An Ultimate Guide for Home Gym Flooring (Things to Keep in Mind!)

An Ultimate Guide for Home Gym Flooring (Things to Keep in Mind!)

Who loves morning workouts? Everyone likes to do exercise and little workouts to remain healthy and fit (but some are like me who only like to do it once in a while!). But whatsoever, we all take some time to do healthy things, whether it is to eat a healthy meal or going to the gym. Right? For that today we bring some awesome home gym flooring ideas to give you some motivation.

As the new year starts, we all make our new year resolution! So what is your resolution for this year? From getting a healthy lifestyle to giving up alcohol, we all have these funny and motivating resolutions.


But don’t be like people who literally are like this: “My new year resolution is to lose weight, but so far, I’ve lost my motivation to lose weight.”

We’re pretty sure that a gym at home is crazy (in a good way!). There are many benefits of having a home gym, you can do workouts whenever you want, and many more. 

But if you are thinking of transforming your old gym or constructing a brand new one, these ideas will surely help you, so keep on reading

Qualities of a Great Gym Floor

home gym flooring


The first thing that you need to understand about the floor is what are things that you should keep in mind while constructing a gym floor. Below is a list of the qualities of a home gym floor should have: 

Durable: A gym floor should be durable so that it can endure all the dragging and workouts.

Strength: Always choose the floor that protects your equipment and you. 

Floor Absorbability: There is a saying, “The more you sweat in the gym, the perfect body you get.” so before selecting any flooring, see whether it has good sweat and water absorbability.

Texture: It is also an important factor as, if the surface is not good enough to hold the body, then there might be a possibility of falling or slipping, which is very very embarrassing!!

Finishing and Costing: At the end, it also looks good, and everything should come in your budget. 

When you have a great floor, you’ll enjoy doing pushups, stretching, and floor presses, so check at these home gym flooring ideas and later on decide what suits for your gym. 

Best Home Gym Flooring:

Concrete Floors

Concrete gym flooring


The most common flooring material is concrete. It is a cheap and also durable option that you can go for. The only problem with this kind of flooring is that you have to paint the concrete floor with anti-slip paint. The risk is falling or slipping on this type of floor is very common, so you should keep in mind this thing. 

Durable Dropping weights can chip the floor
Inexpensive (it’s already installed) Not the most beautiful flooring option
Easy to improve (with a coat of paint) Not sound-absorbing
No impact-reduction
Generates a lot of dust

Hardwood Home Gym Flooring

Hardwood gym Flooring


Hardwood flooring is also durable and cheap option for your home gym floors. They look elegant and classy and make any place beautiful. It can also bear the heavyweights of your machines, but they don’t handle the thing if they fall down!

Beautiful Easily damaged by falling/dropped 
Great for dancing or kickboxing Damaged by water
Durable for most uses Poor traction

Cork Floor

Cork gym Flooring


If you are eco-friendly and love to contribute to saving god’s green planet, this flooring is best for you, and with that, if you love to do high-intensity workouts such as HIIT gym or CrossFit box, then this is perfect for you.  

Inexpensive Not durable
Comfortable Not the best impact-reduction
Environment-friendly More easily damaged when wet

Carpet Gym Flooring For Home

Carpet flooring for gym


Exceptionally few people choose carpet flooring for the gym because this isn’t durable like other floorings, but this is also much cheaper than the others. But only for this thing, it is not advised to go for carpet as they are prone to water and sweat. 

Cheap Lacks durability
Comfortable for all types of workouts Will smell after a few months of use
Available in many styles and colors Not water-resistant; prone to mold

Rubber Rolls

Rubber Rolls flooring


After reading all these points, are you feeling confused? Don’t worry, Rubber rolls are here, they have everything that you want on a home gym floor. 

Durable Expensive
Water and odor-resistant Not the easiest flooring to lay
Good impact absorption Not easily adapted to odd-shaped rooms
Resistant to damage
Fewer seams for dirt and moisture to seep into
Versatile; suitable for any type of exercise/training protocol

Rubber Mats

Rubber Mats flooring


Rubber gym mats are the upgrade version of the rubber rolls. While the rubber rolls came in larger sections, these come in smaller pieces, so they are quite easy to apply, but the only negative thing about this is they are kind of expensive. 

Durable and resistant to wear and tear Expensive
Water and odor-resistant More seams = greater risk of damage
Good impact reduction
Easy to lay and adaptable to most floor plans

Rubber tiles

Rubber tiles flooring


We all love tiles, but we can’t use them in the workout area (obviously!). What if we tell you a solution that has the looks of tiles and quality like rubber. Is it even possible? Yes, it is, and they are called “Rubber Tiles.” A.lso read about the premium floor tiles.

Water and odor-resistant Expensive
Easy to lay and adaptable to most floor plans Too easily separated, must be taped/glued down
Good impact reduction Detail Two A
Versatile; suitable for any type of exercise Detail Two A

Foam Tiles

Foam Tiles home gym flooring


The cheaper option of the rubber tiles are the Foam gym floor tiles, but they are sensitive to massive weights (and we are not talking about the human weights…hahaha!) 

Inexpensive Lacking durability
Water and odor-resistant Prone to compression under heavyweight
Good cushioning, comfortable Loses traction when wet
User-friendly; easy to set up

home gym flooring


So these are some home gym flooring ideas, hope now you’ll get a fair idea about the gym flooring, i.e.; how it should be, and what factors to keep in mind. Take your time and do complete research and select the flooring, because it is a one-time thing!

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