Amazing Lattice Fence Ideas

Amazing Lattice Fence Ideas

Are you a house owner? If yes, then we all know how essential it is to install fences on the exterior of the house to provide security and privacy. However, we feel a fence is much more than just a requirement. It displays the first impression of the house from the outside. As a part of the exterior decoration, the lattice fence ideas need to be in tandem with the overall house design and the homeowner’s style. 

There is a range of fence options available in the market these days, mainly differentiated by the material and design. The most trending option currently is lattice fences, which offer a classic, appealing, and unique look to the home exteriors. 

Lattice Fence, the Right Choice?

A lattice fence is a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. The structure is made up of strips of wood, metal, or vinyl crossed and fastened together, leaving small shapes of diamonds or squares in the middle. It is an interesting way to enclose an area without making it look too restricted or blocked off. Here are some reasons that could convince you to go ahead with lattice fence designs for your home.

  1. Very affordable option; it costs almost half the price of other types of fences;
  2. Adds to the decorative aesthetics, with a strong curb appeal and visual attraction to the house;
  3. Easy and pain-free installation process; can be a DIY project;
  4. Flexible option as a variety of sizes and styles available to cater to individual likes and preferences; and
  5. Amazing option for garden lovers as the small spaces in the fence allows for growing plants.

Lattice Fence Ideas

Check out these innovative and beautiful lattice fence ideas that might suit your needs and preferences. Pick the perfect lattice fence design that matches your style and the house design!

Earthy Wood Lattice Fence Ideas

lattice fence ideas


Want to experience the most popular and traditional form of lattice fence? Your answer is wood. Wood has a very distinct, earthy look and feels which is unmatchable. The aesthetic appeal of this material increases because of graining patterns and color shades that form along with age. This natural beauty comes with a high maintenance requirement, so remember to have periodic treatments of termite proofing.

The wood lattice fences organically fit in with any surroundings and architecture. Pick the right shade of wood that blends in with the exteriors and the right side of the fence panels that match the concept, and you will be good to go. The structure can be added with rustic clay pots and earthy plantations to enhance its look.

Simply Vinyl

lattice fence ideas


Want to try a new and upcoming material for your fence? Check out Vinyl. Vinyl is a cost-effective modern alternative to traditional fence materials like wood and metal. Despite its lightweight, vinyl is highly durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions and harsh elements such as decay, mold, and insects. 

The versatility of vinyl fences is what will catch your attention. Design your house with a gorgeous white vinyl lattice or an elegant black crisscross pattern; all these vinyl varieties style up the outdoor living space fashionably. The structure can be added with classic square toppers and planted greeneries around the fence.

Solid Metal Lattice Fence Ideas

Solid Metal


Want an ever-lasting fence that will protect your house for generations to stay? Solid metal is your way in for the most appropriate lattice fence that meets your needs. Metal is a robust and strong material usually used for fences whose primary requirement is security and privacy. Due to its heavy nature, it requires more labor and time resources to install and maintain. 

The most attractive feature of metal lattice fences is that they can be custom-made into intrinsic patterns to match the design of our house. They remove the boredom of regular square and diamond patterns and create a differentiating factor for the owner. It is an amazing way to define the perimeters without disturbing the view. 

Tall Verticals

Tall Verticals


Want to block the line of sight in your property or backyard? Lattice privacy fences would be your solution. These are tall verticals with usually a 6 feet height and hardly a 20 mm spacing in between the slats, making it difficult to look through. The vertical-panel lattice design makes the fence look distinctive from the normal structures.

You can work around with various lattice fence ideas for tall verticals. Use white wooden lattice fences as a soothing backdrop for traditional cottage gardens in the backyard, or brown wooden lattice to give a rustic feel to your patio or matching tropical colored lattice for your outdoor dining area.

Short Dwarfs Lattice Fence Ideas

lattice fence ideas


Want to differentiate between various sections of the house or the exteriors? Short dwarfs help you in doing so. These are short-sighted and low-positioned designs that help in dividing the spaces by installing random rectangular-shaped lattice fence frames. They facilitate in creating smaller niches like garden area, patio area, front yard, etc.

You can create various mix-and-match structures for short dwarfs. Pick the right color (white, brown, cherrywood, or tropical) to match the style and the right material (wood, metal, or vinyl) to serve the purpose. They can also be used to border the property with a scenic view. 

Lattice Hangers

lattice fence ideas


Want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house fences? Consider the lattice hangers. These are basically normal lattice fences that come in any material or color, but with an exciting twist. The top of the fence structure includes elbow hangers which can use to hang various decorative items to create a visually appealing exterior.

The lattice hangers are the most useful for themed exteriors. Decor like rainboots planters and birdhouses can use for a playful theme, however ghostly luminaires and floating witch hats can be used for a Halloween theme. But overall, simple decor like pot plans and fairy lights fit in for daily use.

Lattice Extension

lattice fence ideas


Want a multi-purpose fence? Read more about lattice extensions here to find an answer. Lattice extensions are structures with lattice topped over a different fence type. It is the most suitable for houses that prefer the protection of privacy fences but also love the decor of lattice fences. Combining lattice with other materials is a very innovative and distinctive look to consider.

The most basic combo is topping lattice over block concrete. Other types such as wood privacy fence, metal sheets, and steel slats also use as the base for lattice extensions. Hang in a few plantations or grow out some flowering vines on the lattice extensions to enhance the overall fence appearance.


These are some of the amazing lattice fence ideas that we have picked for your home. Many of these lattice fence designs are not exclusive in nature, which means that you can consider making a combination of two-three ideas from the list, in accordance with your own requirements and preferences. Just remember, lattice fencing is a great way to amplify the aesthetic appeal of your exteriors, yet keeping the security in place. 

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