Tricks to Make Dark Room Brighter and Look Bigger

Tricks to Make Dark Room Brighter and Look Bigger

There’s a certain charm to tiny living and small spaces. But, they can also be challenging due to limited space. If you’re creative enough, you can create a cozy and comfortable retreat. But, trying to accommodate all your belongings into a tiny room can make you feel claustrophobic and cramped. But, don’t worry! There are some tips and tricks that interior designers have been exploiting for decades to make a dark room brighter and look bigger.

Here are some of those –

Use Mirrors

Make Dark Room Brighter and Look Bigger


This is the oldest trick in the book. Interior designers use it all the time to make a dark room brighter and look bigger. But, there are a few things you have to remember to use this trick right. 

It’s best if you put the mirror somewhere near a light source such as near a window. If you go with a wall-sized mirror, it will create the illusion of double the space. It will also amplify the amount of natural light hitting the room. 

Another thing you can do is place a floor or table lamp next to the mirror to achieve the same effect. However, pick a lamp with ambient light so it does not reflect too harshly in the mirror.

Use Light Furniture

Often we pick furniture like chairs, sofas, and tables based on our personal aesthetic and preference. While there’s nothing wrong with that, you should also think about how the furniture size and color will impact the space and lighting in a small room. 

Avoid picking large, dark-colored sofas like navy blue or gray. Instead, go with something in lighter tones like ivory, beige, or white to make a dark room brighter and look bigger than it actually is. 

You should also have a few transparent items like an acrylic coffee table. Avoid anything in dark walnut shades like TV stands, tables, or bed frames.

Use a Large and Bright Rug

Make Dark Room Brighter and Look Bigger


Now the trick is to pick a large-sized rug in lighter tones. This trick works even better when you have darker floorboards. Laying a light rug on a bare floor does a lot of things. It will add texture and softness. It will also add a pop of soothing color. 

As mentioned, go with lighter colors like yellow, ivory, white, or a combination of warmer hues. A quick search like ‘rug store near me’  shall show you the best rug sellers near you. You can even order them online.

Embrace White Walls

White is known for its reflective quality. There’s no better paint option to open up the space, make it feel light, serene, calm, and airy. Also, it’s best if you paint both the ceiling and the walls in the same color. 

It will blur the boundaries and create an illusion of a bigger space. This trick also makes the ceiling look higher. In a small room that can easily look cluttered, a white wall will amplify the space. 

But, if white is too bland for you, then you can always go for more soothing tones of white rather than a stark white. Additionally, you can add warming elements like textured wood, art, and quirky decor pieces to spice things up.

Keep the Art Simple and Minimalistic

Sometimes less is more. This is particularly true when we talk about decorative items like art. Avoid cluttering a large dark wall with too many photo frames and art pieces so that enough light can reflect off of the surface. Cluttered art can impede the flow of space and light.

If the room is dimly lit, have no more than 3 art pieces. You can go with light tapestry, wall mirrors, and wall art in light tones to set the mood.

Cut Back on the Clutter

Make Dark Room Brighter and Look Bigger


The quickest way to make a room look cramped-up and claustrophobia-inducing are to clutter it up. Try to get as many things out of the sight as possible. That means tucking them away in drawers and cabinets. We also mentioned keeping it low on the paintings and artwork.

One huge painting is always better than three that make it look like there are too many items. Keep your room as organized, tiny, and clean as possible. The arrangement is a big part of what makes a room look big or small.

Use Glass

Using as many see-through materials and items is another trick that interiors designers and architects use all the time. The thing is, when looking at a see-through item, the things beyond appear farther away than they actually are. 

Take a tiny bathroom for example. Instead of installing an opaque closure, go for a clear one with no frames.

Now the entire bathroom becomes one big room rather than chunks of tiny spaces distributed into different sections. Instantly, the bathroom will appear big and spacious. 

Pick a transparent coffee table or chair. It’s the easiest way to open up the space around and get a larger view of the room.

Pick Minimalist Furniture

You need to avoid oversized furniture at all costs if you’re dealing with limited space. Bigger furniture causes bigger shades and creates a darker feeling.

The solution is to shop for minimalist furniture that is lower in height. That means no huge headboards behind the bed.

This will also mean avoiding large, vertical bookcases. Also, leave as much space as possible between two pieces. Choose a height mark on the wall and make sure no furnishing items cross that limit.

Bottom Line

Make Dark Room Brighter and Look Bigger


Your home decor and design project should be functional, quirky but also fun. You have every right to turn your living space into a dream home. Hopefully, these creative ideas will inspire you to achieve your artistic home-living goals.