Latest and Trendy False Ceiling Designs For Your Home

Latest and Trendy False Ceiling Designs For Your Home

False ceilings are a ceiling that is beneath the main ceiling. These uniquely shaped ceiling designs give your home an aesthetic look. From the living room, hall, bedroom, to the kitchen and dining room, you can add these fantastic false ceilings to any place in your home.

A false ceiling is not only a great decor, but it is also functional. It provides thermal insulation and reduces the air-conditioning requirement, which results in a low electricity bill. They also reduce the unwanted sound and give safety from fire and hides all the air conditioning system cables and wires.

When people come to your house, they can’t get off their eyes from these beautiful ceilings. They transform any regular looking room into an amazing one. If you are tired of the dull old roof of your living room, then try out these false ceiling designs for living room. There are plenty of options in designs, shapes of false ceilings are available in the market to choose from.

Here we are providing the latest false ceiling designs for you:

Types Of False Ceiling 

False ceilings came in many designs and shapes. Choose the false ceiling according to your room height and width. False ceilings are mainly of two types- fixed and removable types. If you want a permanent solution for your ugly looking roof than go for a permanent kind of false ceilings. They are a one-time investment thing that will go for a longer period.

But you don’t want to permanently change the design of the roof then go for these temporary false ceilings. Temporary false ceilings are removable. So you can change them easily after some time. 

Look out these trendy false ceiling design types:

Suspended Ceilings

An additional ceiling is added to the existing roof are known as a suspended ceiling. These type of ideas are popular in commercial properties. It creates a void between primary and secondary roofs. They wisely conceal all the wires and provides a neat and beautiful look to the place.

suspended ceiling


Tile Ceiling

T- Grid ceilings are widely used in offices, auditoriums, convention halls, etc. they have geometric and fun shapes like- hexagon, octagon or rectangular and square shapes. 

Tile Ceiling


Stretch Ceiling 

Stretch ceilings have 3D designs and prints. They are commonly used in large areas like office, banquet halls. They also have colorful lights to make the space more glamorous. 

Stretch Ceiling


Plasterboard Ceilings

Plasterboard is a sheet of plaster which is sandwiched between the two layers of heavy paper. This plasterboard reduces the fuss of the traditional roof plaster. It is a quick, permanent solution to your ceiling, and it also takes less time to dry. 

plasterboard ceiling


LED Ceiling

LED false ceilings provide a warmer feel, and they are straightforward to install. They give a glamorous luxury look to your house. Lights play an important role in bringing the perfect atmosphere to your room. There are mainly three light categories- recessed lights, suspended lights, and flush lights. Add these lights to your false ceiling, they look great and also brighten up space.

LED ceiling



False ceilings are made from different materials. According to your house design and height of the particular room, you can choose any material for a false ceiling.

Here are a few commonly used materials:

  • Wood

Wood is a very versatile material. It has a distinctive texture, and you can go with any pattern for your false ceiling. Hollow wooden blocks or panels will ideally bring the traditional vibe to your house. You can easily install these panels with nails and screws.

wooden ceiling


  • Glass

Glass has a brittle and transparent property. It works perfectly as an insulator and also has a fire retardant property. Glass ceilings will look amazing, and they are functional too.

glass ceiling


  • Gypsum or POP

Gypsum and Plaster Of Paris (POP) materials are very trendy nowadays. POP is light and soft material and can be molded into different shapes. You can go for either traditional designs or modern patterns like a flower or geometric shapes. Whereas gypsum boards are supported by iron frameworks in false gypsum ceilings. Their installation is also trouble-free.

gypsum/POP ceiling


  • Metal

Metal is a very durable and robust material and gives a solid industrial look to your room. Galvanized iron and aluminum are commonly used metals.

metal ceiling


  • Fiber

Mineral fiber is a human-made fiber from synthetic materials. Fiber cement is mostly used in wet and damaged areas. They provide excellent insulation and have suitable soundproofing property. 

fiber ceiling


Benefits Of False Ceilings

False ceilings have many advantages like they give a smooth surface to your roof. They provide insulation and fire protection and also reduces condensation. These ceilings neatly hide the electrical cables, wires, pipelines, and other non-pleasing elements of the roof. Cleaning and installation are also very convenient. They are cheap and durable decor. Whether you want to create a modern, traditional, or contemporary look, you can quickly transform your ordinary-looking roof into a beautiful one.

benefits of false ceiling


The only disadvantage to false ceiling is that they need maintenance and prone to moisture and pest attack.

False ceilings are the perfect way if you want to change the look of the room. They are cheap and didn’t take much time for installation. You can customize your ceiling designs by mixing two or more materials. Wood is exclusively used with Plaster Of Paris. There are various kinds of designs and shapes are available.

You always ensure the type of material, price, and dimensions of your place before choosing any particular type of false ceiling. Browse through Innovativedecorideas for more tips and tricks!


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