4 Unbelievable Interior Design Office Ideas That Tell a Story

4 Unbelievable Interior Design Office Ideas That Tell a Story

If you are running a company and your office is your creative escape from the everyday routines, you should pour your soul into it. After all, in this office, you will be spending hours and hours of work that will enable you a stable future and bring you lots of money. So, it is only fair to be able to enjoy your working environment while you do your best with the pressure and challenges of your job.

For that purpose, make sure that your office tells a story. Regardless of the type of business, you are running and whether you deal with clients face to face or sit in front of a computer surrounded by colleagues, your office should represent comfort, motivation, and personality. You could even say that it should feel like a second home. In order to communicate this kind of message of your office, here are 4 ideas of interior design that will help you out.

When it comes to color, choose wisely!

Interior Design Office Ideas

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The psychology of color is real and working. The color sets your mood and shapes your attitude. It has a strong effect on your whole well-being, even though it is mostly subconsciously achieved. Here is the meaning of colors, so choose wisely!


Red inspires action and confidence, and it is associated with fire, energy, strength, power, and love. The mood it represents is intensity, anger, excitement, and lust.


Orange stimulates appetite and activity, and it is associated with cheerfulness, caution, and warmth. The mood it represents is impulsiveness, fear, and confidence.


Yellow boosts communication, and it is associated with warmth, joy, friendship, socialization. The mood it represents is friendly, happy, and optimistic.


Green relaxes mentally and physically, and it is associated with nature, money, life, and growth. The mood it represents is calm, happy, lucky, and patient.


Blue calms and aids intuition, and it is associated with peace, softness, serenity, and water. The mood it represents is productive, calm, relaxed, and cold.


Purple uplifts and encourages creativity, and it is associated with luxury, fun, royalty, magic. The mood it represents is happiness, playfulness, and productiveness.

“Recharging Room” Space

Interior Design Office Ideas

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Look at the biggest companies in the world like Google, Amazon, Apple, Twitter, and Facebook. What do they have in common, apart from making billions of dollars? They have the best offices in the world, too. And they have dubbed the best offices because they have the so-called “recharge rooms” that help the employees relax, take a couple of minutes to recharge and leave the stress out.

It is the exact type of thing your office needs. If your office is not very big, you can create a small cubicle or an area that will be designed with the right shades of color (reread the first idea!) and include furniture and other items that will help the employees unwind for a couple of minutes.

Open Shelving for Open Thoughts  

Interior Design Office Ideas

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Being neat and organized is vital when wanting to achieve an uninterrupted workflow. So, the thought of open shelving might be a bit strange at first. However, by using bins and boxes, you can set up a perfect harmony. You can even play with contrasting colors to create a boost of energy.

If you are still unsure about the look of open shelves, consider the library types of shelves. You can fill them with documents and folders and decorative elements like small potted plants, personal items like photo frames, or other valuable memorabilia.

Bring Nature in the Office

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Yes, lots of greenery brings life into any place, especially in the office. There is even a discipline in an interior design called biophilic design concentrating on incorporating natural elements into a closed space. Bringing the plants inside means bringing a part of the living nature closer to you, even while you are working and are all immersed in the work.

There are many benefits as to why you should do this. For one, it is scientifically proven that plants increase productivity and make the office’s visual appearance a lot more satisfying. They also clean and purify the air, which enables the employees to breathe more quality air, which, on the other hand, is necessary for stress reduction.

Some final words

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Interior design is a very important lifestyle choice. It sets the tone and voice of a company when it comes to office décor, and it communicates the message of the work culture and environment. Before deciding which ideas you want to implement in your office interior design, make sure you test the waters first.

You can call a virtual stager and ask them to do an office staging on a photo of your office where they can implement the ideas you have of the possible interior design and see whether you will like it the way you have imagined it. These virtual stagings give a pretty clear overlook of the possible interior designs so you can choose your favorite one.