Congrats Newlyweds! 6 Easy Tips to Add Beauty to Your New Home

Congrats Newlyweds! 6 Easy Tips to Add Beauty to Your New Home

Marriage is a new chapter of your life, which practically starts from an abode. It helps you to create new memories, goals, experiences, and dreams. Hence, designing and beautifying your new home together is a great start to celebrate your togetherness. It would be challenging to amalgamate the taste, color preferences, and decorating styles of both the individuals. But that’s the learning of this new journey by home decor ideas.

While creating the home design of your dreams, you need to manage your style as well as your budget. So, friends, it’s time to unleash personal creativity and decorate your new home together. In this blog, we’ll provide 6 easy tips, which will add beauty to your new home.

Depict your story on a wall:

Every love-marriage couple has a bunch of good memories. So, you can dedicate a wall wherein you can depict your love journey. From the day you’ve met to tying the knot, use every image of your togetherness to narrate your story. Fill it with some joyful moments of your marital courtship period. In case you are an arranged-marriage couple, then you can use photos of your honeymoon or wedding.

Ideally, you don’t need to spend a fortune behind photo frames or giving a new stylistic theme. If you want to execute it at less cost, then make handmade photo frames. For that, take the help of YouTube and Pinterest and get some spectacular ideas.

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Revamp your bed:

Typically, newlyweds overlook the idea of upgrading their beds. But it’s one of the vital elements of your new home. Therefore, give some attention to the mattress, cushions, pillows, and bedsheets. We understand the difficulty of different tastes and preferences, but you need to make a way out. So, prep up to redesign your bedroom.

First of all, jot down your likes for color, texture, and material. Then, based upon the interiors, select the best one for yourself. This way, you can get a super-agreeable sleeping cushion, bedsheet, soft pads, and a comfy sofa.



Blend the space smartly:

For many of the newlyweds, managing every element is a difficult task. You have to decorate your new home in the said space (so much of injustice!). One of the ways to manage your area is by choosing broadside tables for storage. Make some shelves to store your books and decorative artworks. Additionally, buy wardrobes of sliding shutters to reduce the circulation of space.

Also, keep in mind that the glass shower enclosure takes less space over bathtubs.

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Make your doors impressive:

The doors are the foremost thing which many guests see. And after the wedding, in and out of guests are always in trend. Hence, your entryway should be an apple of the eye to any outsider. Also, utilizing the doors that are inviting and appealing is the best way to attract your guests.

You can search for some designs for your doors. To be honest, UPVC doors have impressed us a lot. It has a high chance of making your guests’ day. Also, they are the most utilized doors amongst all the materials. Still, if you want, you can take an expert’s advice for the same.

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Add unique colors:

With the start of your new journey, giving a fresh lick paint to your walls will add new colors to your life. It will also make your home appear young as well as enchanting. You can even make a decent introduction by giving an extra layer of shaded paint to your front entryway. Along with this, a few minor fixes like split tiles, ragged floor coverings, or openings in dividers would prove to be uncommon.

While selecting a color palette, you need to make sure that you pull colors from something you both love. For example, if you admire the blend of gold and aquamarine in your engagement ring, then use it as an inspiration for your home décor. This way, you would develop the best color scheme for your new home.

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Choose the right curtains and carpets:

Curtains and rugs at your home will make your new beginning stylish and rejuvenating, both. The color, as well as the material you’ll use, will portray your mood at your new home. For instance, medium shades like soft blues and reds or black and white blend will add glory and comfort together.

Carpets are the one which keeps the dirt from resting on the floor, allowing you to stay hygienic. Also, you’ll found varieties in terms of styles, colors, and materials. Persian and Oriental rugs are the perfect fitment to display a calm atmosphere. Trust us; it would never create a dull moment at your home.

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Give an eco-friendly touch!

It’s our responsibility to build our homes in an eco-friendly manner. As you are starting a new episode of your life, it’s vital to think about your future too. A few ideas could be adding green elements, recycling the old materials, and using non-toxic wall paints. Also, there is a list of the best eco-friendly insulation materials for homes, which you can check it out.

Sometimes, just watchful and candid choices while choosing décor elements make all the difference. So, newlywed couple, look for such options to have a sustainable home. Your today’s small step can bring great results tomorrow!


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