4 Warning Signs for Furnace Replacement Brooklyn, NY!

4 Warning Signs for Furnace Replacement Brooklyn, NY!

The leaves are varying their colors and days are beginning to get short as Jack Frost may visit any time. Well, now is the best time to care for your furnace, where you can use it without use issues through the winter. Here is a checklist that will aid you in deciding whether to tune up and use the same furnace or perform furnace replacement Brooklyn, NY. 

1. Are Your Energy Bills and Equipment Repair Expenses Steadily Increasing?

Furnace Replacement

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In most cases, old furnaces function hard to offer optimum levels of heating similar to a new one. Due to this, you can notice more frequent repairs and higher energy bills. If the increase is slight in both, it is okay and agreeable as it is the old furnace. But when you are seeing a significant increase in bills and expenses due to the old furnace, you have to look into furnace replacement Brooklyn, NY.

At the start, you may find a replacement as a costly option. But when you calculate in the long term, you would see a great sum of savings and also get a chance to utilize and enjoy an efficient furnace. Instead of spending on repairs and energy bills in the short term, you can invest in a solid furnace and enjoy its features and functionalities. 

2. Do Your Rooms Throughout the House Have Different Temperatures?

One of the major reasons for many people to schedule furnace services Brooklyn, NY is the uneven temperature in the house. Old and inefficient furnace shows signs of repair or replacement by maintaining uneven temperature in the house. For example, you would notice some rooms being very warm or cold than others.

When the furnace is old and outdated, it will lose its capacity to share even heat all through the house. When you can call an engineer to resolve, he would first question your furnace age or the year that you installed the furnace. 

3. Is Your Furnace Being Too Noisy?

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It is okay to use a furnace with normal sound. But if in case, if you are hearing too much noise or sounds that are disturbing, you should consider furnace replacement. You would be noticing sounds like screeching, humming, banging, or popping. It is a top signal that you have to replace certain parts or the entire furnace. Some of the reasons for your furnace to create these sounds are as follows:

  • Squealing or screeching: These unusual sounds are signs that showcase that the furnace is experiencing inducing motor or blower motor problems. It may experience problems like a deteriorating belt, loose bearing, or a problem with the pulley which is holding the belt. 
  • Humming: The fan motor usually creates electrical humming sounds. However, the sound it creates should not be disruptive or loud. But in case if you are noticing such sounds then you need to know that the blower fan motor or inducer motor is beginning to fail, creating a humming sound. 
  • Rattling: Sheet metals, loose screws, or unsecured ductwork are the main reasons for the furnace to produce a rattling sound. Also, when the lower motor remains in an unbalanced position, a rattling sound develops in the furnace. 
  • Popping: It happens when the parts within the furnace cool and warm due to the temperature changes that happen within the system. 

4. Is Your Furnace Age Being Above 15?

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When the furnace has functioned for a solid fifteen years, it will start to show maintenance problems, where you may think about replacement. When you notice, on the whole, the furnace would be functioning but not best. The efficiency would not be maximum and the utility bills also remain high most times due to their age.

It is almost like cars. For example, as the car gets old, you would start to do a lot of maintenance and services to keep it in a running position. The same rule applies to the furnace. When it is almost fifteen to twenty years old, the repairing cost increases and the efficiency lags slowly.

In this case, you can go ahead with furnace replacement instead of repairing and preserving the old unit. Though you perform repairs, it will continuously start to show one or other signs of damage where you have to keep spending to retain. 

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