Beat The Heat: 9 DIY Outdoor Showers To Cool You Down!!

Beat The Heat: 9 DIY Outdoor Showers To Cool You Down!!

Nothing is more relaxing than taking a cold shower in summer!! On a hot summer day, when you take a shower outside rather than in your indoor shower, you feel more refreshed and rejuvenated. A shower in a garden or a yard is not only fun, but it is also great for our planet! We can save a lot of water by letting the used water soak into the garden. You may have seen the outdoor showers in the movies or the reality shows, but they aren’t just for that. You can also build a DIY outdoor shower in your home.

Now you think it will be too complicated for you to make one. That is not true at all. With little carpentry skills and some tools, you can stand your shower in your yard for under an hour (depending upon what kind of shower is). Don’t get confused; look at these nine breathtaking outdoor showers. From rustic to the sleek modern ones, we tried to collect each style of the outdoor shower so that you can pick the one as per your liking. 

No matter what is your style or budget, you can easily build an affordable luxury outdoor shower in no time. Therefore, by creating something useful and creative,

Use some space in your garden or yard. Many of them are not even that complicated. Basically, it all depends on the budget, design, and the available time and a little bit on your carpentry skills. In this blog, you’ll find various outdoor shower designs that will motivate you to build your own one. So, let’s start.

Easy DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas

Below is the list of nine outdoor shower ideas. First, let’s start with the simple shower designs that you can build in under 1 hour.

Freestanding Outdoor Shower

diy outdoor shower


This outdoor shower is made entirely of wooden fence boards. You can place it anywhere in your backyard and rinse your body in this cool outdoor shower. It is very simple to construct and offers a lot of privacy despite its compact size.

Outdoor Surfboard Shower

Surfboard Shower


Channel your inner beach spirits with this inventive surfboard shower. This cool outer shower is perfect for those families that love to surf. No shower is more suitable than a shower that is made from a surfboard. The trimmed edge of the board becomes the right place to install a shower, and the colorful mosaic on it will bring true beach vibes to the home.

Simple Wood Outdoor Shower

diy outdoor shower


What do you think about this shower idea? It is pretty simple to make and also looks great. Just with a few carpentry skills and a few power tools, you build this outdoor wood shower in a short time. The result is worth all the hard work and effort. Also, know how to build a shower pan

Outdoor Shower made with Corrugated Metal

Corrugated Metal


To make this cool industrial-looking outdoor shower, you’ll need corrugated metal sheets and cedar-stained wood. so this a budget-friendly shower because these metal sheets are inexpensive and also rust-resistant. The first step is to take the measurement of the area and decide what size of shower you need. Then the second step is to bolt the corrugated metal onto the wood, and your great-looking shower is ready!!

Keep It Rustic

Rustic shower


Imagine coming home from a stressful workday, and then you’ll see your stone-walled outdoor shower. After a long day Isn’t it so relaxing that you’ll be able to relax in this rustic-themed shower in your backyard? It will relieve all your stress. At first, it may require some hard work to build this, but Later this will be your only place to relax. 

Portable PVC Outdoor Shower

diy outdoor shower


Do you like to do camping and outdoor activities? Then try this type of shower which will help you in all kinds of outdoor activities. It is made of sturdy PVC and is also portable. You can easily assemble it in just 5 minutes.

Curled Up Curtain Rod Outdoor Shower

diy outdoor shower


If you want something creative and artistic..then go for this kind of outdoor curtain shower. Check out this shower, which is not only colorful but also practical. Install loop or circular curtain rods in your garden or backyard area, then add some shelves to store your bath essentials, and your shower is ready !!

Some shower curtains also come in transportable kits. All you have to do is add a colorful curtain, and your outdoor shower is all set !!

White Picket Shower

You’ve already seen these types of showers in many beach houses. The beach houses have large exposed verandas, and people used to place hot tubs and an outdoor shower in this area. But if you’re not comfortable in showing skin, then you can create a little privacy by installing a picket fence around the shower. Don,t forget to keep the height at least 1.5 meters high so that it shields your neck and shoulders.  

Opt for Minimalism

diy outdoor shower


There is no rule that you can’t build a shower in your garden area. Construct it in there and take full advantage of lush greenery and fresh air. Surround it with palm leaves and foliage for those days when you want to go on a tropical vacation but you couldn’t go. you will feel exactly like you are on a vacation. To achieve a more modern and sleek look, use a simple shower head like this one which is tightly fit on a solid wood platform. 

It’s Shower Hour!!

Now you’ve seen all the DIY outdoor shower designs; we’re pretty sure that you have already picked your favorite one. Now, it’s time to grab your tools and supplies and build the shower that you like the most. But before that, there are some things that you should keep in mind, like the water usage standards and the construction rules. Also, check if the materials that you’re going to use are suitable for your region’s climate or not. 

That’s it!! By keeping the above things in mind, you’re ready to create your dream into reality. You can also add other bath elements such as a bathtub. Paint it in your favorite color, and your outdoor shower is ready. 

we hope that you liked these simple but attractive DIY outdoor shower ideas. For more interesting DIYs and other home decoration ideas, browse Innovativedecorideas.

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