Home Decor Ideas for Your Kids Room to Make It More Fun

Home Decor Ideas for Your Kids Room to Make It More Fun

Decorating your kids room is not only your choice but your kids’ as well. Whether your child is a boy or girl, you have to ensure that the room is to their liking. As they are the ones for who you are designing the room, you have to think in your child’s perspective as well.

From selecting the wallpaper to arranging furniture and other decorative parts – everything must match your child’s character and style. Also, before planning the decorating, decide whether the room is for a single kid or you want to keep two children. Accordingly, you can decorate the room so that it has two individual parts, characterising both your child’s interests.  

Whenever you imagine a kid’s room, you must ensure that it can keep your kid fun and active during day time and relaxing at night times. Moreover, as your kid’s interests change as they grow each year, think of ways where you can redo the décor easily and quickly.

Reading all this might be throwing you in a state of confusion. But don’t worry. To help you with this hassle, we’ve come up with a few ways so that you can implement them right way while decorating your kid’s room.

Kids Room

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A wall with your kid’s drawings

What more interesting than displaying your kid’s artworks on the wall? He or she might have drawn a lot from childhood, from simple flowers to complex sceneries. You can frame and hang them on a wall for your kid to see and reminisce the paintings daily. 

Choose a contrasting wallpaper so that the paintings stand out even at night times. You can share funny stories with your kids while tucking them to bed. It is the best way to keep fun intact in your child’s room.

Kids Room

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Floating shelves with your kid’s favourite toys

Open or floating shelves are the second-best way to style your kid’s room by arranging all the favourite toys and books. You can either paint them the same colour as wallpaper or give a contrasting twist to it. 

Let your kid decorate the shelves to his or her liking. Whether they want to keep only toys, books, or both – it’s a fun activity to engage your kid. It not only keeps them active but also helps them to grow organisational skills later in their life.

Kids Room

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Pretty pinks and corals for her room

If you have a small girl who has an interest in cute things like cats, flowers, etc. then you can paint the walls with them using pretty pinks. As a contrast to it, you can add coral stripes or patterns to give a nice highlighting effect to the room. Not only walls, but you can also select furniture like beds, blankets, chairs, cushions, tables, etc. that reflect your girl’s favourite colours and styles.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry if your girl has outgrown the liking of pinks and corals. You can easily update the furniture by either painting them with a new colour or replacing with other alternatives.

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Cars and superhero themes for his room

A boy’s room is typical with neutral coloured tones and minimalistic furniture. But if your teen boy or kid has a favourite fantasy character or hero, then you can decorate the room with that theme. For instance, if he is a Harry Potter fan, you can think of creating ways to make it a wizard kind of room. You can pick wallpaper depicting the theme of Hogwarts or something to relate to the house he likes.

Also, make sure that you aren’t overdoing the decorating. Make sure that the room has enough empty space and allows natural light. And the room should feel relaxing and private during night times. 

Kids Room

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Glow in the dark patterns for night time fun

Some kids love the neon glow-in-the-dark lights in their rooms. Whether it’s a solar system or the images of birds, nature, etc. it gives a calming effect on your kids. And the best part is, you can revolve stories around it when you’re tucking them to bed.

It’s a simple fun activity at night that not only engages your kids but also help them to fall asleep sooner. You can either stick them on the roof or on the sidewalls, wherever your kid feels comfortable having them. 

However, while some kids love the glow-in-the-dark lights, some get easily scared seeing the reflective lights. So, ensure first that your kid is not afraid of having those lights in the dark.

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Artistic patterns and cute flurry birds and animals

If you have a simple kid who likes minimalistic patterns and subtle images of birds and animals, then using those designs as the wallpapers is the best idea. You can choose geometric patterns like small circles, triangles, rectangles on the walls. Or you can have wavy patterns that give a flowy effect to the room. And if your kid loves creatures like butterflies, birds, bees, etc. you can paint them with cartoony effects. Whatever you do, make sure your kid is comfortable with the décor. Also, try this DIY easter craft for kids to decorate their room.

Kids Room

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A Kid’s Room Should Reflect Innocence and Style

When your kid becomes an adult and moves out of your home, the room is the only where you can reminisce the childhood. So, it should be innocent as well as should depict your kid’s character. For the added beauty, you can decorate the room with playful rugs. If you’re wondering, ‘should I buy a wool rug or normal rug’, then anything is better if your kid likes it. See that it matches the architecture of the kid’s room.

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