The Best Full-Length Mirror Styles for the Modern Interior Look

The Best Full-Length Mirror Styles for the Modern Interior Look

The full outfit check and final touch-ups are most of our daily going-out routines. Most of us can’t step out without having a final look at ourselves. And that’s pretty normal! Full-length mirrors play a key role in our everyday ensuring-that-I-look-perfect routine. Full-length wall mirrors provide a complete head-to-toe look. And the best thing about a full length mirror is that you can take uber-trendy mirror selfies and share your OOTD on social media. Exciting, right!

Due to their popular demand, the manufacturers of full-body mirrors experiment with different shapes, incredible styles, and sizes to create statement pieces. Now the full-body mirrors are not just limited to provide the full-body image, they serve as the perfect aesthetic addition to any interior space. Full-length wall mirrors can instantly glam up space.

However, it’s yet to decide which shape or style will look best in your room and which design will spice up your living area. So we will discuss some popular full-body mirrors in this blog and how to make a style statement with their right placement.

1. Full-Length Oval Mirror 

Full-Length Mirror


Don’t feel left out if you have a small living space. Full-length oval mirrors are a perfect pick for compact places. It also solves your storage problems when combined with an easel back ladder.

The multi-functional full-length oval mirror provides a flawless full-body reflection and the easel back ladders serve as the ideal storage rack for your clothes, linen, and other accessories. The sleek full-length oval mirror fits in any space and gives it an elegant look. However, it shines best in the overlooked corner of your room. The full-length oval mirror enlivens the ignored nook and spruces up the overall room with its brilliance. 

2. Full-Length Octagonal Mirror

Octagonal mirrors have a basic decorative feel to themselves. They give an uber-chic whimsical look to the whole space even without any embellished framing or fancy build. They are pretty and functional, therefore, wall-mount full-body octagonal mirrors are a common pick for enhancing the living area. They also come as freestanding cheval mirrors that can be tilted at any angle to radiate magnificence.

The freestanding octagonal mirrors come with an additional benefit. You don’t have to perform any comprehensive mirror installation process. You can lift the stand and put it anywhere you want. It also allows you to set the mirror at different places at your home and see where it best fits. 

3. Full-Length Mirrors with Storage Cabinets

Full-Length Mirror


We all know the struggle of finding the right jewelry item or hair clip while getting ready. The hassle of getting ready in a short time is sometimes so overwhelming that you can’t find the things placed just in front of you.

Full-length vanity mirrors with storage racks and cabinets are an attempt towards making the daily getting-ready session convenient. Storing the daily essentials in the mirror cabinets makes it super-easy to find them. 

The idea of multifunctional full-length mirrors is valued among homeowners. Full-length wardrobe mirrors are another variant of the same idea. Put on an outfit and check it right then and there. This idea is also reflected in the full-length door mirrors. 

4. Full-Length Arched Mirror

Full-Length Mirror


Arched mirrors are always seen as a symbol of royalty. The arched top gives a divine feel to the mirror. The unique shape gives an exceptional elegance to the mirror. Arch-shaped mirrors bless the interior with their regal brilliance. The classy full-length arched mirrors go with any interior, be it a contemporary interior or a traditional one. 

The exquisite shape, itself, is enough to enhance the interior. Therefore, the arched mirror usually comes with a sleek frame. Just use it as a free-standing floor mirror in the living room and make a style statement or elevate the aesthetics of the master bedroom by leaning the arched mirror against the wall. 

5. Full-Length Antique Mirror

Even the smallest of antique mirrors are enough to give a perfect retro-vintage feel to space. Just imagine how much it would impact the interior, if we scale the antique mirror up to full-length. 

With every passing day in the modern world, we crave more for classical things. The vintage items are a way to keep the traditions alive. The modern-day decor incorporates a touch of retro-style to add a wow factor to the decor. Antique mirrors are timeless classics that are valued for their unique beauty. Full-length antique mirrors add drama to the interior space and spice up the overall look. 

The living area is the perfect place to set up the full-length antique mirror. It would serve as the highlight of the living room decor

6. LED Full-Length Mirror

No amount of words could do justice to the elegance of LED mirrors. Full-length LED mirrors are the epitome of grace and sophistication. They give a futuristic touch to the interior and light up your reflection. LED mirrors best serve as vanity mirrors. Some mirrors have LED strips on the front while others are back-lit. You can also adjust the warmth and brightness of the LED lights. 

Show It Off!

A full-length mirror is an up-to-snuff way of making your interior uber-chic. Be it frameless full-body mirrors in the bedroom, leaning arched mirror in the sitting area, or a full-length oval mirror in the makeup room, full-length mirrors never fail to amaze with their charm. You can flair up your interior aesthetics with full-body mirrors and make it look oh-so-lovely effortlessly!