How to Build a Shower Pan: A Quick Guideline (With Pictures!)

How to Build a Shower Pan: A Quick Guideline (With Pictures!)

Do you love to take a shower? Of course, everyone does…Right? (At least in summers). If you have a hectic day at your office or school, after coming home, a relaxing shower makes it all better! Today we will see how to build a shower pan, so stay tuned with us.

Do you also sing while taking a shower? If yes, we are so same!! I love to sing and sometimes dance in the shower (Embarrassing but true) we all do it, right? Sometimes we also release our stress while taking a shower and sometimes do dialogue practices with our favorite actors. We all do some kinda weird and funny things in the shower!

After All, Shower Time Is Self-Time!!

The feeling is inexpressible when the little droplets of a waterfall are on our bodies, it is so relaxing. 

After taking a shower, we feel refreshed and rejuvenated and become a new person. Not only our body feels like that, but also our mind feels this too!!

“Psychologist Neil Morris says that bathing makes you feel less pessimistic and helps you enjoy more pleasure, according to the infographic.”

Did you know? Some of the best ideas of our life come in the shower!! Even scientists prove this theory. Our body slowly heals on its own, when we take a shower for more than 20 minutes. 

But, What If You Don’t Have a Shower Room in Your Bathroom?

We know there are a lot of reasons that you don’t have a shower in your bathroom, such as your bathroom size is small or you don’t know how to build a shower pan. Don’t worry. Today we are going to tell you about how to build a shower pan in your bathroom. 

It may sound complicated, but believe us, it is not that complicated task. Just follow us and do the whole procedure step by step. 

So for those people who don’t know about shower pans, in the next para’s, we are telling everything about them and how to make a shower pan with a step by step guidelines. 

What is Shower Pan?

how to build a shower pan


The shower pan is a waterproof flooring or barrier which is placed under the shower floor. The main purpose of the shower pan is to catch any water, if any water leaks from the tile floor, and then drain it. 

Difference Between the Shower Pan and Shower Base

At first, you think that a shower pan and shower base are the same. Yes, they are kind of similar in their functions but actually are different. The flooring under the shower is known as a shower pan, and the shower base is under the shower pan, which is used to support the pan and the whole shower.

Types of Shower Pans

Mortar Shower Pan 

how to build a shower pan


These types of shower pans are traditional ones that are being used for centuries. In this type, we use mortar or mud as the base material. 

Tile Shower Pan 

how to build a shower pan


It is the most commonly used shower pan. There is a lot of color combination, and various types of tiles are available in the market you can select any one of them and create your shower pan. They look very classic and also stylish. 

Here in this blog, we are going to tell you about how to build a shower pan (tile one!). So let’s start the process and that the first step is to collect the necessary tools and materials. 


how to build a shower pan


So, here is the list of materials and tools that you are going to need in this whole project:

Bucket 1-1/4-in. roofing nails
Caulk gun 10d galvanized nails
Chalk line 3-in. drywall screws
Cordless drill Ceramic floor mix
Framing square Duct tape
Hammer Fiberglass mesh tape
Handsaw Galvanized expanded metal lath
Level Hardboard siding
Needle-nose pliers Shower drain assembly
Rags String
Tin snips Thin-set mortar
Utility knife Tile backer board
Wood chisel Vinyl membrane

How to Build a Shower Pan?

Building a shower pan isn’t that easy a task as you thought at first, but with the right procedure and method, you can actually make this task less complicated. 

The whole project is roughly divided into three parts:

  • Installation of shower pan 
  • Installation of tiles
  • Framing and plumbing

After reading this, don’t take stress on your mind because…in this blog, we’re going to tell you all about the 3 processes, so don’t worry, shackle all the worries and keep on reading. 

1. Shower Pan Installation

how to build a shower pan


Step 1:

Begin the process by determining the size of your bathroom. Keep this in mind, if your bathroom space is small, the scope of inserting a shower pan would minimize.

“However, if you have ample space, determine where exactly you wish to install it.”

how to build a shower pan


Step 2:

The next step is to measure your bathroom. Minutely measure the dimensions of the floor and determine the shape and size of the shower panel.

“ You do not have to possess professional skills to perform this task. However, if you do have a little bit of knowledge that would pay off while performing this step.”

Step 3:

Once you have measured the bathroom size, the next step is to build 4 different frames to cover the bathroom floor. (For more clearly see the above image).

how to build a shower pan


Step 4:

Secure the frames with the help of nails and screws in such a way that they get temporarily attached.

Step 5:

Put the mud as it helps in strengthening the curb. 

how to build a shower pan


Step 6:

Tada! Your frame is ready for the next step.

Step 7:

Blend mortar with water according to the specifications that are mentioned on the back of the packet. 

Step 8:

Now, it’s time to pour the mixture into the frame and let it sit for 24 hours, and then after it is completely done, you can remove the frame. And your shower pan boundary is ready.

how to build a shower pan


Step 9:

Now, the next step is to fill the remaining space with mortar paste and carefully spread the paste equally in the area. 

“Take the help of a trowel to fill the space with cement on the shower pan evenly. Use a hand trowel to balance out the mortar”

how to build a shower pan


“After it got dried entirely, use a drywall knife to scrape off any imperfections.”

Step 10:

To make the water outlet, the shower drain must be 2” above the floor. If still, you are not able to reach that height, you can use extra mud to extend the height. And later on, use a sander to level the shower curb. 

“Make sure there are no air bubbles in the curb and by a level, ensure that all the sides are sloping towards the drain.”

Step 11:

Then wait for at least 3 days to dry the mud completely. This is very important to do because if it is not fully dried, water may leak and can spoil your wooden floor

how to build a shower pan


2. Installation of Tiles

Step 12:

Now, your base is ready, and it’s time to make it beautiful with some cool tiles. First, just roughly layout the tiles to check how many tiles you need to cover the whole area. check these beautiful bathroom tile ideas.

Step 13:

After that, you can start with the tile installation process, apply the cement and place it one by one tile. 

“Small mosaic tiles are easy to install and to create a gradual slope, which is sometimes hard with the tiles.”

how to build a shower pan


Step 14:

If you want to cover the walls of the shower area, then you can also do that, it’s a little time-consuming, but the finished product will be awesome. 

“Use Aquadefense to cover all the spots and corners and use it also near the drain area.”

3. Framing and Plumbing

Step 15:

After all this hard work, you enter the final stage of this project, and the only step in this stage is to place glass panels and do plumbing. 

“Use a square shape shower head and also add a handled shower to get the luxurious hotel vibe.”

After all these hours and days, your personal shower is ready! But don’t rush to take a shower, wait till it is fully dry!!

how to build a shower pan


Building a shower pan is not at all an easy task, it requires patience because even if you miss one step, the entire process will get messed up. You have to take care of every step while doing this project. 

Other than this, the whole project of how to build a shower pan is super easy and fun to do. Don’t forget to show your friends this awesome DIY project that you built.

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