Points To Keep In Mind While Selecting The Dining Room Rugs

Points To Keep In Mind While Selecting The Dining Room Rugs

We have seen how sometimes even a perfectly decorated house has the vibe of emptiness. No, it’s not because of the people, the fault is in the embellishments only. Have you ever realized, the modern kitchen and classic living room always have the slightly off area in-between? Yes. We are talking about the dining room only. Do you know why it is that way? Because there isn’t a rug under dining table.

We know you would have skipped it purposely, and reasons are also somehow valid. But you know, there is nothing like impossible when it’s about interior design. The biggest fear you have is spoiling the beautiful rug with the stains of food or spilled drink, especially when you have kids in the family.

But have you ever tried to consider the positive side of having a rug under your dining table? Maybe not. So let’s look at it first, then will move towards the things to evaluate while selecting dining room rugs.

Benefits of having a rug in the dining room:-

  1. The foremost is – It will make yours and everyone’s feet feel warmer.
  2. It will enhance the decor of the entire room, unimaginably.
  3. A rug will protect the tiles or floor from getting scratches while pulling out chairs.
  4. It will soften the clinking sound of plates (making the conversations easy to interpret).

So now, what are the things that you need to keep in mind while picking the dining room rugs?

  • Color theme
  • Shape of the Rug
  • Size of the Rug
  • Material
  • Rug pad

Shape of The Rug:

Shape of Rugs

source: woodwebstore.com

The shape is an important factor to consider while picking the rug for the dining area. The outlook is defined by the shape. Everyone will look at the shape of the rug first, then its intricate pattern and design.

So there is a rule while selecting dining room rugs. And that is, the shape of the rug should match the room’s shape. Or the table and rug should be the same. This way, there will be sync in the definition of decor.

#ProTip: Always get the rug of the table’s shape. Reason? You will know in the coming sections.

Size of The Rug:

Size of Rugs

source: pinterest.com

The size matters, in everything and everywhere. Imagine a rug lying beneath the table, smaller than the table’s size. How weird will it look? Or a rug covering the entire floor area of the room? Then only the rug will be highlighted. And your diligence in decorating the dining room will be in vain.

There are a few points that you need to keep in mind while selecting the perfect size of the rug for the dining area:-

  • First things first, keep in mind the shape of the table. The rug should match the shape of the dining table. And make sure to get it a few inches larger than the table so that when chairs are pulled out, the back legs remain on the rug.
  • If your table has extra leaves, consider the length of the rug, including its size. So just in case you use the leaves, rug won’t have the unbelonging-ness aura.
  • Get it considering the area of the room and leave equal spaces on each side for a balanced effect.
  • Try not to cover the entire floor. Space should be left before it reaches the side cabinets or any other chair or furniture in the room. Covering much of the floor space won’t look good.


 dining room rugs

source: mikesfurnitureandappliances.com

This is the most important factor to contemplate. Why? The rug is going to experience a large number of feet on it, coming and going. And too much of the chair moving on it. So for the longer lifespan of your dining room rug, choose the fabric of high quality.

The first thing to look at is which material can stand up to the rough usage of the rug? Pure and natural fabric like cotton, silk, etc. aren’t a good option for the rug as they won’t be able to stand the harsh conditions. 

So it’s better to get the fabric that can tolerate the wear and tear nature, like wool or any other plush fabric.

You know, what is another benefit of getting a fluffy rug for your dining area? They will give your feet soft treatment and keep them warm.

Color Theme:

 dining room rugs

source: tlcinteriors.com.au

You will get the rug considering all the above points, but if you ignore the color theme, all your hard work is useless. As it will be eye soring, not eye-pleasing. And the outlook that won’t be appealing to your eye is not acceptable, right?

So whenever you are picking out the rug, evaluate the colors that are present in the area, and which will go with your table and surrounding furniture.

You can get it in a plain color, textured or printed. Everything is okay as long as you keep the colors cool and blending with the ambiance of the room. If you have arranged the furniture reflecting the medieval period, your rug should convey the same aura.

Few prints can change the sight of the dining area, like stripes can either make the room appear longer or wider. Medallion prints are preferred more for the dining area, you can get that too, but make sure you pick the one having the all-over print.

Rug Pad:

 dining room rugs

source: rugpadusa.com

Rug pad won’t add or subtract anything from the outlook of the dining room. It will give support and base to the rug so that it doesn’t get wrinkled easily. You won’t be able to see it once it is installed, but you will always feel the presence of it while walking on the rug or cleaning it. It also adds warmth to the rug area.

Yes, Definitely You Can Place a Rug Beneath the Dining Table:-

Do you still have doubts about whether to get it or not? We guess no. Obviously, you want your guests and family members to feel cozier and closer while having a meal. It will eradicate all the problems that you faced once. And the most irritating one was the clinking sound of vessels.

Along with the points to keep in mind for getting the rug, we had also added a few images that describe the perfect dining room rugs. Take the inspiration from them, get one for yourself. Come-on, Hurry up!

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