Amazing Florida Landscaping Ideas for Beautiful Frontyard

Amazing Florida Landscaping Ideas for Beautiful Frontyard

There is truly nothing quite pleasing when you have a beautifully landscaped house. Choosing to landscape your yard is the best decision which also adds resale value to your home. However, Florida landscaping ideas present their unique challenges. Here is an article that will show almost all Florida landscaping ideas for front of house and clear all your doubts regarding that.

The front yard introduces your house to your friends, family, and your neighbors. It is the main entrance and you should feel proud when you show it to the world. Therefore, you need to distinguish your yard from your neighbors. Here are some tips and some amazing Florida landscaping ideas that you can use for Florida front yard landscaping.

How Climate And Weather Affect Florida Front Yard Landscaping?

You should know that Central Florida is also known for its tropical climate. Florida’s weather is constantly changing. There is a distinct rainy season that is Summer, hurricane season which includes Summer and Fall. Furthermore, you get a distinct dry season that is Winter and Spring.

The weather can be extremely dry and hot for a day and after that day you get rainy with a chance of humidity. It is usually humid if you ignore a few months during Winter. Therefore, due to Florida’s tropical climate, it is difficult to build a strong foundation with plants. So, if you want to create an amazing Florida front yard landscaping, continue reading.

Tips For Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Florida

Here are some key useful tips that you need to keep in your mind while creating low maintenance front yard landscaping Florida:

One-Third Rule: You need to keep the One-third rule in your mind while using a front yard or backyard ideas florida. The one-third rule means that you can only use one-third area for planting beds and two-thirds should be lawn.

Plant Size: You can’t forget that scale is important for plant size in both the yard and backyard. You need to consider the size of the tree or plant when it is fully grown, not just when you plant it in your yard. You should know that plants grow fast in Florida as it has a 12-month growing season.

Take Care Of Your Shrubs: You can’t keep your shrubs forever. You need to properly take care of them and maintain them. If you don’t take care of your shrubs, they will get scraggly, overgrown, and that part will be full of dead spots.

South Florida Landscaping Ideas

Here are some simple south Florida landscaping ideas that will make your yard look awesome:

Levels With Different Size Pots

It is one of the best Florida landscaping ideas. It is low maintenance and makes your yard look beautiful. Create one or two levels and add pots to that. You can add depth and interest by using different sizes of pots on different levels.

Use small pots for the first level and increase the size while you move to the next level. Choose plants according to your choice for different levels. But remember to contrast them with each level. To complete the look, use stones for the path. This is a perfect idea for a low maintenance front yard landscaping in Florida.

Design For Visibility

Use a variety of colors, textures, and forms in your yard. If you don’t have a big front yard, this idea is for you. You should use only one side of the path. Add flowers and behind the line of flowers, you can have big succulents. Use small stones to create a little separation between paths and flower beds. It is one of the simplest and gorgeous front and backyard ideas Florida.


If you either have a large front or backyard, this low maintenance Florida landscaping is for you. Create a large circular bed right in the middle of your yard and make it a centerpiece. You can decorate with whatever flowers and plants you want. But remember to select the proper size of this centerpiece according to the space you have in your yard. Use different colors of flowers to make it bright. You can also create layers of flowers in it. Cover the surrounding with some stones and voila your work is done.

Pavers For Amazing Front Entryways

florida landscaping ideas


If you have a long entry to your home, this idea is for you. Use pavers on your front yard path that look like rustic slabs, quaint cobblestone, sleek slate. Use light colors like pale beige to light shades of black and every hue in between. It is one of the most elegant Florida landscaping ideas that will make your house look royal. Add one or two trees at the corner and give a little curve to your path. Your yard will be perfect even without planting any flowers. It is the best Florida front yard landscaping idea.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Florida Plants

Here are some plants recommendations for your low maintenance Florida landscaping:


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They are also known as Chinese Fringe Flowers. This is a compact shrub sporting colorful foliage that will look great in your yard. But they have one problem: flowering shrubs only bloom three weeks out of the year. This is kind of sad because they are so beautiful and are great options for front yard landscaping ideas in Florida.

Gold Mound Duranta

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You can include Gold Mound Duranta for bright yellow foliage in your south Florida landscaping ideas. They are pretty as any flower and bright up the whole space. They can grow 2-4 feet tall and wide. These flowers also produce small lavender flowers which are so pretty. With the help of Gold Mound Duranta, you will get awesome Florida landscaping.


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When talking about Florida landscaping ideas for the front of house, no one can forget Crotons. It is a Florida favorite which makes your landscaping look beautiful. Crotons thrive easily in Florida and add stunning tropical color. They grow about six feet tall. But remember to not go overboard. You need to balance these beautiful bold plants with greenery.


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Azaleas are one of the top picks for shady areas. They are perfect for low maintenance front yard landscaping Florida. However, they only bloom once a year. But you don’t worry about that because the rest of the time you will get a nice, green structure that will soften your color.

Ornamental Grasses

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Ornamental grasses soften your landscape and are low maintenance. Furthermore, it adds graceful motion to your Florida front yard landscaping. Muhly grass will give you a softer texture and pink flowers in the fall time. They only spread to four feet wide which makes them perfect for a small front yard.

A Perennial, Lily Of The Nile

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Have a group of perennials, Lily of the Nile, if you want a lush, tropical effect in your low maintenance Florida landscaping. It will be pretty and the deep blue color of flowers will make the whole place bright and lovely.

How Can You Make Your Yard Look Better?

Here are some better options for things that you use while practicing Florida landscaping ideas for front of house:

Avoid DIY Solar Lights

You should not bother your yard with DIY solar lights. Solar lights are a big no for the yard. Furthermore, they won’t last for too long.

Go For Hard-Wired Landscape Lighting

Don’t use lantern-style lights to light your yard, front or back doesn’t matter. If you use only bulbs, all you see will be these big bulbs. On the other hand, if you use hard-wired landscaping lighting, you will see a bunch of bright dots in your landscape. Or you can also use fixtures with caps that direct the light down. With the help of caps, you won’t see the fixture or bulb.

Use Light Architectural Features

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Lighting can draw all the eyes to your whole house. You should light architectural features like stone veneer, arches, and columns. Also, lighting trees, shrubs, and your front walkway will enhance the look.

Use Separate Zones For Lighting

If you are planning to add lights to your Florida front yard landscaping, make a landscape lighting system with separate zones. When you have different zones of lighting, you can easily and comfortably control them. For example, you can put your front yard to stay on longer than your backyard or you can turn it off sooner. Furthermore, if you don’t want to install lights right at the moment, just install important wires and fixtures for now.

Go With Rocks

Rocks are another great way to landscape your front or backyard. As you know, rocks are inexpensive and you don’t need to maintain them. They can be great beds for your flowers and can also add texture to your front yard.

florida landscaping ideas



It is easy to create a low maintenance front yard landscaping Florida that is both beautiful and sustainable. But remember that no matter how low maintenance things you include in your yard, you have to be responsible for the space. Hopefully, with the help of the above Florida landscaping ideas, you can start creating your beautiful low maintenance Florida landscaping.

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