What to Consider When Buying Basic Furniture for Every Room

What to Consider When Buying Basic Furniture for Every Room

Home furnishings anchor the interior design of a home. They also serve unique purposes, depending on what they are and where they are placed inside the house. But contrary to popular belief, selecting the right kind of furniture for every room may not be quite so simple. You need to factor in many different things to make sure that your decision is the best possible one.

To help you out, this article tackles the most important factors you need to consider when buying basic furniture for each room in the house.


Furniture for Every Room

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When it comes to shopping for luxury bedroom furniture in Dubai, there are several items you can purchase. However, the simplest bedroom that focuses more on comfort and functionality calls for two essential pieces: a bed frame and a dresser.

Bed Frame

The bed frame holds the mattress, so you’ll have to match their sizes together when shopping for bedroom furniture.

But if you’re buying a completely new bed, mattress and all, you’ll have more freedom to choose whatever you want. Just be sure to check out some reviews of the best mattresses for side sleepers or your preferred sleeping position. Comfort should come first when buying a new mattress to go with your bed frame.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can pick just any size of the bed frame and call it a day. You still need to make sure it fits in the bedroom comfortably.

Ideally, there should be two to three feet of space around the sides and end of your bed. This will let you move freely within your bedroom.

You also need to decide on a comfortable bed height for you. There’s no universal formula here as each individual has different needs.

For example, people with mobility issues benefit more from higher beds. Meanwhile, some like to stay closer to the floor, in which case low-profile and platform beds could be the better option.

Of course, you’re not limited to just two different heights. Some bed frames can be custom-made according to the specifications you are most comfortable with.


Like the bed frame, you’ll need to factor in the size of the room when picking out a dresser. Always make a habit of measuring the space a piece of furniture will go into before buying.

Besides this, you also need to consider the items that will be tucked inside your dresser – their type, size, and foldability.

If you’re using it for your towels, shirts, and bed linen, you’ll want to get a bigger dresser with all the hanging implements and storage divisions. But if you’re planning to use it for your accessories, lingerie, makeup, and other smaller items, it would be best to adjust the furniture’s size with its contents accordingly.

You can also go with dressers with mirrors to make the room look bigger and brighter. Just remember to pick one with a mirror size that’s proportionate and symmetrical to the furniture.

Living Room

Furniture for Every Room

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Next on the list is the living room.

Now, for this part of the house, you’ll need to figure out the interior design as well as the layout before you shop for furniture. Professionals in interior design believe that the most basic living room furniture you need includes:


Standard sofa seat depth measures at least 24 inches to support ease of movement, whether you’re shorter or have longer legs.

Still, seat depth varies depending on the different styles of sofa, so you need to check out various options and make sure the one you choose provides excellent back support. As for the seat height, you’ll find sofas measuring between 18 to 20 inches high.

Again, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for sofa measurements. You just need to factor in your needs and that of your entire family.

For example, if you and your brood are fond of lying down on the sofa, you should buy one that’s long enough that the tallest member of the family will be able to stretch out on it. Take note that taller people also need extra back support, so you need to choose the furniture of the living room with a higher back.

Coffee Table

While there are plenty of modern small-space designs that remove this piece of furniture from the picture, a traditional living room always has a coffee table to go with the sofa.

Some people who want a more “open” living room layout tend to go with end tables instead of a coffee table at the center.

However, most people aren’t ready to let coffee tables go. These neat pieces provide an easily accessible surface to put magazines, glasses, TV remote controls, and whatever items you use while lounging on the sofa.

While having a coffee table in the living room is a matter of personal preference, coffee tables are an excellent choice in keeping the space together.

When choosing one, make sure to factor in the height of the sofa. Look for a coffee table about the same height or taller than the sofa seat. If you want a more laid-back vibe, you can choose a slightly lower table.

Coffee tables also come in different sizes and shapes, each pairing perfectly with varying styles of sofa.

Have a long and large sofa? Choose between long rectangular or oval coffee tables for your living room.

Or perhaps your sofa is the wrap-around, block of modern seating? Then, round tables work better in softening up those harsh square lines.

Kitchen and Dining

Furniture for Every Room

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Many homes combine kitchen and dining into one room. If you have such a layout, you’ll probably be incorporating built-in cupboards and cabinets into your kitchen as well.

That leaves just the dining table and chairs. Below are some tips for picking the perfect dining set for your home:

Dining Set

For many people, a dining area is a place where family and friends gather. Because of this, you’ll need a dining table and chairs that not only comfortably fit in the space but also complete the design of your home.

When choosing a dining table, make sure you consider the overall theme of the room it will be going into and how you will use it.

Is it for your formal dining room where dinner parties and holiday celebrations will be held? Or maybe it’s for daily crafting, homework, and regular meals?

If it’s for everyday use, you’ll want something easy to clean and maintain and reserve the more luxurious design for the formal affairs dinner space.

Also, remember to select a table in a size that leaves enough room to let people get around and in and out of their seats with ease.

Furnish Your Home

Furnishing your home with the right kind of furniture can be easy enough with the right knowledge and help from the pros. It also helps to have a go-to furniture store where you’ll find the best quality products that will last a lifetime.