Easy Tips on How to Declutter Before Your Move

Easy Tips on How to Declutter Before Your Move

Moving to a new office or home is so appealing. Everyone looks forward to the move. But before engaging office movers, you need to be well-prepared for the move. Do not start packing before you declutter. Getting rid of items you no longer use is crucial. It will save you moving time, save you money since you will pack fewer items, and give you enough space in the new office or home. If you are not sure how to declutter before your move, here are some tips to keep in mind. 

10 Tips on How to Declutter Before Your Move

Below we have mentioned 10 tips on how to declutter before your move. These tips will help you to organize your space.

1. Start Early

How to Declutter Before Your Move

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The moment you find out you will be moving, you should start decluttering. Do not engage commercial movers before sorting out your belongings. This is to make sure you get rid of all items you do not need. Sorting household items is not a last-minute thing. 

To be safe, start going through your items months in advance. Make the chore a priority and plan it on your calendar. This will ensure you have enough time to go through all rooms. Even some minutes a day can make an impact.

2. Have a Decluttering Station

Before you start cleaning the unwanted items, have a decluttering station. This is the area to keep unwanted items. Get two boxes and a few trash bags. 

Pack unwanted items in one box and the other one pack items you want to keep. The trash bags are for trash. The boxes should be close to each other to make the process easy.

3. Handle a Room or Category at a Time

To make sure you have gone through everything, declutter by room or category. For instance, you can start going through your towels or clothes in every room.

4. Things You Need to Declutter Before Your Move

How to Declutter Before Your Move

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Do not be merciful when decluttering. Therefore, keep only what you need and get rid of all items you no longer need or want. Some of the items to declutter are:

*Items you have not used since last year – if you have spent the whole year in your house, you had an opportunity to use every item in that house. Therefore, if there are items you have not used, you do not need them. 

*Expired items – check the expiry date of some items such as beauty products, food, and medications. These are items to throw away. 

*More than one item – if you have more than one item, you need to declutter them. Think of how many you need in your new home and get rid of the rest. 

* Not useful – some items may have been useful in the past but they are not useful today. You need to declutter them. Some of these items include toys, cables, electronics, and others. 

*Broken items – sometimes people hold on to items that are broken thinking they will have time to fix them. So, if you had an item for a long time and it is not yet fixed, get rid of it. 

*Items that cannot fit your new home – your new house may be different from the old. Therefore, if you notice some items cannot fit your new home, you need to get rid of them before moving. 

5. Make Sure You Declutter Your Wardrobe

How to Declutter Before Your Move

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In addition to other items, make sure you declutter your closet. Some clothes do not fit, are in bad condition, you do not wear them, or they are no longer trendy. 

Also, check whether the clothing will be appropriate for the climate you are relocating to. The climate may be different from the current one. Thus, you may be forced to update your wardrobe.

6. Go Through Your Documents

Sometimes, people move with many unwanted documents. Therefore make sure you sort out the paperwork. Go through all the documents and get rid of those that are unnecessary. Also, you can scan papers that you no longer need a physical copy of.

7. Involve All the Family Members

To have a smooth process, make sure you involve everyone in the family. If you have small kids, help them decide what to keep and what they need to throw away. 

But when sorting out things that belong to other family members, make sure you involve them or let them do it. It is the best way to avoid tensions in the family.

8. Use Items You Forgot You Had

When sorting out your items, you will find many items you bought but never used. If those items are in good condition and have not expired, you can still use them. 

For instance, you can find an important book that you purchased but you never read it. Keep it well to read it once you move to the new house.

9. Donate or Sell Some Items

How to Declutter Before Your Move

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When decluttering, you will find many items that are in good condition but no longer need them. Clothes, books, shoes, toys, and electronics are some of the items you can sell or donate. 

However, selling things online or having a garage sale might not give you a lot of money. Nevertheless, it is better than throwing away some items.  

So, if you have enough time before moving out, you can start selling some of the stuff. Happily, there are many online sites to sell your items. But if you do not have time for sale, donating them might be a good idea. There are many places where you can donate books, clothes, or toys. 

Also, if you have valuable items such as art or antiques you no longer need, you can list them online or sell them to dealers.

10. Finish with the Sentimental Items

Decluttering sensitive items is very emotional. This is because you have special memories attached to them. Therefore, it is a good idea to finish with them. This will ensure you are not fed up or upset even before you start. 

Final Word

NYC movers recommend you start decluttering as soon as you discover you will be relocating. It will save you time, money, and you will manage to keep your new home tidy and organized.