Alluring Entrance Hall Lighting Ideas: Welcoming And Attractive

Alluring Entrance Hall Lighting Ideas: Welcoming And Attractive

The hallway is passage after the front door where you come inside any house. No matter how big or narrow is your entryway, all entryways need good lighting with excellent decor. An entryway is the first impression of the home, so it should be attractive and welcoming. There are numerous lighting options available in the market. You can choose the perfect entrance hall lighting ideas for your hallway from below.

The entryway is also a significant area that should not be overlooked. Here we are providing irresistible hallway lighting ideas. Lights instantly brighten up and also make small narrow hallway to look bigger and broader.

Here are eighteen entrance hall lighting ideas:

Sleek And Modern

Buy a streamlined fixture with clean lines to achieve a sleek yet stylish look. Place an antique sputnik chandelier with maxing candle holders. A bell pendant light with yellow lighting gives your hallway a warm and cozy feel.

modern chandelier


Traditional look

If you want a conventional look, then buy a traditional looking chandelier. Buy a vintage-looking candle chandelier. You can also place some flowy curtains on the windows near to the main door. Curtains will give you a contemporary and traditional look.

traditional chandelier


Black As Night

If you love mysterious black theme, then you can choose gothic-looking lights. Golden skulls and dark black pendant lights are the perfect choices. You can decorate your outdoor spaces with the most glossy gazebo lights that will create a romantic atmosphere around you. 

Gothic entrance light


Shimmery Gold

You never go wrong with gold. Gold is an evergreen element. Gold light fixtures give that glamorous look to your entryway. A hanging disco ball light will perfectly complement the loud vibes of your entrance.

golden disco ball light


Pendant light

Pendant light fixtures are ideals for heightened hallway. Try cage shaped pendant light for an industrial look with an exposed brick wall. Pendant light with sidewall fixtures provides an adequate background to the whole space.

pendant light


Bold is beautiful

Gigantic and enormous shape structured lights are perfect for a vast entryway. It will be a statement piece to your open space. Go with daring, bold colors and designs. Large Hoops light is perfect for the grand entrance-way.

hoops light


Metallic Finish

Metallic light fixtures are very trendy nowadays. They give a masculine feel to your hallway. They came in different materials like- brass, steel and copper. Use metallic stripes with criss-cross patterns to get an industrial and rustic look. They will become the statement piece of your home.

metallic finished decor light


Rich And Grand

Everyone wants a luxurious look to their home. If you have a large foyer area and you have no idea to decorate it then start with a crystal display chandelier. For a lavishing look match the chandelier with candle holders. A Rich island crystal chandelier is the best way to get that glam vibe. Long and low heightened overhead lights are such a unique decorative piece. You instantly feel the royal feel.

crystal chandelier


Unique Shapes And Designs

If you want something different and unique, then experiment with shapes and styles. Try geometric shapes like hexagon or pentagon. A star-shaped light fixture will be perfect for your dreamy place. Silver sunburst and disco lights are also very popular these days.

star-shaped light


Velvet Accent light Fixtures 

Use different types of textures and textiles to standout your pathway from the rest of the house. Velvet chandelier with tassels will look so good. Feathered one is perfect for a contemporary touch.

Velvet Accent light


Elegant And Symmetrical

If your home has two symmetrical stairs in the hallway, then you should go with a mirrored style. Place a big overhead light to make it a focal point of the house.

entrance hall lighting


Gorgeous Glass chandelier

Glass is the only element that shows elegance. Place a clear glass sphere chandelier to the ceiling. From Urban globe radial chandelier to Prism faceted glass layered chandelier, there are hundreds of chandeliers available in the market. They make your home a calm and peaceful place.

Glass chandelier



Match the table lamps with overhead lighting to create a cohesive look. You either color co-ordinate the lights and elements to get that minimalistic look. You can also mix and match the things to get the quirky look.

entrance hall lighting


Dizzy Dim Lights

If you are going with a black and white theme, then your lights are also color-coordinated. A black color chandelier will dim down the tone. Look for Light fittings with beautiful cutouts. Dim lights like moon-shaped light will create a light and glowy atmosphere.

Dim Lights


Wall Fixtures

If your hallway has a small place and you don’t have even space to hang a light fixture. Then wall fixtures are a perfect solution for you. They didn’t take much space and also looks very elegant. They will be Spotlights to draw attention to hanging wall art.

wall lights


Multiple Lights

If your hallway is long and narrow, then add various small lights. To maximize the space, add tiny bulb lights at equal distances. You buy a pendant light set that includes a minimum of three light fixtures that will create a mesmerizing look to your hallway.

Multiple entrance Lights


Chic Table lamps

You can also include some chic table lamps. Place a light color table lamp on the console table or your shoe rack. Ceramic lampshade or Polished brass lampshade gives you the perfect amount of light and also look good. You can also add floor lamps with a decent height. You can also pick the lamps in bold colors like red, yellow and blue to give a break from the similar-looking entryway. 

Chic Table lamps


From beautiful chandeliers to sleek wall lights, you can buy any of them. These lights will create a decorative effect to add interest to space. But you should keep some things in mind before you go shopping like- the height and width of the hallway. If you have high ceilings, then go for suspended lights or chandeliers. They create an impactful focal point to the house. Recessed ceilings are best for low height ceilings.

These were the top entrance hall lighting ideas. Choose light fixtures according to the proportion of the corridor. Invest in the wall lighting that works as both functional and looks a great decorative piece. Stay tuned on Innovativedecorideas to get trendy updates!

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