Japanese Bed Frame That Are Elegant and High-On Comfort

Japanese Bed Frame That Are Elegant and High-On Comfort

Love Japanese bed frames and looking to design with one? In this article, we’ve listed all of the best Japanese style bed frame ideas to choose from. The Japanese style bed frame is known for its minimalist aesthetics and zen styles.  As Japanese are pioneers in minimalist design and have a significant impact on interior design trends. The many Japanese style bed frames listed in this article lends you plenty of choices, but why choose a japanese frame style in the first place?

Why Buy a Japanese Bed Frame?

  • Ease of maintenance: In general, these bed frames are easy to assemble.
  • Comfortable: The slatted Japanese bed frame is designed to offer a stable, comfy sleeping platform.
  • Affordability: Japanese bed frames are affordable from folding frames to a large solid wood frame, everything comes within a budget.

1. The Comfy Palder Bed Frames

japanese bed frame

Source: shopify.com

The Palmer Bed has a solid wood frame with a reclining headboard. The free spacing of the headboard offers the expression of minimalist Japanese style bed frame and openness. This sleek frame and the bed base that appears to float off the floor will enhance your Japanese-themed bedroom. 

The key benefit—The 11″ platform allows you enough storage space. 

2. Airy Malibu Platform Bed Frames

japanese bed frame

Source: shopify.com

The Malibu Platform Bed is an excellent choice if you want an elegant and simple look for your Japanese platform bed. This low platform bed has four circular exposed legs with a gold accent ring adding a classy 1950s touch. This low-height platform keeps the mattress elevated for airflow while being unobtrusive. 

3. The Traditional Tatami Bed Frames

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Source: edilportale.com

The Tatami bed frame is a traditional Japanese bed frame with a thin tatami mat that rests near the ground. They are easily available in a range of finishes to complement any Japanese-themed bedroom. Additionally, Tatami mats in the Japanese style complement the low profile and minimalist. You can find Tatami beds frames in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

Why Go for Tatami-Style Bed Frames?

Tatami style beds are making a good comeback to match the sustainable notions of designs in modern times as the art of minimalism has long been central to Japanese design.

“Tatami” is a Japanese term for a traditional rush-covered straw mat used for flooring. Simplicity and sustainability are prevalent in most Japanese household designs.

While there are a plethora of wood materials to choose from when building a Tatami bed, the essential aesthetic and goal remain the same – to stay grounded, literally. The tatami bed’s low level not only promotes a grounded and simple lifestyle but its design and sturdiness also have several health benefits.

  1. Hygiene- As the low-level bed forces you to sit and rest closer to the ground, it makes users more conscious of the cleanliness of the ground around them. Additionally, due to the lack of space between the bed and the ground, there is no room for dirt to accumulate.
  2. Firm back support – Because a Tatami bed does not have horizontal legs, the bed’s base and support are exceedingly strong. It can be a good option for your back, depending on the type of mattress you design the bed frames with.
  3. Increased blood flow – Having to shift in and out of a Tatami bed benefits your everyday body movement, improving your activity and therefore your blood flow.

Tatami beds, as ideal as they are in larger rooms, are unquestionably preferable in smaller rooms because of their low base level, which allows for more breathing space. A Tatami bed goes perfect for a bohemian style as well as a minimalist home design.

4. Easy Folding Platform Bed Frames

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Source: amazon.com

The Fold Platform Bed is a great option if you need that quick extra bed fix but don’t want to bother with a traditional truckle bed. This lovely Japanese style bed is simple to design with authentic Japanese decor and easy to work with. The quick assembling process of the bed guarantees sturdiness. Additionally, it’s a good option if one doesn’t need a full-time bed and wants to save more floor space for other activities.

5. More Storage Tao Bed Frames

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The tao platform bed with Drawer is a great option if you like the design of a Japanese platform bed and need more storage space for all your clothes. This robust platform bed has holes for ventilation making the bed more pleasant to sleep on during hot summers. The huge drawer at the foot slides out from the center of the bed. The flexibility of the bed is elegant and can work with a Japanese style bed frame king size too.

6. Stunning Freja Bed Frames

japanese bed frame

Source: sleepmattress.co

Another one for the Japanese platform bed lovers, you all will adore the Freja Bed. These bed frames feature spacious side mounting and floating nightstands. Along with this, you can pair it up with a comfortable padded headboard. As they’re platform beds there are no visual legs under the bed like Malibu beds.

7. Timeless Mid-Century Platform Japanese Style Bed Frame

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Source: abedderworld.com

The flared legs of the mid-century platform bed add a unique touch to your Japanese style bed frame. The base clearance and the flared legs accentuate the airy and clean look of the bedroom. They’re designed with a sturdy center portion and narrow slate to provide a compressive strength to the bed.

8. Effortless City Bed

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Source: etsystatic.com

Fancy a visible Japanese joinery bed frame? The City Bed is a simple platform bed with evident joinery details. The gentle squared-off legs flare outwards, allowing for plenty of airflows. The bed usually does not come with a standard headboard; instead, the plain slatted platform stands alone. The slats are laid in precise grooves on the platform, giving an eccentric touch.

9. High Rise Tatami Platform Bed

japanese bed frame

Source: gentlehome.com

The Tatami High Rise Platform Bed is a taller version of the regular Tatami Platform Bed. This High Rise variant stands 14 inches tall instead of the standard 9-1/4 inches. They embody the same zen principle of simplicity in Japanese-style platform beds with a touch of contemporary design.


1. What Are the Different Kinds of Japanese Bed Frame Ideas?

  1. Slatted or Tatami: A simple slatted tatami bed frame is ideal for single sleepers. A slatted frame with a firm futon mattress is for individuals who prefer a comfortable firm mattress.
  2. Low or Closed Platform: When it comes to minimizing the style of your sleeping space, a platform bed or a low, legged bed offers wonderful simplicity.
  3. Foldable Futon: Japanese households have less living or bedroom space as compared to western countries. The ability to fold a futon bed frame and convert it into a sofa or lounge during the day substantially increases the livability of even a small residence.

2. Why Include Traditional Japanese Traditions in Modern Design?

Minimalism and simplicity, according to traditional Zen philosophers, are the core characteristics of Japanese architecture and interior design. The central focus of this concept is the capacity to create rooms of depths and beauty with only limited choices and targeted furniture items.

Furthermore, by incorporating Feng Shui concepts, which bring together the elements of nature in an organic way, decrease clutter and increase open space. One may easily design an environment that brings balance and harmony in their bedrooms.

Japanese furniture is not only limited to being beautiful but it is also constructed to last long. Japanese culture prioritizes not only simplicity but also quality in design, from the natural materials of solid wood and sustainable bamboo to the unique forms of low-profile platform beds. Solid wood, solid bamboo timber wood, or a combination of sturdy engineered wood and composite are used to make each Japanese platform bed. 

Have You Chosen the ‘One’ Yet?

Many of the Japanese style bed frames are characterized by the concepts of simplicity, elegance, and the aspect of harmony with nature. Japanese bed frames are frequently low to the ground and simple in design and ornamentation, both in traditional and modern forms. 

Furthermore, in Japanese houses, smart use of space is crucial, furniture is designed to optimize sleeping space while taking up a minimal footprint in the room. Beds are frequently designed with simple headboards or no headboards at all. Side rails and foot rails are as narrow as achievable. All of these features contribute to the appearance and feeling of balance and simplicity.

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