Quick And Easy Driveway Edge Ideas

Quick And Easy Driveway Edge Ideas

Driveways are something that makes the statement for the house. Whether it is daytime or night, people first look at the pavement or gravel leading to your front door. As time passed, the driveway edges kept on washing away as time passed by. We are here for you if the driveway edge is not in good condition or if you do not have edging and want to have new driveway edging stones.

Dig Deep

The driveway edge will crumble as time goes on. Whenever it rains, it is bound to get more washed away. In the worst-case scenario, the cars are inclined towards straying down the grass. It will result in unattractive tracks of the tire on your beautiful lawn. Due to this, it is better to reduce the chances of getting your lawn mushed with the tire track by opting for driveway edging. 

There are different methods by which you can edge your driveway depending on your preferences and styles. Although it is highly critical to choose the right material for the job, along with the house’s aesthetic appeal, durability is also a highly essential factor to keep in mind. From concrete driveway edging to gravel driveway edging, we have included the best ideas that you can choose for inspiration.

But before we go and show the best driveway edging ideas, you should learn all about edging and how it can benefit you.

All About Driveway Edging

As the name suggests, the edging of the driveway is the process that includes creating the protective edge along driveway borders. It is amongst the most efficient ways of increasing the durability of the driveway. 

When we look at the history, developers and designers created edging with the help of imported Belgian blocks. It is still an option that most people opt for, but you can now choose various materials that suit your taste and preferences. There are several materials of driveway edging that you can choose from, such as:

  • Concrete curb
  • Brick pavers
  • Belgian blocks
  • Railway tiles

Whatever the material type you choose, you should ensure that it complements the exterior of your house. It is also better for you if you consider expanding the edging of the lawn or garden.

There are two types of driveway edge that you can choose for yourself, like flat or raised edging.

Flat Edging

This type of edging will sit with the driveway levels and rely on the shape and color to create contrast. Brick, Belgian block, concrete driveway edging are amongst the most common driveway edging stones.

One of the two contrasting rows color on both sides will identify the driveway border along with the lawn. You can also create a basket-weave or any other type of pattern that will help you add visual appeal.

Raised Edging

driveway edge

Source: drivewaywise.com

This edging type extends above the driveway. It will assist you in creating the visual border, which will be the better barrier between the driveway and lawn.

Large Belgian rocks are one of the most common choices for the best and beautiful raised edging. If you are in the countryside, you should opt for wooden logs or railroad ties. Going for these choices will help you to complement the rustic feeling that you have in the countryside.

Benefits Of Driveway Edging

Now that you know about concrete driveway edging, let us discuss the significant benefits of driveway edging.

Protects Driveway

It is the most obvious benefit that you will get with edging. Edging the driveway with brick or stone pavers will keep the pavers in place. Edging will also prevent the asphalt and concrete driveways from cracking and chipping.

Because the edging is usually planted several inches into the ground, it also prevents the growth of tree roots or grass. It assists in keeping the driveway protected from dangers, whether hidden or exposed. 

Protects Lawn

When you are protecting your driveway, you will automatically protect your lawn. Due to the edging, which creates the visual barrier, people are less likely to step across it. Edging encourages individuals to walk on the driveway and not on the lawn.

This barrier will also prevent the chances of people backing or driving into your lawn. You should opt for the concrete driveway with a paver border as it is the best visual barrier for the driveway.

Less Maintenance

If you like to spend less time working on your weekend at home and have a good time with your family? If yes, you should opt for the edging as it will reduce the maintenance amount of the driveway. Without edging, you will have to frequently use the shovel or hoe for edging the driveway borders. By choosing the permanent edging material, you will be able to save much of your time, effort, and aggravation.

Prevent Soil Erosion

Another great reason to go for the edging is that it will mulch soil and plants in places where they belong. It acts as an efficient barrier that prevents the lawn from blowing or washing away. It also helps in keeping the driveway cleaner during the muddy, rainy seasons.

Increased Property Value

If you know that you will be selling your house in the near future, edging is the best way to increase the house’s value. The reason why the property value goes up is that it makes the house look more appealing. Driveway edging is one of the most cost-effective and simple ways that will help you to enhance the look of your house. Along with the proper maintenance of the lawn, it also contributes to the higher price of asking.

Easy Parking

When you have a gravel driveway edging, you will make the parking process easier for you. Edging will be your best friend whether you have a circular or odd bend twist in the driveway. The visual element that you will get will make it easy to navigate, particularly when you have a party and the weather is not good.

Best Driveway Edging Stone Ideas

Now that you know why it is essential to opt for edging let us show you the best edging ideas that will look best. These will help you enhance the look of the house to a greater extent, and visitors will love it.

Live Edges

driveway edge

Source: farmfoodfamily.com

If you are tight on a budget and want to make the edging beautiful without spending too much, you can choose flowers. When choosing flowers, it is better to choose flowering plants that are mostly in bloom in all seasons. The density you will provide your edges will help you get a beautiful contrast to the concrete driveway.

Paver Edging

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Paver edging is the best compliment that you give to the asphalt blacktop and tarmac driveways. In this, you should go for the sloped driveway, which is flat along with stone pavers. When talking about the base of it, it should be spread of more stone pavers so that you can provide it with the extra traction and grip during the slippery conditions. It will be best if you infuse the street drain in the stone pavers at the base so that you can make it more useful and ergonomic.

Grass Outline

driveway edge

Source: themexicangardener.com

If you want a cozy cottage feeling and a well-shaped, layered and twisty look, it is better that you turn the driveway into a garden maze. To implement this idea in your driveway, you will need serious space, landscape, and skills. It is only possible when you contour the driveway. This idea will provide you with a colorful visual appeal that will make you stand out.

Blocks And Crushed Concrete

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If you happen to have some leftover concrete blocks, you can make this idea highly cost-effective for concrete driveway with paver border. You can make a raised driveway edging. You can start by filling the bed with crushed concrete to provide more life to it, adding a bit of turf. To get the most seamless look, you should opt for the trench of crushed concrete. This concrete driveway edging is the best and classic. If you want to provide your house with a classic look, it is the best idea.


driveway edge

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If you’re looking for an excellent and cost-effective gravel driveway edging. Choosing bricks will be the best option to go for as it will help you add border and contrast to it. It is so easy to administer. You can make it by yourself. 

To make driveway edging by yourself, you will have to start by digging a slightly deep trench, bricklayers, and piling the bricks on top. The height of the brick depends on how you will raise the bricks depending on your preference. If you want a tall edging, you should stack more bricks on another, and vice versa.

driveway edge

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driveway edge

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driveway edge

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Driveway edges are the best thing that you can provide your house with. They are not only beautiful but efficient. They can assist you in different ways and make parking easier for you. When you want to do the edging, you should look for a good contractor who is professional in their work. Do not hurry and research so that you can get the best services for driveway edging.

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