5+ Corner Bathroom Cabinet In 2021 (Organize The Space Better)

5+ Corner Bathroom Cabinet In 2021 (Organize The Space Better)

Struggling through the cluttered area in the bathroom? People often forget the importance of a storage area in the bathroom. A corner bathroom cabinet is a perfect solution for that. For us, having a cupboard or cabinet in the wash area is equally important as any other room. Though that depends on the area of the bathroom. If you are renovating the bathroom then you can leave the space for it or get the one constructed.

However, if you are struggling in keeping things altogether and at a place (even in the smaller or compact area) you can get the bathroom cabinets. We know, you will be like, “But where should I keep it?” The answer is to utilize your corner. Yes! You heard it… sorry… read it, right! Get your bathroom a corner cabinet.

Storage furniture is available in several shapes, and sizes. Also, there are many that can fit in the corner of your bathroom. So to sort things out, we have mentioned a few of the corner bathroom cabinets that will improve the storage area.

Corner Bathroom Cabinet For the Year 2021

RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection 3-Shelf Corner Cabinet

corner bathroom cabinet

source: amazon.com

This one of RiverRidge from Ellsworth’s collection of corner cabinets has 3 shelves, which makes it more functional. The entire cabinet is made of engineered wood and has a white finish on it. The triangle-shaped cabinet will fit in any of the corners and won’t acquire much space.

It has one adjustable shelf and one immovable with the display space on the top where you can keep ‘easy-to-reach’ things. The customer reviews of this product are also at par, 8 out of 10 customers love this product.

It is easy to assemble, can be done in a maximum of one hour. Also, the plus point is, it is pocket-friendly. If you want to store toilet paper, a towel, or a few necessary things, this is it.

Prepac Elite Corner Storage Cabinet

 corner bathroom cabinet

source: homebnc.com

Prepac’s Elite collection has many products, from wall cabinets to free-standing cabinets, of which one is on our list, one door tall corner cabinet. It has one door shelves at the bottom and three open storage areas on the top.

This one is also white, the reason behind most of the bathroom furniture available in this color can be to add more of a soothing look to the bath area. This tall cupboard has a height of 72-inches.

It is made with sturdy composite wood with a white laminate finish. The customer reviews revolve around its amazing storage capacity and minimal outlook. You can store anything from towels to extra bars of soaps.

RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection Tall Corner

 corner bathroom cabinet

source: ebayimg.com

One more from RiverRidge’s Ellsworth collection! This tall corner cabinet gives a tough competition to the above one, it has a shutter door design with in-total four shelves. The plus point is it is available in espresso color as well.

Though the height of this furniture is only 68.31-inches. It has polished chrome door knobs and is made of MDF for durability. With its storage capacity, you won’t have to worry about falling out of anything stored.

Customers are happy with its quality, however, it might take up your time and maybe a helping hand for assembling the whole piece. Some reviews even said it is more decorative than functional, but overall it is worth buying.

Floor Cabinet Multifunctional Bathroom Storage Organizer Rack Stand

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source: pinterest.com

This one is from Vasagle and also it has a different shape than others on the list. It is a tall rack stand with a square shape and two drawers. These drawers are versatile and we can install them on either of the two shelves, in-total it has three storage areas.

The height of the product is 35.1-inches and its drawers can consume almost all the bath necessary items. It is made with Carb P2 MDF and has a smooth white finish on it. When most of the products needed a specific fixture to the wall for standing straight, this piece of furniture comes with anti-toppling fittings for fiddle-free and safe use.

This is highly recommended by the customers who are using it. It is an all-rounder in everything, be it storage capacity, durability, or outlook.

RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection Floor Cabinet with Side Shelves

corner bathroom cabinet

source: homedepot.com

Another from RiverRidge, we promise this one is the last. It has the widest collection of bathroom corner shelves, so we didn’t have an option but have three of its products mentioned in the list. The product of its Ellsworth collection is really worthy of the pocket, storable things, and look.

The dimension of the product is 9.65” x 23.63” x 31.1” (L x W x H). It is larger in the width and hence its constriction of side shelves with one shutter door. You can store things that you need most on the shelves, while others in its cupboard.

This one is available in espresso and has average customer feedback. The cabinet is small but makes a great storage companion in the bath area. It is easy to assemble and requires working with wood glue.

Elegant Home Fashions Adriana Corner Floor Cabinet

corner bathroom cabinet

Image source: amazon.com

The bathroom corner cabinet from Elegant Home Fashions is made of MDF. If your need is to have a small corner cabinet, that can fit in the little space of your bath area, this is the one. This is the one-door cabinet with chrome oval-shaped knobs.

The positive point is even with the small and compact design, it is able to create an impact on the observers. The height of the furniture is 32-inches with one adjustable shelf which can hold up to the weight of 15 pounds.

The customer feedback is pretty amazing for this small piece of furniture. It is easy to assemble and can be done in 20 minutes without any helping hand. What else you need!

 corner bathroom cabinet

source: peachyrooms.com

 corner bathroom cabinet

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 corner bathroom cabinet

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 corner bathroom cabinet

Image source: lahes.co

corner bathroom cabinet

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corner bathroom cabinet

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corner bathroom cabinet

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corner bathroom cabinet

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corner bathroom cabinet

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Corner Bathroom Cabinet – A Way to Clutter-Free Space

So these were the products that you really need to get a hold of! Each of the corner cabinets mentioned in the above list is taken on the basis of customer reviews and their genuineness. This is the time you need to stop worrying about your messy bathroom and convert it into an organized space. A space that you will also love to watch around. By the way, these cabinets can consider as room storage options as well.

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