Garden Gravel Ideas To Create a Surreal Garden 

Garden Gravel Ideas To Create a Surreal Garden 

Who wouldn’t love to enjoy sipping tea, hearing the chirping of birds and enjoying cool breeze each morning in your home garden? These few minutes in the lap of nature is enough to give a kick start the beautiful day. If you wish to start the glorious day of life in the house garden but don’t have much time for weeding, watering, fertilising, mowing, and other problems. Why don’t you create a garden with a low-maintenance garden gravel ideas?

Gravel garden comes in different shapes and sizes; you can choose from the Moroccan, Mediterranean style or something of your own style. But regardless of any manner, you need a bit of landscaping preparation. 

Why is Gravel garden the right choice?

If creating your own gravel garden, you might be curious to know why we are insisting on it. Read the reason to find out why landscaping with gravel is the ultimate choice:

  • Give clean and complete ground cover
  • Help to minimise the soil erosion
  • Weeds are suppressed
  • It decreases water evaporation
  • It allows water to penetrate the soil
  • Low maintenance rate as it does not get affected by weather condition and other factors
  • Gravel is a cost-effective affair 

Check out the garden preparation

  • Remove all the vegetation, including weeds, regular glass, and plants. 
  • Make sure to remove the plants carefully if you wish to reintroduce them in your new garden
  • Now dig over the ground very well to remove all lumps and bumps
  • After digging it thoroughly, feed the soil with compost, fertilisers to boost the fertility of the soil
  • You can even add coarse sand to improvise the drainage system
  • Separate each area by creating outside border. Also, you can give unique shapes to create different focal points.
  • Once every preparation is completed, make sure to add the weed membrane on it.

Gravel design ideas:

Let’s have a glance at the different but beautiful garden gravel idea. Choose your design based on your favourite design or material available with you.  

French Style

french style garden gravel ideas


Create a romantic style in your garden with the french gravel style. You can use this style particularly for the patio under a pergola or pathways. Here significant plants are gaura, less growing roses, lavender, cotton lavender, bergenia, and rosemary. 

Beach Idea

garden gravel ideas by beach style


If you love the beach, then why don’t you go to the beach style gravel garden? Is it possible? Yeah…it is a pretty simple yet beautiful garden one could think of. For this style, you need to buy pea gravels which are available in many sizes. Along with this, you can make the best use of seaside plants, timber or driftwood to give the exact look of the beach. This type of idea is more ideal for the place for the seaside house. 

Give a Modern Touch

modern garden gravel ideas


If you are not sure about the old gravel style for your modern home, then why don’t you give the garden a modern gravel twist to match the style as well as to serve the purpose. Create a lovely and contrasting edge to the patio with the large rounded pebbles. This works as a different yet beautiful substitute for a trench drain. 

Stone River

garden gravel ideas


If you are eager to create a stone river gravel theme for your garden, then the good news is that it is not at all challenging it sounds. In this Japanese style of garden, you can use both large rocks as well as small pebbles, here large rocks will act as an island while small stones will represent the flow of the river. Give a striking look to your garden by adding a small wooden bridge across the stream. On the bank of this artificial river, make sure to add green plants for the full surreal effect. 

Big and Bold is a great choice

garden gravel ideas


If you are the one who loves to create a bold statement in each and every corner of the house and wish to go for the same theme even with your gravel garden, then this idea is for your kind. Large pebble helps to create textural contrast with the stepping stones and water features. You can choose dark gray slate for the exotic and bold touch. 

Staggered Structures

garden gravel ideas


If you don’t have enough space, then a staggered structure gravel garden can be your next idea. You have to create a staircase type of structure and filled the staircase gap with the gravel. Here you can make the use of large rocks to flawless effects. On each staircase, place beautiful pots. One can create a fountain at the top level for the next level gravel garden design. 


Do you have any gravel garden ideas in your mind? Make sure to share it with us in the comment section. Gravel garden landscaping is a great way to cut down maintenance costs and labour costs without affecting the surreal beauty of the garden. Keep reading InnovativeIdeas for all such amazing ideas.