour combinations for the living room.

Canary Yellow and Indigo:

Canary yellow is a bold colour that you can use in your living room. Indigo colour is also a focal colour. For extra impact paint the main wall with a combination of these two colours. It gives a unified look to your living area.

Canary Yellow and Indigo combination

Source: bhg.com

Hot Pink and Turquoise:

This colour combination is very versatile and works well with different design styles. Hot pink is a bold colour that makes the space bold and bright.

Hot Pink and Turquoise

Source: home-designing.com

Crimson and Sage:

Crimson and sage are soothing earth tones. They bring happy balance textures in the room. Add bolder colour to the floor with the neutral tone wall colour. Crimson with sage colour keeps the walls airy and light, which gives you a relaxed atmosphere.

Crimson and Sage

Source: brookfieldresidential.com


Fuchsia is a fun splash of colour. Mix fuchsia with different types of tones like maple and darker timbers to give the room depth and character.

Fuchsia color living room

Source: agoda.com

Electric Blue and Yellow:

Pair electric blue colour with neutral tones like black and white. Yellow is a happy colour. Electric blue with yellow colour does impact big without being overwhelming.

Electric Blue and Yellow combination

Source: pinterest.com

Modern Rust and Rouge:

Rust colour in your living room is a significant moment. It gives a modern chromatic look to your living room. 

Modern Rust and Rouge

Source: laorigin.com

Mustard and Salmon:

Mustard is such a magical golden colour. Mustard colour is warm and inviting. Team it with wood mid-century pieces of furniture. Mustard with salmon is a perfect colour combination for any living room.

Mustard and Salmon color living room

Source: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

Citrus and White:

Citrus can be worked well as a pop of colour in your room. Pair citrus colour with all white to get the ombre effect. This colour combo is also very calming. Citrus with white undertone is like a perfect golden hour moment that lasts all day long. 

Citrus and White combo

Source: home-designing.com

Pop Of Colour:

If you love minimalism and want your room to look chic without using loud colours. Go with the neutral theme but add some pop of colour elements. You can add different colour cushions or an accent chair to give some colour to your plain-looking room. Repeat the pattern to match the rest of the elements. Use a design with striking colours. Create a cohesive look that is not too intense. 

Pop Of Colour living room

Source: recommend.my


Crisp ivory gives you a spa-like sanctuary. Neutral colours make a great impression with one dominating colour. Try layering the rug to give some dimension to the room. This ivory colour gives you that serene look. You can also add a few plants to add some movement into space.

Ivory theme living room

Source: dulux.ie

Go Green:

Choose any shade of green to make your living room a calming place. There is a variety of green colour from bottle green to mint green. Green is such an energetic colour. Pair the green hues with blue, yellow furniture and accessories. 

Green combination in living room

Source: cil.ca

Terracotta Textures:

Terracotta textures are perfect if you want your place to feel the warmth. Burnt orange shade with some lovely autumn fall colours is ideal to get that warm look. They also add beautiful textures to your living space.

Terracotta Textures

Source: home-designing.com

Girly Pink:

If you are a girl and love pink colour. Pink is such a playful colour. If you love to mix and match the patterns, then add different shades of pink colour with different colours like pure white, bright yellow or deep blue colours.

Girly Pink living room

Source: goldalamode.co

Jewel-Toned Colours:

Jewel-toned are royal and luxury looking. Jade green, true pink, deep turquoise, amethyst and emerald colours are very vibrant. Add this group of gorgeous colours on fabrics and accessories. Jewel tone is a successful evergreen scheme of colours. Use Rich material such as velvet and upholstery for cushions and chair. They add more depth and royalty to your living room. 

Jewel-Toned Colour combination

Source: thespruce.com

Use accessories in contrasting colours like a black vase that enhances the effect of the other two colours. Patterns with a neutral palette create a sophisticated accent in a space. Use floral prints to make the area a visual breathing space. Mix pretty shades with organic tones like jute, cotton and linen to add a natural vibe to your living space. Browse through Innovativedecorideas for more amazing ideas!