Front Garden Ideas To Make The Front Section Of House Beautiful

Front Garden Ideas To Make The Front Section Of House Beautiful

While we all know how to beautify the interior of our home but it becomes really difficult to decorate the exterior of our home and there are limited options as well. Even if there are some ways to create a beautiful garden in a huge area but small front garden ideas are rare to find but fortunately not impossible. 

Front gardens are the best thing to decorate the front side of your home so your guest would come across this small garden before getting into your home so you have to be innovative with the front garden of your home. 

If you have a small opening at the front side of your home then you have to be very selective while landscaping the area so that it could complement the whole exterior of your home. 

If you are wondering about some of the best front garden ideas then here are some of the cool tricks and ideas to achieve that easily:

Patio setup with minimal seats

As you already know that you have limited space so you would not be able to set up a full-fledged patio at the front section of your house but you can give it a try with just some decor and some chairs

If you want to set up the patio just to sit there and enjoy nature and read books in the day time or for sunbathing then you would not need too many furniture pieces rather just two chairs would serve the purpose. 

outdoor patio seating


Other than the chairs, you can also keep two huge flower pots at both the end of the main door of your home. Make sure to have extended shades so that you can be safe from the rain on rainy days.

Flower lined staircase to the main gate of your home

For this garden, you would not have to get separate space rather you would have to create a staircase that would take people to the main gate of your home. It is great if you already have such a staircase so you would just have to decorate the space with plants that are it. 

Flower lined staircase


Here you would have to get your hands on some of the beautiful flower pots on which you have to plant some flowering plants. Here you have to place those pots in pairs so you have to keep one pot at each end of the staircase and this would look beautiful for sure. You can end the décor by placing a huge pair of plants at both corners of the main gate.

Grand colored-coded garden entrance

Color coding helps a lot in decorating any space of your home and if your home exterior is kind of pale and muted then it would be great for you if you would have some bright colors and instead of going with lots of colors you can choose one or two colors for the exterior. 

colored-coded garden entrance


Here you can have some bushy flowering bushes at both corners of your home entrance and in this way you would have two colors at the same time by flowers and the leaves. Here you can also try having beautiful flowering creeper plants on the pillars of the entrance area as that would decorate the space and help in framing the great space. 

You can also try having some colored wreath as the color of your bush flowers on the main door of your home.

Floral border

If you have some inches area outside your home then utilizes that area by planting some of the most beautiful flowering plants in that area. It would be better if you would be specific with the choice of flowers and if you would get too many then that can make space look stuffed and ugly at the same time that you might not want. 

White flowers always make space look beautiful and they go well with any colors so if you are very confused about the color of your flowers then you can go with white, however, you can also go with your favorite colored flower as well. 

Floral border


Here you would just have to place or plant the flowering plants in a way that it could create a small border and that would make your home exterior look beautiful and the best part is that it would not even cost you much.

Natural garden beds

If you are very passionate about herbs and such small plants and want to grow few in your home then the front side of your is the perfect place to form a herb corner. This would attract your guests and you would also be able to get some compliments from your guest for creating such a beautiful herb corner in your home. 

Here you would have to create garden beds using some wooden borders and you would have to fill the area with some soil and fertilizers so that you can grow your desired herbs there. 

Natural garden beds


The best thing about this set is that it would not only make your home exterior look beautiful and at the same time you would also be able to consume those herbs and stay healthy. Make sure to divide the area into small sections and grow different herbs in a different section.

A creeper plant entrance decor of your home

Creepers are very beautiful and they are the perfect choices for those who want to decorate the entrance or the front part of their home and the best thing is that you would have to make too much effort to grow a beautiful creeper and they are affordable as well. 

creeper plant entrance decor


Here you can either grow the creeper with the help of the rooftop of your house of you can even make the creeper grow through the height of the exterior pillar of your home and this would turn out to be beautiful. You can also have fruit or vegetable creepers around so after some years or even day you would be able to enjoy the great fruit.

A hanging garden at the exterior of your home

If you don’t have even an inch space at the outside of your home but you still want to have some plants around and make space look beautiful then you can go with some hanging plants. 

Here you would have to get your hands on the hanging pots that are easily available in gardening shops and even in online stores. Now you would have to plant your flowering plants on those pots and then hand it inside the extended shade of the exterior of your home and this would turn out to be beautiful and innovative at the same great time. 

hanging garden


The best thing is that you can also have such kind of setup even inside your home and that would also turn out to be very beautiful. Here you can this even with exotic and any plants of your choice which is great.

These were some of the best small front garden ideas that you need to check out and you can go through Innovativedecorideas for more such ideas.