10+ Modern And Creative Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

10+ Modern And Creative Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

The dining room is a place where you enjoy tasty food with your family and friends. The dining room could be a central room or an entertainment zone for you. When festive seasons come, this dining room change into a party place. Where you enjoy your dinner and conversations with your family. So, it should look pleasant and inviting. Here we are providing some cool dining room wall decor

The dining room is as important as the other rooms of the house. So don’t leave its wall boring and dull. Use your creativity and imagination to make it an interesting place. With little changes in the elements of the dining area, you can make it a more exciting and interesting place. Get inspirations from these ideas and transform your boring dining space into a fun place.

Check out fourteen fantastic dining room wall decor ideas:

Graphic Wallpaper

Wallpaper is the easiest way to change the look of your dining room. You can use contemporary themed wallpaper with some textures. Metallic wallpaper is also an excellent option to try. When light reflects from these metallic wallpapers, the room gets brighten up. If you want to keep your dining room with minimal color, then try a neutral color palette with some graphic prints. 

dining room wallpaper

Source: casartcoverings.com

Add Color Details 

You can add minute details with colors in the dining area. First, choose an accent color and use that in multiple elements. Add that color table cloth with matching napkins. Use that color to paint the main wall in the dining room. Paint the cabinets and shelves that are attached to the wall. You can match different things like artwork with table lines to achieve a professionally designed style.

dining room color

Source: decoist.com

Evergreen Stripes

Stripes never go out of trend. Paint your wall with bold horizontal or vertical lines. These lines make the room appear larger. These stripes also give the illusion of the architectural details in your plane looking dining room. Any form of wall art will look fabulous on these striped painted walls.

stripe paint on dining room

Source: brightbazaarblog.com

Mix Patterns And Colors

If your dining room has boring white walls, then you can make it interesting by adding a pop of color. Don’t afraid to play with patterns and colors. Use patterns like floral with stripes to elevate the look. Use patterns with the same color palette to add some character to space. 

pop up color dining room wall decor

Source: freshome.com

Photo Mural

A photo mural is a beautiful idea. Photo mural means a wall with a huge photograph or scenery. A realistic photo will give a relaxing view to your guests. Pictures like a beach or underwater marine life on your accent wall will create a live moment.

photo mural for dining room

Source: ebeare.com

Go Bold

Don’t shy to use bold colors. A fresh coat of paint bright colors the sidewalls of the dining room. Different shades of mustard with green and vibrant red colors turn the place on a warmer and cozier side.

bold colored dining room wall

Source: hgtv.com

Use the Extra Wall

Don’t forget about the roof. Add drama to your space by adding a beautiful chandelier. The ceiling is like a blank wall, and you can experiment with it by adding unique shaped light fixtures and false ceiling designs. This way, it will automatically put all the eyes on the ceiling.

false ceiling for dining room

Source: czmcam.org

Solo Art Piece

People who collect art pieces, they love to exhibit them. You’ll see their collection all over the place. You can also add one of these large art pieces in your dining area. This single artwork will be a statement piece in the space. Try all kinds of artistic themes and styles to get a unique look. These simple arts with clean lines are very dynamic and impressive. You can buy Street art replicas or abstract paintings and hang them on the dining area wall.

solo art piece

Source: apartmenttherapy.com

Open Shelves

Cover your dining room wall with open shelves. Place a large shelving unit on the accent wall. On these, you can display the collection of plates and glasses. These floating shelves will also work as an extra storage unit other than kitchen storage.

open shelves in dining room

Source: thelocalseoexpert.com

Light Fixtures 

Place some awesome shaped lights on the wall to get some extra lighting in the room. Wall lights look very decorative, and they are functional too. Place two fancy lights at the corners of the wall. Put a picture light to highlight the artwork. There are various options, such as LED lights, wall sconces, and swing arm wall lamps. 

light fixtures

Source: overstock.com

Art Gallery Wall

Nowadays, we see a gallery wall style everywhere. They are so Tumblr inspired and give your space an aesthetic vibe. If you want to give a personal touch to the wall, then add some pictures of your family and friends. Modern posters and arts reflect pop culture trends.

art gallery wall

Source: lonny.com

Use different frames for each picture. Start with a large centerpiece and then randomly put others. 

Large Mirrors

A large beautiful mirror is one of the pieces that never go out of fashion. A mirror is a great solution for small dining areas. A sunburst mirror and vintage rectangular mirror are work perfectly for long walls. If you are not sure about the shape, then choose a round-shaped mirror.

large mirror

Source: kosovamanagement.com

Wall Hangings

Wall hanging is a boho trend that rage over the past years. There are countless choices in wall hangings online. Woven, vintage, and colorful wall hangings look good on any wall.

vintage wall hangings

Source: livehousedecorations.club

You can make your DIY version of the wall hanging. The best thing in this that you can make wall hangings in the exact size to fill your wall.

On A Budget 

If you don’t want to paint your wall, then there is also a solution for that. You can make some hand-prints and designs onto your wall. Switch out the dining table cloths, rugs, and accent pieces to change the look. 

on budget dining room decor ideas

Source: idealhome.co.uk

For some people, the dining room is not the only place to eat meals. They use this area in different ways, such as a home office or it could be a playing area for kids. People also love to read at the corner chair of the dining table. To be up-to-date with trendy tips stay tuned on Innovativecdecorideas!

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