4 Things That Determine The Cost of Kitchen Splashbacks

4 Things That Determine The Cost of Kitchen Splashbacks

The kitchen splashback has considerably changed in the last few years. Their main purpose of humble splashbacks was to protect kitchen walls from stains and splashes it was a functional tiled area behind the hob and sink. Today, due to the availability of all types of materials in various types of finishes splashback can make more of a statement so determine the cost of kitchen splashback.

Kitchen Splashbacks

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Whether you want to install a new splashback or wish to upgrade your existing kitchen with an improved one, choosing the ultimate one can bring a world of difference to your kitchen. However, when deciding which one would be the right pick, many homeowners often remain uncertain about would be the possible cost. If this sounds familiar, then worry no more, as this article provides a comprehensive guide on the factors that influence the cost of kitchen splashback and how you can grab the best within your budget. 

What Influences The Cost of Kitchen Splashbacks?

There are a host of factors that leave an impact on the final cost of installing kitchen splashback and the top four amongst them are explained below:

Kitchen Splashback

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1. The material of Kitchen Splashback

When it comes to splashback, you are never limited to a single option, rather there is so much to choose from including:

  • Laminate: Known for its versatile range of finishes that mimic natural hues of marble and granite. It’s also a cost-effective option, but must be installed by a certified professional according to the strict regulatory standards. It is available in numerous colors and finishes and can be designed to look like real wood or stone.
  • Tiles:  Again, found in several finishes and colors, these are a popular splashback that would harmoniously blend with the decor of any kitchen. In addition to this, tiles are durable and easy to maintain as well.  Tiles are heat, scratch, and water-resistant, and are reasonably cheap and easy to install.
  • Stainless Steel: Though it might come as a surprise, many homeowners are opting for stainless steel to achieve that feeling of a professional kitchen that would easily last for generations to come. 
  • Natural Stone: For those keen on having a stylish splashback that beholds pure and authentic natural touch, the stone is something that you should look after. It caters to a color-coordinated look, where the splashback can match with the benchtop.

Kitchen Splashback

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Now, materials have a major role in determining the cost of kitchen splashbacks. While some can be affordable such as laminate or tiles but others can be a bit expensive like natural stone or stainless steel. Hence, do make sure that you choose the materials carefully.

2. Size or Area You Want To Cover

What is the area you want to cover with the splashback? These are primarily calculated in terms of the square meter. So, if the area that you want to cover is large, then the overall cost of having the splashback will be more too. A good practice is to measure the size of splashback required, you can also seek the help of a professional for the same and then use the value while buying new splashback for space.

3. Number of Cut-Outs Required 

For the precise installation of splashback, the material has to be cut into proper shapes for an effortless look and feel. This again has an impact on the expenses of having kitchen splashback, and to find out more about the cut-outs you can request for a consultation with an experienced contractor. The contractor will analyze the place where you are planning to install the splashback and then let you know about the total cut-outs that will be needed for the process.

4. Protective Coating  to Guard Splashbacks 

You will never want your splashback to appear stained or withered within a few months of usage, right? So, to keep them at their best condition, a good practice is to choose the ideal protective coating after you are confident about the material that you want to have. This again has a direct impact on the expenses of installing kitchen splashback in your home.

Once you are sure about the material, size and cut-outs you can request quotes from reputable suppliers, and then get a better insight into the average cost of splashbacks, and which would be turn out to be an incredible solution at a reasonable value.