A Detailed Guide on How to Decorate & Buy Flocked Christmas Trees

A Detailed Guide on How to Decorate & Buy Flocked Christmas Trees

Holiday spirits are ringing your bells to let you know that Christmas is here! So, it’s the best time for you to start decorating for the festive season. From choosing the perfect gifts for your loved ones to preparing the dinner for Christmas Eve- there are many things that need to be done. But most importantly, first, you have to buy a Christmas tree. No Christmas is complete without a tree because it is perhaps one of the most quintessential symbols of the holiday season. Have you heard about flocked Christmas trees? These beautiful trees are the new trend of 2020 Christmas, and maybe you have already seen them in your neighborhood.

People who live in colder regions love to have a flocked Christmas tree, but white Christmas is also captivating for those who live in warmer climate regions. So if you’re also a fan of celebrating White Christmas, these elegant flocked Christmas trees will make your snowy holiday dreams come true! 

Sometimes when we buy an artificial Christmas tree online, we feel intimidating. The reason behind this is that we’re not able to touch or feel the tree that we usually do when we buy from a shop. But worry not, I have a few tips and tricks to ensure you that you’ll buy the right tree for your home. Today in this blog, we’re going to tell you everything, including how to buy flocked Christmas trees, what things you should keep in mind, and how to decorate them. We’ve also compiled a list of the five best artificial flocked Christmas trees so that you don’t have to waste any more time on the selling websites. But first, let us tell you more about the flocking Christmas trees. 

What are a Flocked Christmas Trees?

flocked christmas tree

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“A flocked Christmas tree,” or “flocking a Christmas tree,” is simply a process where people dust their artificial evergreen tree with artificial snow or synthetic white powder to achieve a winter wonderland feeling. People from all around the globe love to create this freshly fallen snow Christmas tree look

This trend is not new; actually, it was started back in the 1800s when people wanted a “White Christmas” and then used frosted branches to get this look! Later during the mid-century, it got popular in America. In the early to mid-1900s, people used materials like cotton, cornstarch, and flour to flocking a Christmas tree. But nowadays, you don’t have to do all these things, just buy one! Yes, now pre-flocked trees are available everywhere that are already dusted with “snow.”

How to Buy Flocked Christmas Trees?

flocked christmas tree

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Finding a perfect flocked Christmas tree is sometimes challenging. So what are the things that anyone should consider before choosing artificial flocked trees? Read the below tips while purchasing one so that you don’t end up with the wrong one. 


When it comes to shape, there are literally hundreds of options to choose from. Just like real trees, faux Christmas trees also have various shapes and designs. So, figure out the place where you’ll put your tree and see which shape works best. 


Yes, there are a few different ways of flocking a tree. Some have light dusting, and others come with a pretty heavy snow dusting. So, select the one according to your home’s decoration and space. I like the heavily flocked trees because the ornaments are more dramatic against a white tree. What’s your favorite? 


Another thing that you should look at is needles. There are multiple types of artificial needles available online to choose from. You can select your flocked tree with either realistic needles or the classic Needles/PVC needles.


Some Christmas trees come with lights. The gorgeous hue that the lights emit can change the look of a tree. Don’t you agree? If you like pre-installed lights, then order those flocked trees that have lights already installed in them. You also have choices in the lights’ type and color, such as Incandescent lights or LED lights. 

Where to Buy the Best Flocked Christmas Trees?

flocked christmas tree

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Now, the big question is this where can you find the beautiful flocked Christmas trees on a decent budget? Here’s a list for you in which you can find the best flocked Christmas trees online with all different budgets and tree sizes included! 

You can find a decent-looking flocked Christmas tree under $100, whereas mid-range ones come with a price tag of $100-200, which will give you better quality and durability. But if you want something that has great quality and can last up to many years, then you have to invest in trees above $200. Let’s get started on finding your perfect flocked Christmas tree. 

Top 5 Artificial Flocked Christmas Trees

Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree (6-Feet)

flocked christmas tree

Source: amazon.com

flocked christmas tree

This 6 feet tall Flocked Snow Christmas tree is from the brand Perfect Holiday. It comes with hinged branches for easy storage and also has a heavy-duty metal stand. It is beautifully crafted with 583 PVC tips, and probably this is the least expensive 6-foot tree that you can get online.

Flocked Christmas Tree with Lights

flocked christmas tree

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flocked christmas tree

Looking for a flocked Christmas tree that comes with lights? Buy this lovely pre-lit tree. It comes in many sizes with a various number of lights, such as a 4.5-foot tree containing 400 tips, a 6-foot tree with 928 tips, a 7.5-foot tree having 1,346 tips, and a 9-foot tree with 2,094 tips. 

GoPlus Artificial Christmas Tree 

flocked christmas tree

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flocked christmas tree

Create a lush look with this really pretty flocked Christmas Tree. It’s 7.5 feet high and 55 inches wide, so it’s taller and fuller and will be perfect for any home. This is on a little pricey side, but it is worth giving it a try with its great quality. The complete set also includes a tree stand and hinged branches, so it’s easy to store. If your home has lower ceilings, you can select it in 6 ft version also, 

Senjie Artificial Christmas Tree with Pine Cone Decoration (7 Foot)

flocked christmas tree

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flocked christmas tree

This Flocked Christmas tree with a pine cone decoration will enchant you and your family! It looks so realistic, just like a real snowy tree. It has high production quality and comes with a vast number of branch tips and high-quality needles. The set includes a sturdy folding metal tree stand, which makes it super easy to assemble and store. 

Mini Flocked Christmas Tree

flocked christmas tree

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flocked christmas tree

Don’t have a large space to put a huge Christmas tree? Worry not bring home this; mini-flocked Christmas tree. With only 4 ft height and 28 inches width, this is great for small apartments. It is beautifully crafted with 231 PVC tips. Isn’t this cute? It comes with a heavy-duty metal stand, so you can easily put this tree on any table. 

Bonus Tips: 

Here are some more tricks that will help you in deciding which tree to buy (along with looking at the other things listed above).

  • First, always check the reviews of the product. Sometimes these reviews will give you a better idea of what they look like in real life. 
  • Compare prices, reviews, additional pictures, etc., for the same tree on various sites to get the best deal. Many times other sites will be less expensive and offer other benefits like free shipping, etc.

How to Decorate a Flocked Christmas Tree?

flocked christmas tree

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After reading this much information, now you might be wondering how to decorate a flocked Christmas tree? Well, there are actually many ways to do it, such as you can leave it “natural” or decorate it just like a regular green pine Christmas tree! The decision is entirely up to you.

You can use colorful ornaments, garlands, and string lights. As the flocked Christmas tree is that it is mostly white, it can easily work with any type of Christmas decors. Below are some incredibly unique ideas for decorating your snowy Christmas tree this holiday season.

Minimal Decor and Lights 

Going for a minimal look? Just add some pinecones and small fairy lights or leave the tree without any decorations; it will look elegant and sophisticated. Even just with the string lights, your tree will look vibrant, and you’ll almost feel like you’re in a beautiful, wintry wonderland. 

Metallic Décor with Ornaments 

Add a little more style to your Christmas decor with metallic decorations. Right now, this decoration trend is incredibly popular among frosted Christmas trees. For a glam decoration, you can try a metallic white and gold theme. 

Add Some Colors 

Create a mystical urban and contemporary vibe in your Christmas décor with these flocked trees with colorful decorations. Include ornaments in shades like Fuchsia, Turquoise blue, red, or emerald. Finally, add some plaid ribbons, and your tree is ready for Christmas! 

flocked christmas tree

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Let’s Celebrate Christmas! 

So now you have all the information about the frosted Christmas trees. So start searching and start your festive decorations to create a wonderful holiday experience. These flocked Christmas tree decorations are a beautiful and timeless Christmas decoration to own! With our decoration ideas and tips, make your tree look elegant, classy, and truly mesmerizing! Believe me; these trees will automatically create the ambiance of a spectacular snowy forest in your home. 

I hope this blog helps you in finding the perfect flocked tree for 2020 Christmas! If you like these types of blogs, please do share this with your friends and family. Stay tuned with Innovativedecorideas for more interesting Christmas home decoration ideas. 

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