11 Best Feature Wall Ideas To Refresh Your Space

11 Best Feature Wall Ideas To Refresh Your Space

To make a living room a more impactful place, then add an accent wall. Break all traditional looking space by creating a statement wall in the space. You will have a lot of fun while creating an accent wall for your living area. Here we provide fun and playful feature wall ideas for the living room.  

When it comes to decorating the feature wall, there are countless ways you can do it. Accent walls make the makes home a pretty but moderate place. If you are looking for feature wall ideas for your living room. 

Take inspirations from these feature wall ideas and give your accent wall a designer look: 

Printed Wallpaper

Use printed wallpaper on the accent wall of the living room. They came in many patterns, prints, and textures. They look very decorative and artistic. Wallpapers came in two types permanent or removable wallpapers; you can choose according to your taste and style. 

printed wallpaper for feature wall

Source: getitprinted.com

Mirror Gallery Art

A mirror is one of the statement pieces that will draw the eyes. They make the room feel larger. Use a single mirror or series of small mirrors to create a gallery effect. You can also take different shapes and sizes of mirrors with different frameworks. They reflect the feature wall. You can also create a paneled mirror effect. 

Gallery Art

Source: damselindior.com

Giant Storage Wall

The storage wall as a feature wall of the living room is a brilliant idea. Giant furniture like a bookcase, drinks cabinets works perfectly as an accent wall. Display exciting things on these Floating shelves. Paint the shelves in the same color as the wall to create a three-dimensional effect.

Storage Wall

Source: thespruce.com

Create The Balance

Create symmetry on the feature wall of the living room. Our eyes are naturally are drawn to more balanced and symmetrical things. Place a large tv unit or a storage unit and then fix two similar light fixtures. Choose eye-catching scones; they will bring light and style to space. You can also put two art pieces with the same size frames. This will create a balanced and relaxed atmosphere. 

symmetry in living room

Source: pinterest.com

Single Art Piece

Place a giant solo art piece on the accent wall of the living room. Accentuate it with some focused light fixtures. You can buy oversized abstract or modern art paintings. For a minimalist place, use black and white color wall arts. They will immediately set the tone of the living room.

Art Piece

Source: thespruce.com

Neutral Marble Print

Marble is a very sophisticated and neutral tone print. A marble accent wall in your living room looks modern and contemporary. A soft neutral backdrop is always the right choice. They give a subtle and finished look. You can use real marble tiles to cover your walls or simply use marble wallpaper. 

Marble Print

Source: pinterest.com

Floral Wall 

A flower wall is very trendy and fashionable. You can take inspiration from Instagram. Buy fake flowers from the near flower shop or purchase the whole set online. Place them with some distance on the wall of the living room. You can use different kinds of flowers or use a single type to cover the wall entirely. You can also make a garland-like pattern to make it look a little less congested.

Floral Wall 

Source: homewallmurals.co.uk

Dark Colors With Unique Designs

Paint the wall with dark solid colors that you want to make your feature wall. This dark color makes the wall stand out in the room and draws all the eyes. This will create a cozier and warmer feel. You can also make different patterns and designs with a dark color. With the help of a painter’s tape make geometric patterns. Paint the thick stripes and highlight them with thin lines.

Dark Color wall with unique design

Source: renonation.sg

Textured Accent Wall  

Enhance the main wall with some textural materials. Materials like wood, stones, and tiles are a good choice. The textural wall is unexpected and looks very stunning. Fill all the way up of a wall with beautiful wood panels. Textures of these materials could be rough or smooth, shiny or matt finished. Try to use materials in combination like marble with wood, various tiles, etc. 

Textured Accent Wall  

Source: thespruce.com

Chalkboard Paint

Some people think that chalkboard paint isn’t enough decorative material for adult spaces.

But it is such a beautiful element that you can play with your heart. You can write quotes, draw different art with colorful chalks. You can scribble and doodle all over the wall with your creative ideas. The best thing about a chalkboard wall is that you can easily change designs and arts according to your moods.

Chalkboard Paint

Source: pinterest.com

Map Wall 

If you love traveling, then paint the main wall of your living with a large world map. Pin or mark all the places you have been or places you want to visit. It is a very different and unique idea. This wall will also be attractive for the kids and guests. 

Map Wall 

Source: etsy.com

All these feature wall ideas are not only for the living room, but you can also implement them on any wall of any room to make it a statement wall. Painting the entire walls of a place seems a bit too much then add eye-catching small patterns on a single wall.

Furnish your living room with comfortable and modern furniture that goes perfectly with the accent wall. To get more unique and trendy ideas browse through Innovativedecorideas.

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