A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing Vegetables in a Greenhouse

A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing Vegetables in a Greenhouse

If you’re a keen vegetable grower, your greenhouse will be your best asset. Growing undercover can lengthen your growing season, stretching across the year. Having a greenhouse also enables you to get ahead of the game, preparing your potted veg for a spring harvest. So here are some steps for growing vegetables in a greenhouse.

1. Planning

Growing Vegetables in a Greenhouse

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You can start by mapping out your shelving areas on a piece of paper and pinpointing exactly what is going to grow where. Measure out your units and work out how many pots and shelves you’ll need as well as how much compost. A great space saver is using benches to utilize growing above the ground, wasting no space. 

2. Sowing 

Growing Vegetables in a Greenhouse

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Make sure your pots are clean and ready for use before planting. Avoid cross-contamination of the old soil from pre-used plants, although this isn’t entirely detrimental, if you have had a diseased plant, you want to minimize the risk of this transferring.

Be sure to follow all instructions on the seed packet when potting your seeds and watering. Place your pots where they can get good access to sunlight and natural light. 

3. Growing 

If growing through the cooler months, be sure to insulate with bubble wrap or insulate any plants with hay or mulch.

This way you can avoid your seedlings being damaged from frost if the coldest of winters hits you unexpectedly. You may find if you haven’t sufficiently insulated your greenhouse, it may not be warm enough until April. 

4. Planting 

Growing Vegetables in a Greenhouse

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Planting doesn’t necessarily have to be in pots and trays. You can look into grow bags and climbing plants to produce beautiful salad leaves, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more. Be sure to tie your climbing plants carefully to cains with string for additional support.  

5. Maintenance 

There are different levels of greenhouse maintenance throughout the year. For summer maintenance you should ensure your watering schedule is perfected.

The last thing you want is your hard work to be lost after forgetting to water your plants on the hottest day of the year. Additionally, shading your plants with netting is important with the right ventilation in place to allow for air to pass through. 

Keeping your greenhouse clean in winter is important. If you can avoid the glass discoloring and the metal structure from becoming rusty then you’re looking after your greenhouse fantastically. This isn’t always avoidable, however, particularly if your garden is north-facing and gets very damp in the cooler months.

To maintain a good temperature in your greenhouse overnight you’ll need to fit a thermostat to retain some control over the temperature, this is important if you’re looking to grow throughout the winter. Ensure you have the right level of insulation, particularly for your younger plants that could do with a helping hand to thrive throughout the harsh weather conditions.