The 7 Reasons Why Your House Needs a Lift

The 7 Reasons Why Your House Needs a Lift

Home lifts have always been regarded as a luxury that only the rich could have in their homes. However, that’s quickly changing! 

There have been tremendous technological advancements in the residential elevator industry. Besides considerably bringing prices down, this has also provided us with lots of home lift types to choose from.

Thanks to these affordable rates and a wider range of home lifts to choose from, people with physical disabilities can finally have complete vertical access to their homes. 

In this article, let’s look into some of the most significant reasons why you might need a home lift installed into your property. 

1. Safety and Security

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Every 90 seconds, someone falls down the stairs in the UK. We all know how bad these accidents can turn out, sometimes even causing fatalities or life-changing injuries. 

If there are old people in the house or individuals with particular mobility problems — lifts are much simpler and safer to use than stairs. 

Moreover, modern home lifts feature the latest security tech to restrict their usage to authorized people only. If you go with one of these models, the vertical accessibility of your house will be limited to the housemates, adding an extra security layer against burglars and intruders. 

2. Low Maintenance

Yes, lifts are costly to acquire and install, and a lot of work goes into it. However, once it’s done — it’s going to pay off for years. Even the maintenance isn’t demanding or costly. All they need is some occasional cleaning and performance checks. 

Most malfunctions occur due to a sub-par installation job. Make sure you hire professionals with a spotless track record and positive reviews. Going with reliable installation companies like SD Lifts will make future malfunctions less likely and ensure timely and professional customer service whenever you need it. 

3. Adds to Your Home’s Financial Value

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You might think it can’t be financially smart to spend so much on a home lift. Well, having a home lift installed in your property can bump its financial value by up to 25 percent!

You’re probably installing a lift because you need one, but it’s still widely seen as a luxury feature for homes to have in 2021. If you’ve got plans to sell the house any time soon, this residential elevator will go a long way in boosting buyers’ interest in your home.

4. Easier Access

Different homeowners can consider home lifts for various reasons. For instance, if there are two or more levels to home, the ones above ground level are basically locked zones for physically challenged individuals living there. However, a lift can be a quick fix and help them comfortably move up and down the storeys. 

If a residential elevator can unlock an entire storey of your house — a part of your house you never saw as often due to mobility issues — it’s more than worth it!

5. Makes Moving Items Between Floors Easier

Carrying heavy furniture is never easy if you’ve only got stairs connecting all levels in the house. Not just furniture, even everyday items like a laundry basket or a vacuum cleaner is tough to move up and down the stairs. 

There’s no need to lose your breath over these menial tasks with a home lift installed. 

6. Lots of Choices

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There’s lots of choice in the elevator market these days. From hydraulic and pneumatic options to platform lifts — you’re free to pick one that best suits your needs. There are also many shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from. 

Do you get lots of sunlight inside the house? A glass home lift would look stunning! Base your purchase decision around your home, needs, and preferences. 

7. Efficient Space Utilization

Lifts don’t take nearly as much space as they used to. In the beginning, they’d need dedicated control rooms, large motors, and lots of space for proper functioning. However, technology has advanced exponentially! Now, home lifts won’t take up more space than a regular stairwell. 

There are many creative ways to use the space in your house efficiently for lift installation. Most of it comes down to preferences though. Do you need it to be at the center to grab more attention? Would you like it in a more low-profile spot? You make the call!


Gone are the days where only the filthy rich could install home lifts in their residential properties! More and more middle-class houses are getting these lifts installed for the pure utility and accessibility they provide. 

For physically challenged people, getting a home lift makes a lot of sense for reasons that are way more important than aesthetics and luxury. Finally getting to freely explore all the floors in your home can be priceless, and only a lift could make that possible for people with mobility issues.