Home Renovations – What Rooms You Should Renovate First?

Home Renovations – What Rooms You Should Renovate First?

Home renovations are not something that you can plan overnight. You have to consider various factors like time, budget, purpose, etc. before starting the renovation work. And during this thinking process, you have to eliminate or prioritize the rooms that you need to redo first, especially when you are on a small budget.

If you are living in an old house, you should think about doing some home inspections before renovating your house. Foundation cracks are familiar with older houses. Not all wall cracks or floor cracks are the signs of foundation failure. Structural foundation cracks can be a threat to your home’s structural integrity, while non-structural foundation cracks do not. Only professionals can understand the difference between structural and non-structural cracks. So a proper foundation inspection is worthy enough to do.

Renovating your entire home is highly cost-oriented. From external work like paintings to inside things like plumbing, electrical wiring, and upgrades like flooring, countertops, vanities, etc. – your budget will quickly skyrocket if you are not careful with your expenditure.

Also, you cannot merely avoid or postpone the renovations just because it’s daunting. So, what should you do? The answer is simple. You have to focus on the first things that you must upgrade in every room. And from which place you should start the rework? Don’t worry, here we have prepared a list that you can follow while planning your home renovations.


kitchen renovation

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Of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen gets the highest priority. As it is the heart of the house, you should consider renovating it first.

Before starting the renovation, fix your mind that the kitchen will take at least forty percent of your budget that you set aside for complete home renovations. It’s because the kitchen fetches you more value than you spend on its improvements. 

So, you have to redo the things that can immediately increase the visual appeal of the kitchen like cabinets, flooring, lighting, etc. And you can change all these within your budget if you can think innovatively.

For cabinets, instead of breaking them entirely and reconstructing them, just change the door color and its design. For flooring, repaint it with your favorite color or cover it with an economical carpet. And for lighting, use DIY kits instead of installing electrical wiring.

Doing these small yet effective changes will renew the kitchen’s look and that too within your spending.


bathroom renovation

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The bathroom is an area where your next forty percent of your budget goes. It is the second most important area in your house that yields a great deal during the selling process. And also, as this is a place where you relax and unwind after a long tiring day, you need to make it comfortable and match it to your style.

If you have a tiny space, then you can search for various small bathroom renovations ideas in Google, or contact a professional designer. Or if you want immediate ideas, follow this; keep everything simple and space-effective, from bathroom designs to fixtures and countertops. Install one large mirror or multiple mirrors to create the illusion of a bigger space, and go for light shades for the walls to get the maximum light reflection.

If you are on a budget, first concentrate on updating fixtures, lighting, wallpapers/tiles, painting, etc. You can spend less on grandeur items like marble countertops, designer mirrors, costly tiles, etc.

To keep the renovation basic, thorough cleaning and changing the color of the tile will do the trick to get a new look and feel of your bathroom.

Living room

living room renovation


Stay away from doing big renovations when you are working in a living room. To get a new look, re-arrange the furniture and replace old decorative pieces with modern and trendy ones. Install a bookshelf and fill it with your favorite reads. Or place a coffee table in the middle that acts as a central focal point. 

Splash your walls with some color using vibrant artworks or frames. And keep the wall shades light and subtle to reflect the maximum outside sunlight. Or place a decorative rug or carpet that gives a statement look in your room.

There’s no need to go overboard when redoing your living room. And this is the place where you can save your bucks to use them on other worthy things that bring value to your home.

Curb appeal

 Home Renovations

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Curb appeal is the outside attractiveness that catches people’s attention. So, make sure your main door, porch, garden, and other external structures are well-cleaned and painted with new colors. 

Fix a new mailbox and make your house number visible. If you have a driveway, then ensure you make it appealing by planting flower pots or beautiful plants on either side. And add greenery wherever possible to give a lived-in look to your property.

Whatever you do, make sure that when a passer-by views at your home from outside, it gives a pleasant, new, and attractive look.


 Home Renovations

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It is the place that you may often overlook when doing home renovations. The garage is not only a place to park your car but also acts as a storage room if you plan it carefully.

But the first thing to do is to clean and dust the entire room and mop the floor to have a polishing finishing your garage. And then think whether there is any room to add cabinets, wall shelves, etc. to store any tools and equipment. 

Also, upgrade the locking system on the door or install one if you don’t have. Repaint the garage door and add some plants on either side for an aesthetic appeal. All these upgrades don’t take too much of your budget but add significant value to your home.


 Home Renovations

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Go for bedroom renovations only if you have some money left. Or else, basic cleaning, dusting the entire room, and re-arranging the furniture is enough to give a renewed look to your bedroom.

But when you have money left from your whole budget, then see if you can add a bedside table, a bench at the bed’s footer end, new bedding materials, etc. Pop a mix of warm and cool colors into the painting or wallpaper for a cozy look.

Give importance to bedroom renovations only when its present state suggests that it needs immediate rework.

 Home Renovations

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Final Word

There are multiple reasons to consider home renovations, as an increase in home value and aesthetics. But careful planning and proper research are needed when you have a low budget. So, instead of postponing the renovations or halting it entirely, try the tips mentioned-above and starting redoing your home from the room after room. 

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