All You Need to Know about Firestop U.L. Doors

All You Need to Know about Firestop U.L. Doors

Over the years, fire has always been a severe threat for common people!! 

In the year 2017, the fire department of the U.S. responded to 1,319,500 fire cases approximately. According to the statistics revealed by the National Fire Protection Association, the fire department of the U.S. responded to fire every 24 seconds. A total of 499,000 structures were caught in fires. Moreover, every 23 seconds, the fire department of the U.S. responds to the fire. And the scariest consequence of that is a huge number of fire deaths and destruction of house structures. 

So, to prevent all that, firestop U.L. doors are very effective. Here, we will discuss this in detail. 

What Is a Firestop U.L. Door or Fire-Rated Door?

A fire-resistant or firestop U.L.door is a door that is specially designed to slow down or prevent the spread of fire or smoke. As stated by Ken Canziani, the Fire Investigator at EFI, “A fire-rated door is a very heavy door made of materials like metal or gypsum. ‘Fire-rated’ means that the door,  installed properly that is not supposed to combust while a certain time frame.”

The most common residential applications of firestop U.L. doors include installation in entryways, garages, and multi-family homes.

How Can a Firestop U.L Door Prevent Fire?

Firestop U.L. Door


Firestop U.L. doors can prevent or slow down the spread of fire and smoke inside your house. But they are not 100% fireproof. As these doors are made of combustible materials, they might get burnt through in a fire. However, indeed, a firestop U.L.door can surely resist fire penetration for a specific period.   

Also, a Firestop U.L.door can help you contain the fire and smoke, giving you more time to exit the building. This is a great benefit of such doors. However, people think that fire is the destructor, but smoke also causes a lot of worst aftermaths. Excessive smoke inhalation causes people to die in fire accidents. Moreover, firestop U.L. doors also help protect your different valuable things inside your house or office while the fire workers extinguish the fire. 

Thus, all you need to do is make use of firestop U.L. doors smartly, and that’s it. 

How Many Types of Firestop U.L. Doors Are There?

Firestop U.L. doors are mainly used in commercial settings more, but nowadays, residential fire-rated doors are also available in the market. There are fire doors with both furnished and unfurnished exteriors. Also, you can find both custom and bespoke fire doors. Most of these firestop U.L. doors have a fire rating of 30 minutes, and some have a fire rating of 60 minutes.

The exteriors are made of either plywood or composite core. The interiors of these doors have either solid panels, obscure fire glass, or crystal clear fire glass. 

Moreover, there are wooden firestop U.L. doors as well. The wooden variety of this door type has a 20-minutes fire rating. There are also a variety of medium density fibreboard doors that come with a fire rating of 20 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, and 95 minutes respectively. When it comes to wooden firestop U.L. doors, they are available in various wood species and styles. You need to choose one as per the home’s style and design. 

So, you have a lot of options to choose from. You should choose the best one, as per your needs and preferences. 

A Better Understanding of Firestop U.L. Doors

Firestop U.L. Door


The specific fire rating of a Firestop U.L. Door doesn’t mean that the amount of time a door can withstand fire. If you think that the door rated 60 minutes will withstand fire for that duration of time, it’s not correct. Rather, the rating means that if the test environment is controlled, a new firestop U.L.door can hold up for 60 minutes. But the real-world application is not the same. Many other factors like heat intensity and the cloud can reduce this estimate. 

Abe Kozlik, the International Fireproof Door Company in Brooklyn, New York, said, “Although a fire-rated door is designed to prevent a fire from passing from room to room. With the right door, a severe fire can melt steel easily.”

Moreover, you need to take care that a fire door won’t give you any protection if the door is propped or the closing mechanism is not good. However, the firestop U.L. doors offer peace of mind. 

Wrapping Up 

Firestop U.L. doors are the most significant element of modern architecture. They are truly the added advantage to your overall security. We have tried to collaborate all the vital information regarding firestop U.L. doors. Now, you need to understand the best four yourself, and you can thus make your own decision about having a firestop U.L. door installed.