Some Of The Most Innovative Ways For Garden Wall Decorations

Some Of The Most Innovative Ways For Garden Wall Decorations

Garden can be considered as a decor setup for every home and creating a garden and decorating it is a matter of passion. Even if you are passionate about this matter then also you cannot be sure whether your garden decor would turn out to be good or not. 

When we talk about home exterior decor, a garden is the first thing that comes to our mind but when it is about garden decor then most of us stay blank. There are not so many ideas about garden decor other than piling up with different flowering as well as exotic plants. 

Sometimes we simply miss out on small and basic things that can add on as beauty to a certain place and for an outdoor garden, it is the walls. Outdoor wall decorations garden can make a huge difference in the overall look of your garden. There are several ways to get the walls decorated but since it is for the garden so you have to be very selective while picking up decors. 

If you are wondering about some of the best ways of doing garden wall decorations then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out:

Use Your Antique Plates:

You would be amazed to know that your antique plates can be a great decor option for your garden walls. We hardly eat on antique plates but we do keep some for that luxury feeling but when we fail to bring out use from those plates then that investment proves to be a waste. Now those plates would not be counted as a waste of money as this can be used to decorate your garden walls.

antique plates garden decor


Here you would have to get a few antique plates and then you would simply have to hand those on the garden walls of your home. To experiment a bit, you can also write some lovely messages on the surface of those plates as that would add as an additional beauty. This would be fun to create such plate mementos for your garden walls and the result would also be amazing.

Garden Wall Shelves:

Wall shelves are not just for your home walls as shelves can be a great addition even for your garden walls. Here you can use those shelves to add some creative look to your garden which would make your garden look beautiful. You would have to get some shelves installed and since it would be in your garden so you can use wooden material for that matter. 

Garden wall shelves


You can get the shelves installed by the local woodworker or you can try the same by yourself as well as it is very easy to create one. Here you can keep the smallest plant pots of your garden and make the shelve look like a hanging nursery of your garden. This idea is so unique that this would make your garden look different and beautiful at the same time. You can also consider keeping some decor items like statues or something of that kind on the shelve to add beauty.

Artificial Butterflies:

Butterflies are very relatable when we think of a garden and apart from the original flying beauties, you can also get the artificial one. This would make your garden walls so beautiful that you would love it but at the same time getting such decor installed is not even a matter of too much time or effort. 

Artificial butterflies


Markets do sell artificial butterfly wall 3D stickers that look so close to the original one that people have to take moment to realize it is artificial. These stickers come with own glue so you just have to stick them on the wall in the way you want them to be. You can get your hands on several different designs of such fake decor butterflies and there are different colors available as well.

Get bold colors on your garden walls:

Believe it or not but when you cannot find a single decor idea about walls then painting walls can become the saviour. Wall paintings are the best way to turn your walls into a decor piece but you need to be selective while getting the paints on. Since you are getting the wall painting for the garden wall, so it would be fine if you would go for bold colors as that would make your walls highlighted. 

bold colored garden wall


Here you can either go with a mono bold color such as bright red or yellow but it would be equally fine even if you would get your garden wall a touch of several colors. You can even get some paintings done on the wall such some cartoon character or something of that sort. You can ask your local artist to do so for you and this would not even cost you that much.

A DIY wreath for the garden wall:

This is the most inexpensive way to get the garden wall decorated and here you would be able to get yourself involved in the process. Here you would have to get your hands on a few arts and craft stuff such as hot glue, some ribbons, and some artificial flowers and of course the main thing that is the grape wine wire. 

DIY wreath


You can get all of these online as well as in your local market and to create the wreath, you would have to paste the flowers on the wire and attach the ribbon so that you can hang it on the wall. You can try different kinds of stuff such as leaves, lights and things like that to create your own unique garden wall wreath to make your garden look beautiful.

These were some of the best garden wall decorations ideas that you can check out and also you can find more such ideas at Innovativedecorideas.