A Step By Step Guide On How To Install A Dishwasher Hassle-Free

A Step By Step Guide On How To Install A Dishwasher Hassle-Free

Are you planning on getting a new dishwasher? No doubt it is the best option to have some more free time to spend with the family. You are here to learn about dishwasher installation. First, if you have brought it from the specialty outlet, they will provide you with an installation service. However, if your dishwasher is an online product, either you will have to call a professional or do it yourself.

Yes, you can install a dishwasher. It isn’t as easy as making origami crafts but also isn’t as hard as constructing a house. If you know the general plumbing tactics, you are good to go. Here in this article, we have penned down the whole process describing how to install a dishwasher. Come on, grab your hand gloves on and start doing the work.

Tip to Remember: Whenever you are up to any DIY, make sure you get all the necessary tools and materials at one hand’s distance, this way you will be able to concentrate on your work. If possible, have the spare things as well. For instance, if you need 10 to 15 screwdrivers, we recommend you take double the amount. 

how to install a dishwasher

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Steps on How to Install a Dishwasher:

Cost: Around $30

Time Required: Maximum One Day

Skill: Intermediate






Dishwasher installation kit

What is included in the dishwasher installation kit?

The dishwasher installation kit has all the material you will need for the process, like 6 ft. nylon braided, 5 ft. power cord, industrial-grade water supply hose, strain relief bracket, wire caps, Teflon tape, and 3/8″ brass compression fitting with an elbow and in-line tee.

Once you have gathered all the tools and materials required, it would be great if you have someone to help you. You know, just give you a hand in picking up (really) heavy dishwasher to get it out or put in there.

Let’s take you through the step by step guide on dishwasher installation.

Step 1: Remove Old Dishwasher

how to install a dishwasher

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You can’t place a new one on or beside the old one, so start the process of removing it before you start, cut off water and electricity supply in the kitchen. You can turn off the hot water valve placed under the sink. As for the electricity supply, switch it off from the service panel.

After you turn them off, check it again for getting double sure. Why is it necessary? To be safe from any unwanted shock or leakage. Once you are on the safe side, you can move towards disconnecting the dishwasher.

Using a screwdriver, remove the front access panel near the floor. You will see a terminal box where all the old wirings are fitted and a water supply wire.

Remove all the wiring and disconnect the water supply line using an adjustable wrench, place a bowl to collect the remaining water, which might get out during the detachment.

The next step is to remove screws from the brackets which fit the dishwasher to the countertop and adjacent to the cabinet floors.

Now place a blanket while finally getting the dishwasher out to save your floor from getting scratched.

Tip: You can remove the dishwasher beforehand for a smooth new dishwasher installation process. Plus, it doesn’t need many tools, just a screwdriver, and a wrench.

Step 2: Clean the Area

how to install a dishwasher

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After you remove the old dishwasher, clean the area thoroughly. Sanitizing the area will remove all the dirt, and you will be able to get rid of insects (if any). Then using the Teflon tape, secure all the electrical cable on the floor, so installing a new one doesn’t hamper its situation.

Step 3: Evaluate the Electrical, Plumbing, and Drainage Situation


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You can skip this step if you recently checked the status of all these wires. If not, then check whether there is any damage or you notice something strange in the situation, it is better to call the professional and get it fixed.

You can do that yourself if you have an experience or knowhow to deal with the situations. A clogged drain is easy to fix, and a loose wire can be fitted as well, but the addition of a new connection is something that a pro will do better.

Step 4: Prep the New Dishwasher

how to install a dishwasher

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Your dishwasher may have arrived at your doorstep, unbox it. There will be a dishwasher installation kit in the box, which you will have to use for further processing. It also has a new water supply valve and a drain hose.

Rest the dishwasher on its back to have easy access to securing the electrical and plumbing connections. Read the user manual thoroughly till you get the idea of how, when, and where to do the fixing (even if you need to read it more than 10 times).

Now attach a 90-degree elbow fitting to the water valve of a dishwasher. As it already has the new water valve, remove the old one, and fix the new one. You can skip fixing new and settle with the old valve, but securing a new one is recommended. 

Let’s do the same with the drain hose attached with a sink tailpiece or disposal unit. Remove the old one, and secure the new one. Now let both the pipes pass through the hole between the washbasin and dishwasher cabinet and temporarily bind them on the floor.

Here you will need to ask your buddy (the one who is helping you!) to give a hand in putting the dishwasher in the cabinet. Make sure it is in its space perfectly, without any part playing peek-a-boo.

Step 5: Reconnect all the Lines

Reconnect all the Lines

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As soon as the dishwasher is in the place, get down to your work. Fix all the connections like;

  • A water supply pipe to 90-degree fitting (use pliers for tight-fitting),

Once you attach the water supply pipe, do check it by turning on the hot water valve, if you notice any leakage tighten the fitting with a wrench.

  • A drain hose (according to the user manual),
  • Electric supply with nuts (as per user manual).

Now switch on the electricity supply and check the operation. If you find any problem, call the service provider and but if everything is okay, move forward to securing it in the frame.

Before screwing the nuts, make sure the dishwasher is on the exact frame of the cabinet and is leveled, then using a screwdriver fix the nuts. Once you have tightened the screws in the frame, check its placement, and make necessary changes (if necessary).

Now its time to secure it to the underside of the countertop, for that use the brackets included in the installation kit of the dishwasher. The final step is to fix the front access panel.

Tada! The installation of the dishwasher is done and ready to use.

 how to install a dishwasher

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New Dishwasher is Ready to Use:

After the installation is done, it is necessary to test the product, whether it is running properly. Check all the connections, the freshwater supply, and the flow of drain water, make sure they are also working up-to-date. 

If anything you realize is strange, or don’t know how to fix it, don’t do experiments, call the professional straight away. As he will help you in fixing up the dishwasher. For more how-tos on installing home appliances or inspiration on house makeover, visit InnovativeDecorIdeas