How To WhiteWash Wood? Know The Steps Today

How To WhiteWash Wood? Know The Steps Today

Having old furniture that looks bad and outdated? Better to get it whitewashed…whitewashed wood will look new and modern. If you have too many wooden pieces at your house that are old then you can whitewash them all and they all will look nice and new. If you want to know how to whitewash wood then keep reading the post till the end and you will come to know.

All the steps are explained properly so you need to just read them and follow. You can either go for a DIY project or hire a professional to do the task for you. If you are passionate to do such kind of stuff on your own then well and good otherwise you always have the option to hire someone to do it for you. 

Let us now check out the steps in detail. 

1. Firstly you have to place the furniture over a used cloth or newspaper and then start the whitewashing work otherwise the flooring will get dirty. You can use any rough cloth or newspaper and just spread over the flooring and then put the furniture over it so that you don’t have to clean the flooring even if it gets dirty. 

furniture to paint


2. Now, the next step is to remove the old sealant with a chemical stripper

A chemical stripper is very caustic so one has to remain very careful while working with it. Cover your eyes, mouth, and your skin properly. 

Now, apply the stripper with a brush on the wood and cover the complete surface. Wait for 10 minutes for the stripper to dissolve the sealant and then use a scraper to remove the stripper. 

remove paint by stripper


3. Now, the next step is to wash the wood with a mixture of vinegar and water. Prepare a solution of vinegar with equal parts of water and then apply it on the wood. This solution will help to effectively remove the stains and dirt on the furniture and also help to apply the whitewash evenly.

clean wood


4. Wait for some time to let the furniture get dried completely and then you have to sand it. For sanding the furniture, you have to get sandpaper or a sander and then rub the surfaces of the furniture with it. 

This will give the wood an even texture and it will be comfortable for you to easily apply the whitewash on it. If the wood contains an existing layer of paint then you have to remove that layer completely before you apply the whitewash. The sanding process will help you remove any existing layer that is present on the wood. 

how to whitewash wood


5. Now, take a cloth and wipe it on the furniture completely. This will remove the sand dust that is created with the sanding process. Now, you will get a clean and smooth surface on which you can apply the whitewash. 

6. The step now is to purchase or create a whitewash mixture. There are readymade packets available for the same, you can buy them or create on your own too. 

Go for creating a 1:1 mixture of paint and water as it will be quite thin and appropriate for applying it to the furniture. You have to stir well both for the homemade and store whitewash mixture. 

 white washed wood


There are two products available: one is whitewash stain and the other is the whitewash paint. Whitewash stain will be the most suitable for our work. Whitewash paint takes much time to dry so it is better to pick whitewash stain for applying on the furniture. 

7. Apply it to the wood

Now, after getting the whitewash mixture ready, you have to start applying it to the wood. You can use a paintbrush for applying it. Give long strokes of the paint on the furniture. Start from any one end and go strip by strip-till every part of the furniture is covered. If there are some hard to reach areas where your brush can’t reach then you can cover those areas with a sponge. Use a sponge, deep it into the whitewash, and then apply it into the corners. 

 white washed wood


8. Remove the excess whitewashed areas

It is very important to remove the excess whitewashed areas on the wood so that all the surfaces look uniform. If there is any excess whitewash applied to the wood then you can remove it with a clean cloth, you can wipe it down with the cloth or use a dry sponge too. If the excess whitewash has already dried then you can remove it with sandpaper. 

9. Go for other layers if you want

You can go for some more layers of whitewash on the wood if you want. This will create a thick layer. 



10. Seal the furniture

Now, wait for the furniture to get dried up completely. After that, apply a water-based sealant over the surface of the wood. This will protect the whitewash and make it look new for a long time. You can purchase it from the market and then apply it with a brush or a sponge. Apply it in long even strokes. 

So, here was an overview of how to whitewash wood. I hope you got a clear idea and understood all the steps properly. Now, just get the whitewash mixture, take out your furniture, get a smooth brush, and start applying it in your weekend. 

how to whitewash wood


If you don’t have the time or don’t want to do it on your own then call a professional to do it for you and just get it done. 

Whitewash wood will give a new life to your furniture and will enhance the beauty of your house! For more information, visit Innovativedecorideas.

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