Add Personality to Your Home with These Exterior Window Trim Ideas

Add Personality to Your Home with These Exterior Window Trim Ideas

Did you know that the English word ‘window’ finds its roots in an Old Norse word which means ‘wind eye’? Decorative exterior window trim ideas can be described as an enticing frame that adds a distinct personality to the ‘eyes’ of your home. 

While moldings and drapes make the window frame blend in with the interior decor theme. It is the distinct style of the window trim that elevates the external appeal of your abode. 

The holistic exterior appeal of the building gets a polished touch when the window trim exterior is finished off in a classy way. Wood, stone, metal, plaster, and cement have all been popular with architects over the centuries to create appealing window trims. The distinct layout, size, and spacing of exterior window trims can add a hint of spark to the otherwise boring exterior walls.

Do window trims solely serve an aesthetic purpose? Certainly not. Here are their practical benefits. 

  • Window trims fill the gaps between the window panes and the adjoining walls. 
  • They prevent moisture or heat from seeping into the walls. 
  • Thus window trims help keep the exterior walls of your home crack-free and fresh looking. 

If a home renovation is on your mind or if you are looking for some fresh inspiration for your new decor project, you are in the right place. Here we bring you the most stylish and popular exterior window trim ideas from around the world. Hope you will take some cues. 

12 Most Popular Exterior Window Trim Design Ideas 

Wooden Exterior Window Trim Idea

Wooden Exterior Window Trim Idea


If there is one element from nature that can add sophistication to your external windows, it’s definitely wood. Installing wooden window trims is the best option when you want your home to look classy yet contemporary. If you fear that the weather in your region may damage natural wood, you can opt for engineered wooden window trims too.

These are easy to maintain and designed to withstand the sun and snow. The natural colors of wood complement almost every wall color that you can imagine. If you are feeling more playful, go ahead and splash some refreshing colors on those wooden frames as well. 

Black or White Exterior Window Trim Idea

Black or White


The understated appeal of the black or the white color makes everything around it look beautiful. Monochromatic exterior window trim ideas are one of the most popular and extensively used design elements.

Black or white window trims can be set against a variety of exteriors. It includes wood, stone, bricks, or tiles as well as all shades of wall paints. White window trims look exceptional when contrasted with metallic exterior colors. To accentuate the effect, one can use a variety of moldings alongside the actual window trims.

Bright-hued Window Trim Idea

exterior window trim


If your taste leans towards a more playful style, then you should choose bold and bright colors for window trim. These bright-hued trims create a bold contrast against the pastel colors of the exterior walls.

While all colors carry their own beauty, one should be wise in selecting the colors that complement each other. You can even experiment with various shades of a core color to add an unexpected visual appeal to your exterior windows

Minimalistic Modern Exterior Window Trim Idea

exterior window trim


Homeowners with a modern style may prefer a minimalistic window trim exterior over some of the other elaborate designs. In this case, simplicity truly holds beauty and grace. The use of metals like aluminum and stainless steel is popular in creating a simple yet definitive window trim exterior.

You can even experiment by applying metallic powder coating over wooden or vinyl trims. Although all colors go well with modern window trims, earthy shades complement the clean lines and angles created by these decor elements.

Exterior Window Trim Idea with Vinyl Siding 

exterior window trim


Your creativity is the limit when it comes to using vinyl for your exterior window trim. Siding material is more affordable and durable which can be molded into your desired design. Textures of real wood, stone, or metal can be replicated in siding material without any fault.

For homeowners working on a tight budget, vinyl window trims offer the style they dream of without drilling a hole in their pocket. Pale-colored vinyl siding can be paired with deep-colored windows or vice versa to elevate the visual effect. 

Flared Angles Window Trim Idea

exterior window trim


Who says that all the window trims in your home have to be of the same size? Flared angles are one of the exciting exterior window trim ideas to achieve a three-dimensional visual effect. This kind of design element suits best on buildings that may have unusual angles and intriguing architecture.

Positioning the window trims at different angles can bring dept and a stark contrast to an otherwise gloomy corner. To achieve the right results, designers should use appropriate colors and well-defined window designs that can successfully highlight the window trims. 

Classy Craftsman Window Trim Idea

Classy Craftsman


When classy country-style architecture blends in with chic contemporary design elements, you get Craftsman style. A window trim exterior designed using Craftsman style can complement your contemporary villa like nothing else. Wide trims featuring simple yet distinct lines can be used to highlight multi-panel windows.

For subtle sophistication, you can go with lighter-hued colors and if you want to add a touch of zing, why not use bright candy colors for your Craftsman window trims. Just ensure that your experimentation should concentrate on keeping the trims as the focal point of attraction.

Bricked Up Exterior Window Trims/stone Accent Idea

stone Accent Idea


Achieve that perfect rustic look by using bricks or stones to frame an old-school exterior window trim for your home. Bricks and stones accentuate the positioning of your windows better than any other material. The natural beauty of red bricks can be used in contrast to pale window panes. Similar themes can be carried throughout the exterior of the entire home to bring visual symmetry.

Unpolished stones look robust when used as trims around the windows. If you don’t prefer to use stones all around the window, you can opt to mount only the keystones above each window. Boxed window designs, elaborate grills, and pleasing colors go well with brick or stone accent window trims. 

Elaborate Crown Molding Window Trim Idea

Elaborate Crown Molding


Want your windows to look majestic? To give a touch of royalty to your home’s exterior walls, crown molding window trims are the best choice. You can opt to keep those crown moldings modest or as elaborate as you desire.

This type of window trim exterior perfectly suits those buildings that have vintage architectural elements. When contrasted with wooden or lacy white windows, crown moldings stand out the best. This being a signature design, should be used in a restricted manner. And the rest of the design features around it should be kept subtle. 

Ornate Window Trim Exterior Idea

Ornate Window Trim Exterior Idea


Victorian architecture screams luxury and class. Using ornate designs for exterior window trim is the go-to option if you desire a splendid visual treat. Ornate designs of a wide array can be carved out of stones or wood to be used as window trims. While these materials may be a more expensive option, there is no denying the impressive finish they render to your home exteriors.

More economical options like replicating the ornate designs in sidings material can also be explored. To make your ornate window trims stand out, paint them in either white, ivory, or pale yellow colors while using darker colors for the actual windows. 

Roofline Extension Window Trim Idea

Roofline Extension


Does your home feature a striking rooftop design? If so, then why not accentuate the design element by installing a bold roofline extension window trim. The elongating window trims offer continuity of design and overall visual symmetry.

Be sure to use a similar color palette for your window trim exterior that effortlessly complements the colors of the roofline. These types of trims are especially recommended if you want to create a cohesive exterior for your building and want to make it look a bit taller. 

Definitive and Segmented Window Trim Ideas

Definitive and Segmented Window Trim


Homes with large and repetitive windows may face a unique challenge. How to break the visual monotony? The solution is to use exterior window trim ideas which can add a definition to these windows.

Segmented window trims can effectively make the large windows look more defined. To add depth to the trims designs, you can paint them in 2 or 3 contrasting colors. Using wide frames and clean angles is best suitable to meet such requirements. 

What Elements Should You Consider While Choosing Exterior Window Trims?

  • The architecture of your home: Victorian, country-style, or modernistic, what is the general architecture of your bungalow? Each architectural theme has distinct features and it should consider while adding peripheral design elements like exterior window trims.

Whether you choose to follow the same style or add a distinct contrast, ensure that window trims do not rob away the beauty of the building.

  • Exterior wall color: You would agree with us when we say that exterior color combination is as important as your home’s interiors. We can use anything from rough cut stones to granite, bricks, tiles. Also, we can add alluring colors to add a district personality to your external walls. 

Window trim exterior, while being a minor design element can make a difference. So choose them wisely!

  • The visual symphony you want to achieve: A designer can create magic using exterior decor features like rooflines, columns, window trims, and sidings. 

The materials and exterior window trim ideas you opt for should ultimately contribute to the overall visual symphony you are aiming to achieve.

Every homeowner would agree that the right exterior window trim would set the tone for the entire facade of your home. All the 12 design ideas that we have shared are extremely versatile and classy. They go well with several architectural styles, giving you the liberty to experiment. Are you ready to don your creative hat and style up your home exterior? Go ahead and give it a try. For the latest trends and tips from the world of home decor visit InnovativeDecorIdeas

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