Features of Lori Wall Beds You’ll Absolutely Love

Features of Lori Wall Beds You’ll Absolutely Love

A Murphy bed is known for being a space-saving feature for any studio unit, or dual-purpose extra room. This type of bed has been around for over a hundred years, and the modern Murphy beds are only getting more and more creative. Nowadays, Murphy beds, like Lori wall beds, now come with desks, storage, and built-in lightning. But how does a Murphy bed work and what other things must you know about it? This article will provide you with more information on that, so keep reading!

The Humble Murphy Bed

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Ideally used for small living spaces or office/guest room combo, the Murphy bed is an ingenious work of art designed to fold up into a wall when not in use. On the plus side, when you’re not using the bed, you can tuck it away to give more space to your room. 

Thanks to numerous advancements in technology, Murphy beds have evolved into stylish, multi-functional pieces of furniture that can easily complement any existing décor. From floor to ceiling and credenza-like options, and even Murphy beds for pets, this hideaway sleeping unit’s design has generally transitioned into a semi-chic, small-space necessity. 

We’ll be answering some of the most important questions about the Murphy bed below:

What is a Murphy Bed and How Does it Work?

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A Murphy bed is a bed that folds back into a wall when not in use. It is also called by other names such as a wall bed, or a fold-down bed. Murphy beds usually rest against a wall when folded upright, but they can also be folded inside a closet or cabinet, concealing them from anyone’s view. 

Modern-day Murphy beds like Lori wall beds use either a piston or spring mechanism to lift the bed up and down. The mattress is also attached to the bed frame and kept together when the bed is folded up. You can put the bed away by lifting it up into the wall when not in use and can be covered up with a large cabinet façade, making the entire piece look like built-in shelving. 

Murphy beds are the best choice for those who live in homes with tight spaces, especially those where there isn’t room for a bed all the time (such as a studio apartment) or in places where a bed isn’t always needed, like a home office or combo guest bedroom. Dorms and even motels have used Murphy beds as well.

History of the Murphy Bed

According to historical accounts, the Murphy bed was created by William Lawrence Murphy in the late 19th century. Murphy was an Irish immigrant living in San Francisco. At that time, he was living in a small studio apartment, where the bedroom and living space were put together in one room. This setup proved to be inconvenient for him since it prevented the opera singer he was pursuing from entering his home. It was considered taboo for a woman to enter a man’s bedroom then. Fortunately, Murphy came up with a solution for that. 

Social mores and a limited living space didn’t stop Murphy from loving. So, to make his sleeping space ‘disappear’ and dismiss any rumors of misconduct, he designed the Murphy bed. Murphy married the opera singer, later on, filed patents for his bed, and founded the Murphy Bed Company, where his disappearing beds gained popularity nationwide. 

Is It Possible to Leave Bedding on a Murphy Bed When It’s Folded Up?

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Fortunately, there’s no need to make a Murphy bed from scratch every time you use it. You can simply leave your sheets and beddings on the bed when you fold it up, but it’s advisable to remove anything that’s too large (such as fluffy pillows) so that it can be folded up properly.

Styling a Murphy Bed

Most Murphy beds, like Lori wall beds, are designed to look like large cabinets when they’re folded up. Most of them even come with shelving on either side of the bed which can be used as a nightstand or storage. The shelving that goes with it is the perfect place to add some fun accessories or some books. If you want, you can also improve the built-in shelving look by adding more shelving on top for a wall-to-ceiling look.

There’s even wall space above the bed that you can use to hang something flat. Use it—use the empty wall space above it to add some art or even your favorite photo. This way you can add more personality to your bed instead of just letting it look utilitarian. 

Will a Wall Bed Fit My Style of Décor?

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Murphy beds have evolved over time and now come in both functional and stylish pieces that can fit any home, condo or apartment’s décor and style. Lori wall beds can be customized and be built with cabinets, shelves, and drawers that match or complement your style and provide storage for your room at the same time. This makes your bed a natural extension of your home, craft room, den, home office, or basement. 

Can You DIY a Murphy Bed?

As with most things, yes you can DIY a Murphy bed provided that you have the right tools and experience with DIY-ing furniture. Let’s admit it, as cool as Murphy beds are, they can be quite expensive. Most of the ones available on the market will set you back at least a few hundred to a thousand dollars, and they will still require self-installation once they are delivered to your doorstep. 

There are a few great ways to get started with DIY-ing a Murphy bed. First, you’d need to purchase a DIY Murphy bed hardware kit if you’d want to invest in any kind of spring lift. For the bed itself, there are hacks or tutorials you can find online to help you out. But if you have don’t have any experience in DIY-ing furniture and don’t mind going the easy (and more expensive) way, then buying a Murphy bed is the best choice for you. Lori wall beds have some of the most affordable Murphy beds on the market. They come in different styles and colors and can be customized according to your preferences—without breaking the bank!