8 Best Ways to Heat Your Deck or Patio for a Fun Outdoor Time

8 Best Ways to Heat Your Deck or Patio for a Fun Outdoor Time

Do you love spending time on your patio but don’t get enough due to the cold? Don’t worry! The best gas fire pit tables can aid you in having the best time outdoors without having to stress about temperature. This fire feature not only saves you from chilly evenings but also enhances the look of your patio or deck.

The wave of the pandemic locked everybody inside their homes. In such a scenario, we all seek ways to go out to get a fresh breeze. Those blessed with a patio, lawn, or deck could really take a break from the interior settings and stay some time outdoors. Considering the current situation, we all wish to stay out for a longer period of time. But the challenge that prevails is nothing but the weather so in this article, we’ll discuss how to heat your patio or deck.

Whether you’re an owner of a tiny garden or a huge deck, there are numerous tactics to even heat up your exterior spaces for a cozy and fun environment. All you need to do is to get your creative juices flowing and play smart. Here is a compiled list of tips to deal with the dropping temperature and have a fun time on your patio.

8 Smart Tricks to Heat Up Your Deck

Heat Your Deck

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Open spaces can offer you a much-needed break from home and refresh your minds. There are various ways to make this break cozier and more comfortable. Whether you’re spending an evening with family or sipping your favorite drink on the deck, here are the smart solutions to maintain the heat even in freezing temperatures:

1. Fire Pits

Heat Your Deck

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Fire pits have been the solution to fight cold for a very long time. These can be lightened up either with the conventional method of wood or fire. The easy operation, pocket-friendly nature, and flexible placement options make them a popular heating choice.

With plenty of options in its shape and size, choose the one that enhances the existing aesthetics of your space. Various styles offer a designer touch to the area along with imparting comfort.

2. Innovative Hand Warmer

Do you suffer from the issue of cold hands all through the winters? So cold that even gloves don’t help? Consider this problem sorted with the innovation of portable hand warmers. This smart solution keeps you warm whether you’re sitting or having your evening walk on the lawn. The heater can be recharged and offers different heating levels to suit your needs.

3. Outdoor Heating Lamps

Heat Your Deck

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Heating lamps are a great way to warm up your outdoor spaces. You can either go with the stand-alone tall propane-fueled heaters or the ceiling ones. Though the tall heaters consume very little space, ceiling-mounted options leave your floor totally free and can be placed even in the most compact spaces.

4. Warming Blankets

Heat Your Deck

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How about a blanket that heats up and keeps you warm? Sounds great right? When the fire pits aren’t enough to keep you from freezing, you can sit in the envelope of warming blankets. It acts as an extra clothing layer and seals the heat for you. And what’s better than sitting near the fire, listening to your favorite song, eating smoky food, and getting wrapped inside a soft warming blanket!

5. Heated Flooring

Heat Your Deck

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You might be familiar with the term radiant heating below the flooring layer. Well, you can extend this outside to your patio or deck to give you heat during the evenings or nights. Along with maintaining the temperature, a heated floor also aids in melting the snow and prevents the floor from freezing the ice layers.

6. Space Heaters

Heat Your Patio

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Space heaters offer you the privilege of sitting outside for the entire 12 months. In some cases, fire pits aren’t the suitable option that diverts your choice to space heaters. Easy-to-use and portable in nature, all you need to do is to plug in the heater, sit, and relax in nature.

7. Cozy Rugs

Heat Your Patio

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We all love the soft and cozy rugs laid in our rooms. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use them to heat your deck and use them in an entirely new way? You can either place this layer of cozy textile on the floor or add it to the chair. Layering the seat with a warm, woolen rug can help you in staying heated. Ensure that you take the rug inside with you as it might be prone to damage as per the weather conditions.

8. Warm Dog Bed

Heat Your Patio

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For all the dog-lovers out there, we know you want your dogs to stay warm too. We got this concern covered for you. Sometimes the natural fur coat of dogs isn’t enough to keep them from cold. And since these companions are always by your side, go for a heated dog bed to keep them warm when sitting outdoors. Perfect for family time, right?

7 Tips on Selecting the Most Appropriate Heating System for Your Deck

Best Gas Fire Pit Tables

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Fire pits are a great option to have a great time with your friends at the deck. However, from the size to fuel, there are various considerations to select the best one. Here are 7 tips to choose the most appropriate heater for your outdoor spaces.

1. Mark the Dimensions

Do you want a compact fire pit table or a big one? Measure the space and calculate the area. Make sure to mark the important gathering space and circulation space. Segregate which ones need heating and where it’s not necessary. An accurate measurement will help you choose the size that fits well on your patio.

2. Fix the Spot

The next step is to select whether you want a ceiling-mounted heater or a stand-alone option. To heat your deck, decide where you would like to place the heater.

3. Check Ceiling Conditions

If you’re going with the tall propane heaters, there might be some prerequisites for a taller ceiling. Check the specifications and assess your existing ceiling conditions to make an informed decision.

4. Weather Check

Various options like infrared heaters don’t heat the air. You need to check which ones will work even with the wind and under normal conditions. 

5. Opt for the Fuel Source

With a plethora of options in the market, choose your preferred fuel source. You can either benefit from easy-to-install electric ones or opt for zero-mess propane ones. Whichever the source is, make sure that the heater is placed adequately to feed it with air.

6. Consider Your Pocket

One of the fundamentals guiding your choice is the budget. The range of heating systems goes from $120 to $1700. Choose the product that fits your budget to make your patio more liveable in cold settings.

7. Ensure Quality Testing

Don’t get carried away by cheaper options as they might lack quality. Make sure that you thoroughly check the quality of the system before making your final decision. Or else you’ll keep spending extra bucks for repair and maintenance.

5 Best Gas Fire Pit Tables

The demand for gas fire pit tables has surged in the market. The reason could be plenty of options available in its shape and sizes along with the cool aesthetics they impart. These pit tables are fueled by gas so along with offering a tabletop with warmth, these offer a great deal to have fun.

We’ve rounded up the 5 best gas fire pit tables to make the selection process easier for you.

1. Outland Living- 403 Series

Best Gas Fire Pit Tables

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If you’re looking for the best gas fire pit tables, Outland Living- 44-inch table is the one to go for. The sleek and elegant table design also has excellent heating quality. The coffee-brown table is designed with ice glass on the fire pit bowl in the middle. This surely offers a great value for the money with its appealing flame effect, easy assembly, and classy design. It can be set up to compliment any existing patio decor settings.

2. Best Choice- Best Gas Fire Pit Tables in Rectangular Form

Best Gas Fire Pit Tables

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With a length of 57 inches, this Best Choice Product is an amazing option for the ones looking to fit in more people at the table. The visually appealing design has a combination of extruded aluminum and a drawing flame effect. It acts as a functional and aesthetic element in the patio.

3. Cosiest Brand- Fire Bowl

Best Gas Fire Pit Tables

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Apart from choosing the typical table form, you can take a drift and turn towards Cosiest Brand Column. It can offer rustic and very natural aesthetics to the space with a fire bowl set on the top of the column. The unique and compact design makes it stand out and act as a practical solution for any space. It is one of the best gas fire pit tables that can even be set up in the walkways or entrance.

4. Best Fire Pit Bowl- Concrete Pit

Best Gas Fire Pit Tables

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In case you’re looking for options apart from the typical table design, the Mondavi concrete pit by Best Fire Pit Bowl is the one to go for. The bowl design along with sturdy material makes it a great deal for the money.

5. U-MAXX- Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Table

Best Gas Fire Pit Tables

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One of the additional features of the U-MAXX 44 inch table is the glass guard around the flame. The eye-catching brown or black design of this gas fire pit table adds to the wow factor in any outdoor space. This gas fire pit table fits as the central focal point in the patio. Whether you wish to sit with your family or call in a few guests, the table is great enough to keep you all warm.

Stay There! Stay Warm!

After a long day of work from home, you definitely need a break. What if this break is as comfortable as the temperature inside and offers you a connection with nature as well?

These tactics are sure to help you have a perfect evening at your patio with an optimal amount of warmth. The best gas fire pit tables are sure to offer you the desired warmth and at the same time, jazz up the look of the whole space. Various styles with their visual appeal can create a soothing environment for you to relax and soak in the heat.