Top 5 Best Kid’s Bedroom Paint Ideas To Consider

Top 5 Best Kid’s Bedroom Paint Ideas To Consider

Wall paintings can make a huge difference in the overall look of your home and if you would look around you would find that there are so many different kinds of wall painting options available in the market that you can look around and get for your home. Choosing a bedroom paint for your own room is easy because adults always drool for elegant wall colors but the case is different when it comes to kid’s bedroom paint ideas.

Children’s bedroom paint ideas as kids are very selective about their room color and other decors and if they would not like the color then they can even avoid living in that particular room and would always stay irritated while you would ask them to stay at that room and they would always try to avoid that room.

Here you would have to be very careful while you make the decision about the wall paint of your kid’s room and if you are not so sure about what to get on the walls then here are some of the best kid’s bedroom paint ideas that you need to check out and you can even get them in your kid’s room and they would definitely love the wall of their room:

Blue like a sky:

Kids always get mesmerized by the bright sky view and they would love if their room would also look the same so here you can get the walls painted in sky blue color and upon that you can create some cloud-like appearance with white paint and this is very easy to achieve and even your local artists can easily do that for you.

Kid's Bedroom Paint Ideas: Blue like a sky


To make it more realistic you can even get one sun painted at one corner wall of the room and the whole idea of such wall painting would surely come up to be amazing and beautiful at the same time.

Red walls with flames:

If you have got a boy kid then you would notice that your boy would get attracted to racing cars that flash fire and overall the fire and flame would attract your kid the most so here you can set the walls just according to your kid’s liking and for that, you would have to get the walls painted in bright red color and then you would have to get flames painted at the bottom of the wall and your local artist would help you out in this process and the end result would come out to be amazing for sure. You kid would love such décor and this would make your kid love his room at the same time.

Kid's Bedroom Paint Ideas: Red walls with flames



Nothing can beat the beauty of floral walls and this particular wall décor would not only be loved by your kids but even adults would love this décor which is a great thing and this is not even hard to achieve and since it is quite common so local artist know it well how to achieve such beauty in the wall.

Kid's Bedroom Paint Ideas: Floral


There are so many ways to get the floral walls but if you want it to be your kid’s favorite then you should go with your kid’s favorite color and here you can keep the base color of your wall in white and then you can get the colored flowers painted on that white canvas and the end result would definitely turn out to be the best and your kid would love the overall décor of the room and this particular wall painting is so versatile that you can even get this in your entire house.


Stripes are the best way to get the room a very smart look and if your kid is in a growing stage then he/she might not like all those kid-oriented wall paintings rather your kid might want to settle with something mature and smart at the same time and nothing best would suit your kid other than stripes.

Kid's Bedroom Paint Ideas: Stripes


Here you can select two contrasting colors and if your kid has any special preference of color then you can use those colors as well and if you want to keep the room colorful then you can use multiple colors here in the stripes. This wall paint is very easy to achieve and probably it is the easiest one followed by a single colored wall so your local artist would do justice with the wall painting and so it would not even cost you a bomb amount which is a great thing.

Walt Disney wall painting:

This has to be the best wall painting so far and no matter whether your kid is a girl or boy but this wall décor would be loved by your kid and this is quite hard to achieve so you might have to get experts booked for such wall painting and this might be a bit pricy but the beauty is value for money which is a great thing.

Kid's Bedroom Paint Ideas: Walt Disney wall painting


Here you can choose particular Disney cartoon characters and get them drawn over your kid’s wall with a purple base color and the overall wall painting would turn out to be amazing for sure.

These were some of the best kid’s bedroom paint ideas that you can check out and for more such ideas you can browse through Innovativedecoreideas.