Things to Make Sure When You’re Getting Tiles for Your Kitchen

Things to Make Sure When You’re Getting Tiles for Your Kitchen

Tiles are one of the most important parts of your home decor, in fact building your home seems impossible without tiling these days. Tiles are used for both interior and exterior decoration and can be used at every corner of the house based on your preferences. Of all the places tiles are used, kitchens are one of the most crucial ones. And while you are choosing tiles for your kitchen, you need to make sure of some things so that you can do a proper job with the tiling, and you don’t face any problems afterward.


Things to Care About before Choosing Kitchen Tiles

A kitchen is a high-traffic place at your home, and you need to be careful about choosing tiles for your kitchen. As with the wrong choice, you will start facing many problems afterward. And without proper tiling, the place won’t look good either. So, you need to follow some rules while you are about to get tiles for your kitchen. The rules are described below.

Layout and Overall Style of Your Kitchen

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You need to work with the layout and the style of your kitchen to install tiles, as the tiles have to match the style of the kitchen. If you are looking for a modern industrial style for the kitchen, or a contemporary style, you will have to get the specific tiles that will do the trick for you. The size of the kitchen is also crucial, as in order to look a space bigger you can take the help of tiles. Also in order to make your space look bigger and more spacious, you can choose the same tiles for the floor and the walls.

Determine the place of the Tiles Installation

You need to decide the surfaces you are going to install the tiles at. You can install tiles on different places of a kitchen such as on the floor and walls, the underside of cabinets, behind a stove as a backsplash. So, you need to select the places for the tiling process.

Knowing the Difference between Various Tiles

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There are many types of tiles from where you can choose for your kitchen. Ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles, Glass Tiles, Quarry Tiles, Stone, Vinyl, and Bamboo tiles are mostly used for kitchens. Cork, vinyl, bamboo, etc tiles are commonly used for flooring, whereas porcelain, ceramic, and quarry tiles are used for both floors and counters. And walls and backsplashes are decorated using glass tiles mostly. However, ceramic and porcelain are mostly used among all the others for all kinds of applications, and porcelain provides better durability among them.

Determining the Budget

Kitchen tiles can be both expensive and inexpensive, depending on the tiles you decide to install. And for that, you need to determine the amount you are willing to spend for the tiling process of your kitchen, and then you can choose the tiles. Decide the budget first, then the look of the kitchen. 

Choosing Tiles that are Easy to Clean

A Kitchen is a place in your home that has to endure heavy traffic, so you need to choose tiles that are easy to maintain and clean. STain resistance is an important quality to look into while you are choosing kitchen tiles. You’ll want the type of tiles that won’t have stains or cracks easily. Limestone and Clay, both tiles are great options as stain-resistant, and they look like natural stone that can give your kitchen a different and natural look. You need to remember that certain tiles might require special cleaning solutions for their cleaning, so take into account everything before choosing one.

Matching the Cabinets

The cabinets of the kitchen are one of the main features of the place. The overall look of kitchens is often determined by the cabinets. And the finish you will choose for your cabinets will help choose the tiles for your kitchen floor and walls, as the cabinets and tiles have to match and have a cohesive and harmonious design. You can either choose to have the same spectrum of color for them or choose to create a contrast by going in the opposite direction.

Choosing Durable Tiles

Decorating your kitchen is a huge investment, and you need to be cautious about it. Durability is a crucial feature that you need to keep in mind while choosing tiles for the kitchen. Kitchens are arguably the most used space in your home, and that’s why you need high durability for the tiles of your kitchen. If you choose tiles that are generally used on walls and not so durable for your kitchen floor, they will be prone to damage. So, tiles that are not prone to damage and offer longevity should be on top of your choice.

Choose Perfect Tiles for Backsplash

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You can easily go for designed and glossy tiles for your kitchen backsplash, as that is not a high traffic area. Yet it will have to withstand grease, got oil splatters, etc. and daily cleaning might be necessary. Ceramic, Glass or Metal tiles can be perfect for backsplash, and you can go for rich colors and textures as well if your budget allows it.

Final Words

Shopping tiles for your kitchen isn’t much of a difficult job either. You just need to be a little cautious about what you choose and take into account the aforementioned rules. It will help you to have proper tiling for your kitchen and you can have the comfort you expect from it.

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