Fire Safe Your House: 5 Things You Should Always Be Careful About

Fire Safe Your House: 5 Things You Should Always Be Careful About

Out of all the household hazards most commonly faced, the fire tops the list above all. The mere thought of your loved ones becoming stuck in such an emergency can make you extremely anxious and you may even begin to lose your night’s sleep over it. Statistics reveal that about 366,000 annual fire cases are reported which result in approximately 2700 deaths. It also accounts for an overall loss of near about $9 billion in all forms of damages combined together.

The source of fire eruptions may be very unpredictable but that should not stop you from taking all kinds of precautions in place. Sometimes with as little as minutes to spare, it may not be very feasible to exit your house under fire. So, here is a small list of the checks that can prevent you from getting into such a situation in the first place.

Safe Keeping of the Flammables

There are more flammables than you think lying around in your house. If you are not careful, these can catch fire in a fraction of a second. Bottles of rubbing alcohol, nail polish and nail paint remover, deodorants, batteries and harddisks, hand sanitizers, flour, gasoline, paint thinner, turpentine, etc. are some of the most common things that are very prone to catch fires.

Of course, you cannot keep these things out of your house, but the risks they pose are also truly worrisome. So, what should you be doing? Should you keep them in fireproof containers, or should you eliminate the sources of fire in their vicinity? We suggest you follow both.

You can keep a check on your gas line for any leakages, store your pantry and other flammable items away from fire sources, and also install fire retardants in places like the kitchen and attic. These places are at the highest risk of starting a fire.

Smoke Alarms

Fire Safe Your House


The first and foremost thing to do in your house should be to install smoke and fire alarms in all rooms and floors. Especially in the places where it is even more probable to catch fires, like kitchens, garages, and basements. With that, it is necessary to keep them in a good and functional condition always.

Keep testing them for their efficiency every now and then so that they would detect even the smallest of emerging smokes and fires in the house, and therefore warn you well in time. You can also install automatic fire-retardants such as sprinklers in your home. These smart installations can be paired with the smoke detectors and shower sprinkling water on the fire source before it grows out of control.

Watch Out for Your Appliances

Fire Safe Your House


There are many appliances in the house which are always running on electricity like television, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. Short circuits are one of the leading causes that can start a fire at your home. Besides, most household appliances contain highly inflammable compounds which can further lead to explosions.

For example, your refrigerator has highly inflammable gases stored, which can cause the cylinder to explode when subjected to direct fire. Likewise, television sets and washing machines also contain wirings that are prone to catch fire. Along with a careful watch out for stovetops and HVAC, electric fireplace safety should also be of paramount importance.  On top of all this, there are several other construction materials like plastics and rubbers used in these appliances which can catch fire. You need to make sure to turn them off when they are not used.

Take the Fire Cooking Outside

Fire Safe Your House


Another thing that becomes a potential accident cause is cooking on an open fire inside the house. We agree that a barbeque or high flame cooking may seem very enticing for days when you have guests over but sometimes the fire flames become uncontrollable. Since jeopardizing the safety of your loved ones is not something you would want, therefore, it is always a good idea to take such activities outside the house.

The Bottom Line

Fire safety should be followed by one and all at home. Along with the above-mentioned ideas, you should always keep the electricals and natural gas sources well secured and protected. You should also explain the importance and necessary general rules to kids so that they also grow up with good behavior and habits to protect themselves in the face of such an event. 

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