How To Set Up A Peaceful Home Yoga Studio

How To Set Up A Peaceful Home Yoga Studio

Today, we will know the importance of a home yoga studio in this blog. Linda is an office-going girl who does a typical (9 to 5) corporate job and is kind of an introvert. Her peers and officemates decided to join yoga classes, so they asked her if she also wanted to join. At first, she denied but after researching the benefits of yoga, she made up her mind to join. She slept with the butterflies in her stomach to start off something new and beneficial.

After reaching the yoga center the next morning, she felt uncomfortable and strange. She had never been to a yoga center, not even the gym. So that feeling came naturally. She had a mixed emotion of eccentricity and excitement. She faced the real challenge when the instructor told her to join in.

Do you think this happened because Linda was an introvert? If yes, then my friend you are wrong. This was just an example. There are many people around the world, who find difficulty in doing exercise or yoga in front of so many people (including me!). And another reason can be time issues. Whatever the reason is you should not stop yourself from being healthy and fit. 

The perfect solution for this issue is a home yoga studio. Yes, you read it right!! A yoga room or space in your house, where you can learn and practice yoga without any hesitation. Now you’ll say how and what if there is no spare room in your home for this? Don’t worry…just keep on reading!! We know about the problems you are facing, that’s why we are going to tell you about how you can easily create a yoga space without any hassles. 

A Quick Sneak-Peek On Yoga

Yoga is about connecting your inner soul and mind to the present world. So whether you go to the yoga club or doing it in your yoga studio, the place doesn’t really matter, only yoga matters!!. But if you feel nervous and anxious or don’t have much time to go to the yoga place in the morning, then do this in your yoga room at home.

Yoga means clarification of BODY – MIND – SOUL!!

Home Yoga Studio


“Yoga adds years to your life and life to your years”

What is a Home Yoga Studio?

A home yoga studio is a term used for a place that is dedicated to doing workouts or yoga practices. Many people don’t like to go to the gym or don’t wanna spend hundreds of dollars on membership. For them, this a quick and inexpensive way to do workouts. 

Home Yoga Room


But what if there is no separate space for this in your home? Don’t worry; all these ideas are space sufficient that you can easily implement in any corner of your house. 

Home Yoga Studio = Here and now is where yoga begins!!

Must Haves

Before you get started with the process, Here is the list of things that you’ll need in your yoga practice sessions:

  1. Yoga Mats
  2. Bolsters For Yoga
  3. Yoga Blocks
  4. Yoga Strap
  5. Blankets For Yoga 
  6. Meditation Cushions 
  7. Yoga wheels and balls

After you get the above supplies, now you’re ready to create a peaceful yoga room. With these simple home yoga studio ideas, you can quickly transform any place. 

Tips To Home Yoga Studio:

Select A Place

The first step is selecting a place or room where you want to make the studio. It can be an open outdoor place or a spare room you already have in your house. 

Home Yoga Studio Place


“ You can also turn any corner of your room into a yoga practice spot.”

Calm Colors

Paint the walls of the room with soothing and calm colors. The ambiance is as important as other things, and it really helps you to get in the mood. 

Home Yoga Studio Colour


“Choose neutral, muted, and cool tones of color like baby blue, mint green, or classic white.” 

Set The Mood

Another effecting factor that helps you to remain calm and relaxed while doing yoga is Smell. Sometimes unpleasant smells such as sweaty mats and the stinky smell of the husband’s shoes can disrupt the whole mood. Use scented candles and diffusers to cover all the obnoxious odors so that you can do your yoga without any interruptions. 

Scented Candles For Home Yoga Studio


“ Use various oils in the diffuser according to your mood and enjoy doing yoga.”


If your room has windows, open them to get fresh air and vitamin D (sunlight). Natural lighting helps you to connect back with nature. But if your room doesn’t have windows to bring sunshine, you can always go for artificial lighting

Yoga Room in Natural Sunlight


“Make sure the lighting is not too bright and harsh on the eyes.” 


Decorate the place with “Buddha idols,” not only it is an eye-pleasing gym decor, but also it helps you in your meditation sittings. For asanas like Shavasana, you need to block the light, for that use curtains on the windows (they’ll also provide privacy). 

Buddha Sculpture For Yoga Room


“ Crystals are also a great decor piece as well as they’ll maintain your energy levels.” 

Artistic Impression 

Print some quotes on the wall to get motivation. Yes, it is important to get motivated every day, because there is no meaning of one day of yoga!! (like Linda did). Right?? You can also paste some yoga posture stickers on the wall so that you can practice by seeing them. 

Yoga Room Wall Quotes


“ Yoga is not about self-improvement; it’s about self-acceptance.”  

Mirror Reflections

Yoga Room Mirror


Mirrors!! Not only do they brighten up the whole space, but also you can see your yoga positions in them that you’re doing it right or not.  


Place some green live plants in the corners of your room to really feel nature. You’ll get refreshed and feel energetic whenever you enter this room.  

Yoga Room Plants


“ Plants represents harmony and balance, so put plants that are easy to take care of ” 

Relaxing Music

Play some light rhythmic background music whenever you do your yoga practice. Invest in some good sound quality speakers, that you can easily hook up with your phone or laptop.

Yoga Room Music


“Make your own yoga playlist to make your workout easy and smooth.”

So don’t bound yourself like Linda, Make a simple, calm, and relaxed yoga room at home and enjoy your yoga sessions with yourself. And also don’t forget to remove all the distractions and by this, we mean mobile, laptop and other annoying sounds (kitchen and washing machines and other noises). These noises will disturb your yoga practice, and you are not able to do it properly. 

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