Kids Bathroom Ideas – Full Of Fun

Kids Bathroom Ideas – Full Of Fun

If you are about to redecorate your children’s bathroom décor, find new methods to entertain them during their bath time. Implementing and creating kid’s bathroom ideas is the best idea that you can choose for your child’s bathroom. If you go for the modern kids’ bathroom ideas,  it will make your children spend quality time in the bathroom, which can help to establish a routine.

Some Of The Best Kids’ Bathroom Decor Ideas

If you do not know about the type of children’s bathroom ideas, you should go through these ideas to choose the best idea for the bathroom.

Shiplap Walls

kids bathroom ideas: Shiplap walls


If you have more than a kid, you can provide them with different and separate faucets and ladders so that they do not fight because they do not want to wait. You can also add two sinks. It will help you to create an airy look in the shiplap walls decor. You can add three industrial-inspired light fixtures that you can place above the large frameless mirror. You can also add the wicker basket and along with the no diving floor tiles so that you can get the completed sailor look. It is the best kid’s bathroom idea you can choose, although it will ask you to invest some amount in it.

Contemporary Bathroom

kids bathroom ideas: Contemporary Bathroom


For this idea, you will add the eye-catching yellow tiles, which will give you an instant change in the character to the ordinary bathroom. The wall with the yellow tiles can help you create the accent and get that mosaic appeal. The sink and toilet, which will be mounted to the wall, will give you a simple look and will make your tiles shine. You can also add wood detailing warmth to the environment and create a harmonious look with the yellow tiles. Yellow color is something that will work best with both girls and boys. It is the best idea for both of your children.

Marble Bathroom

Kids Bathroom Ideas: Marble Bathroom


Because the bathroom is for kids, it does not mean that you will not have to make it stylish. To implement these types of modern kid’s bathroom ideas, you can use marble that will help you surround the atmosphere and create a modern and classic look and provide elegance. You can also add pastel blue wall paints that will sit best with the marble and help you transform the atmosphere in the best way suited for the kids. Wall with the ocean theme decors will help you to complete the look exponentially.

Wood Vanities

kids bathroom ideas: Wood Vanities


The wood warmth will help you to surround the whole bathroom space beautifully. The bathroom will provide you with various spaces which will be sufficient for two children. You can add gray color through the sink that you can place between the wood cabinets. It also creates a beautiful look with the gray penny tiles. Because in this idea, the sink is mounted to the walls, the yellow ladder perfectly fits under the space of the sink.

The appealing penny tile will make the counter special with its glossy surface. Wood-look floor and wooden-framed mirrors will complete the transitional look. Adding drawers and vanities will help you clean the room as there will be enough room to keep their stuff.

Pop Art Bathroom Ideas

kids bathroom ideas: Pop Art Bathroom Ideas


Using the combination of vibrant colors will help you to create an eye-catching and joyful bathroom design. You can pair the black vanity with the black countertop. Add blue drawers to help you make the best combination. A black wall behind the vanity can help you to provide a constant look. You can opt for the yellow wall paint with a Winnie the pooh painting. It will help you to create a contrasting look. This idea is best because it will help you break the serious atmosphere you will get from the black vanity.

Gray and Green Combination

kids bathroom ideas: Gray and Green Combination


You can start by placing the sink in a corner that will give you an opportunity for more storage. You can also get the white custom wall-mount cabinet on the wall and place it right next to the sink. Recess it into the wall so that you can keep the bathroom feeling uncluttered and open.

By adding a green stepladder and elements for decorating purposes, you can bring joy to the vibes, while gray shaded penny tile will provide you with a mosaic appeal on the flooring. This idea is also best as the best kid’s bathroom idea for girls and boys. This is because the coloring choices will best suit children best, whether they are boys or girls.

Number or Alphabet Tiles

Kids Bathroom Ideas: Number or Alphabet Tiles


If you want the kids to be productive and stay creative and do good in school. This is one of the kids’ bathroom ideas that can help you to make your little children learn the numerical and alphabets. You can take your tiles and put on some numerical or alphabets in the bathroom tiles. It can help your children look at the wall and see the alphabet, it will help them learn them more efficiently, and they will remember it forever.

Blue Vanity and Countertop

kids bathroom ideas: Blue Vanity and Countertop


If you want to implement this bathroom idea for your children, you can use a blue vanity and geometric patterned backsplash. It will help you to take the stage in this bathroom idea. You can also pair the vanity with the beige countertop, metallic handles, faucets, and under-mount sink. With the help of the colorful geometric pattern of the backsplash, you can add joy to the vibes, while the blue glass will light up the vanity and the space.

Whitewall tiles can help you to get a clean and fresh look for your bathroom. This will be the combination of modern and kids’ bathroom ideas as the blue color will be according to the kids’ preferences. The vanities will serve as the thing that you will usually find in ordinary bathrooms and make it one of the best kid’s bathroom ideas for boys.

Hexagon Shower Tiles

kids bathroom ideas: Hexagon Shower Tiles


You can use colorful hexagon tiles. The best thing about it is that all you need to do is add them only to the shower area. You can keep everything white but leave the hex tiles with various color combinations so that you can provide it with a fresh and clean look. 

You can paint some parts of the mini hexagon tiles and leave the middle part in white color. It will look creative and fun, and your children will love the look—the colorful hexes without stealing attention.

What are the Benefits of Kids Bathroom Ideas?

There are various benefits of decorating your bathroom. Such as:

Increase Resale Value

Kids Bathroom ideas


Bathroom renovation can help you to enhance the resale value of your house. No one is certain of the future, and suppose you think of selling your house, it is best to decorate it. A seamless decorated bathroom will help you to raise the value of the house. Most people in today’s time also look for a decorated bathroom. Even if you do not charge for the increased price of the renovated bathroom, it will still help you sell the house more quickly. You can consider it the most significant benefit for your house if you will be selling your house in the future.

Energy Efficient

It is the second major benefit of decorating the bathroom. When you renovate the bathroom, even for your children, you will be changing and installing new features. Nowadays, there is a price drop in various bathroom items. For example, you can now get low-flow toilets and shower hands at a pocket-friendly price. The water pressure will be the best. There will be nothing to worry about. There is a significant difference between the old and latest products that are energy efficient. It is beneficial for you if you change the lights with new energy-saving LED lights. LED lights consume less energy, resulting in less energy consumption, which will result in fewer electricity bills.

Helps to Improve Home Storage

A bathroom renovation is that you will get all the extra space. As washrooms will get bigger and bigger, most homeowners like to add cupboards and storage places to clean all parts of the house. Most people want to add a washing machine and clothes in the washroom. The extra storage space that you will get will allow the householders to clear out the ledges and keep extra towels, different toiletries, and bed linen. It will be displayed so that everyone can see it.

Refreshed Look

Kids bathroom ideas


You will be amazed and love the view when you see your renovated bathroom. Look at the before renovation and after the renovation process, you will love the difference. When the renovation is done, look at the beauty of your newly renovated bathroom. The presentation will give you a soothing look after choosing any modern kids’ bathroom ideas.


These are all the best and most beautiful children’s bathroom ideas. Your children will love their new bathroom. You can be assured that they will not mess in the bathroom due to all the facilities you will get by implementing any one of these children’s bathroom ideas.

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